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Avatar f tn I had a quick question. How is the dosage determined? Is it by body weight or what your labs reveal? I was on 60mg of Armour for a few weeks then was increased to 90mg because my labs hadn't changed nor my symptoms. While on the 90mg my labs showed I was in hyper mode and also had hypo symptoms as well as hyper symptoms. My doctor and I agreed that I'd be better off staying in the middle by going with 75mg instead.
Avatar n tn Your ideal weight depends on your age, as well as your height and weight. A child's ideal weight will be different from that of a teenager and a teenager will be different from that of an adult. There are a variety of exercises that will burn fat.
18428579 tn?1464968484 If yes how much should i lose. If no, what is my ideal wight. If 55 kg is not my ideal weight, what is my ideal weight?? I wanna lose. Because i have 3-4 slim friends who are taller than me but around my weight.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 29 year old female, 5'4 and 131 pounds. I recently lost over 100 pounds in the course of a year through diet and exercise. (starting weight 244 in September of 2010). I have always been overweight, and now have a lot of excess skin, which is to be expected. My question is about my ideal weight. My goal started at 150 pounds, then 140, then 130, now I'm thinking my ideal would be 120.
Avatar f tn your best weight depends on several factors besides your age. How tall are you? What is your body type, i.e., small boned, large boned, average boned, medium boned. The best thing to do is type into your internet, "Ideal weight, or what is my ideal weight"? The internet will help you figure it out. I am 5'11" tall and my ideal weight would be 105 lbs. (if I were younger) to 112 lbs. I have a small frame.
Avatar f tn So you want to know whether to go cold turkey or much are you taking now? If you are on a high dose and can wean off that would be ideal! But a lot of people cant do that...sometimes weaning is harder than just jumping! Its just too tempting to take more than you should while weaning! So it really does depend how much you are taking! We can help you when you get ready to quit with some suggestions on how to make it more comfortable during detox!
Avatar m tn Sorry, Doctor Kirksey, I am not a doctor. I am a patient who can read and think critically and I have come to some conclusions. If you were my cardiologist, I would tell you this: 1. I don't subscribe to the "lipid hypothesis". No dietary regimen has ever been shown to have an effect on heart disease. See the French paradox. Half of all heart attacks take place in people with normal cholesterol. 2.
776980 tn?1252244590 but, its true in my case and I suppose it goes to show how people can react differently depending on what their body is needing at the time.
Avatar f tn Your midwife or doctor will let you know how much weight is ideal for you to put on during your pregnancy. If you have a normal BMI they say between 11 - 16kg weight gain is fine.. I at 29w and I think I have gained around 10kg so far, but in the beginning weight gain was very slow! At this stage I think your fine :) But remember weight gain is not all you putting on weight.. bub, fluid, placenta all add to it.
Avatar f tn What is even worse is the deer in headlights look....they look like they want to run away and deny they know you! Good on you...glad you are on the right track...but do NOT have to suffer in silence. If you are wide awake and just want to grumble come on by....
Avatar n tn t try and lose weight quicker aslong as the weight is coming off at a nice pace your fine because the quicker you lose the weight the quicker it goes back on and as for you noy losing as much weight as you were a few weeks ago its normal most people when they start to lose weight lose more weight in the first or second week than any other week after that and the reason you might not be losing as much weight is because you are now excercising which means your fat is now turning into muscle so you
Avatar f tn Depends on your age, current weight, activity level, etc.. Not every woman who is 5'5" is the same, so the weight can vary.
1285110 tn?1420147378 Oops...I'm a double ding d-o-n-g! (It's not always a bad word, MedHelp.) Your measurements they are right on your weight tracker! Forgive me; I've had a total of 3 hours of sleep in 2 days and really shouldn't be operating a keyboard without adult supervision. (Note to self: no emails to handsome, eligible bachelors until fully awake.
Avatar f tn Hormonal changes that happen during the pregnancy make it extremely difficult to achieve your pre-baby weight. As far as the speed of weight loss, 1-2lbs per week is a healthy rate of weight loss - especially for someone like you that isn't too far from "ideal body weight". There isn't anything magical about Insanity or other similar programs. They are high intensity exercises that can be done at home with little equipment - really nothing more to it than that.
Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old, I am 5ft 2in and my current weight is 125.0lbs. What is the best weight for me?