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Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum According to the body mass index calculator your ideal weight is 90-110 Lbs. Good luck with your weight loss program. You're on the right track!
Avatar n tn Do adopt them and you will get your ideal weight. Drink plenty of water. Avoid soda and tin juices, stick to water melon, grapefruit juice and fresh juices. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Break your meal in 5/6 small meals. Avoid junk and fast food. Take fat free dairy and skinless chicken. Do start walk or any physical activity.
2047155 tn?1527167564 Finally -your weight is at 163 it says so your ideal is 123? Please double check that that is a healthy weight for you to be at. Keep in mind that BMI has it's limits so when you get down there listen to your body- if it feel's good at any specific weight in the healthy range, maybe that's where you're supposed to be.
Avatar f tn And in reality, this isn’t the case either. Now, to understand how exercise effects weight-loss, you have to understand how your body creates energy, and there are only 2 ways it does it. One is by burning fat and the other is by burning blood sugar, or glucose. Even when you’re not doing anything strenuous your body still burns fat. It’s known as “Resting Metabolic Rate.” So, when you’re sitting at a desk, driving a car, watching TV, or even sleeping, your body is still burning fat.
155461 tn?1207868371 I was recently attended a Cleansing Forum and was introduced to an incredible Nutritional Cleansing program. This is an incredible program for weight loss especially after pregnancy. I've included two sites/links (You may need to cut and paste into your browser): - be sure to watch the ABC and Fox News clips!! Isagenix has been in the media a lot!
Avatar m tn Meant to say "waist", not weight :) So, if your height is 70 inches, than your waist (no sucking it in :) ) should be no more than 35 inches. BTW I doubt you lost 4lbs of fat today, probably most of it is water weight. Best to lose weight gradually anyway -- like 1-2 lbs per week. Not sure what your nurse means by "make no diff".
Avatar f tn If you want to find a quality diet and weight loss program on the internet you should always ask yourself two questions first; Which programs are scams? and Which program best suits me? For more Tips please visit www.Diet1on1.
Avatar f tn I haven't gained either, but the NS told me that I needed to be on an agressive weight loss program. So frusterating to be working so hard and not having any results!
Avatar n tn Worst time is the AM. I'm functioning but not feeling great. My question is weight loss! Four months ago, I stopped synthetic hormones and within a few months lost around 6-8 lbs. With or without hormones, I always struggled with trying to lose those 5lbs! I started having very bad gastritis symtoms about 6 weeks ago. I contributed this towards taking Motrin (3 at a time, 3 times a day) for a few weeks.
Avatar n tn I thought these 2 meds were known to be weight neutral or cause weight loss. My doctor knows my concern about the weight issue as this is something I have never fought to maintain while everything else in life seems to be a fight. If I stopped taking all meds, would I lose the weight and go back to my normal size. I do lack motivation that's for sure! I think or say I will start a program and don't.
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn It should take about 2 months to get to that dosage but I'm getting kinda excited hearing about the benefit of weight loss especially since it was weight loss pills (metabolife and xenedrine) that caused me to find out that I was epileptic in the first place! The doctor told me that i might get tingling in my fingers and i might feel a little dopy but happy dopy he described it as, so I figure i can deal with that! If I start losing weight at a rapid pace i'll definitely post again!
789879 tn?1321330762 Hello, I am on my 4th round of HCG, and my results are almost none. My first round I went from 204 down to 185, my 2nd round from 185 to 172, my 3rd round from 173 to 172 (fluctuating between 172 - 174), and now 18 days into my 4th round I went from 195 to 191 currently. My 3rd round I didn't loose more than about 5 lbs., and here on my 4th round my results have been almost none. I don't seem to be hungry on the diet, and I have done the diet as close to protocol as I possibly can.
Avatar n tn Hi Harry, You describe yourself as "quite obese". That may not be true. Your BMI is 31.6, but BMI is a screening tool, not a diagnostic one, and it is greatly misused. In most people, BMI correlates well with body fat, but there are exceptions. You should ascertain your body fat percentage, because it is possible to have a BMI which is higher than "the ideal" yet have a "normal" body fat percentage.
Avatar f tn My 2007 resolution is to loose weight - i weigh over 100kgs and my ideal weight should be 69. My BMI is 30 - so am obese. I have been on the south beach diet - completed phase 1 but have continued on the same diet in the 3rd week. I do little exercise for about 30 mins at home and other times i walk. The problem is that i have not lost a single Kg.
Avatar f tn And the weight loss hype may be the only chance left to fill up the grocery stores with new products as you can only present a banana as a banana and not sell more or at a higher price. Just an analogy. If one or another weight loss program helps us re-discover the right balance between eating and activity, great. But that is as good as it gets.
Avatar f tn Sorry, I had read your other post, but I haven't had a weight loss surgery, but i am trying to loss weight but i am not bad enough for surgery, so sorry can't help you much. Did you try exercise and diets? That the moment i am trying to cut down how much i eat and try and exercise more but not having much luck as my meds just make me want to eat and eat an eat, which is NO fun. I wish you for the best in your recovery.
Monster way of losing weight keeps the weight loss around 2 pounds a week. The second part of my problem is the fact that I don't have a "primary care provider" because I'm uninsured. With that being the case, if I absolutely have to be seen, I use my local Emergency Room. So my main question is, Is this sudden/unexpected weight loss reason enough for me to need to be seen by my E.R.? I would truly appreciate any suggestions, opinions or advice the Walgreen's Health Experts could give!
649848 tn?1534637300 Now is the time to rethink options and make our resolutions It's time to decide what we are going to do for the next year, regarding our weight loss efforts. I know there are a lot who are having health issues and of course, LIFE takes over sometimes and we don't seem to be able to follow through with our commitments.
1666434 tn?1325265950 Ok everyone it's almost the end of the week, how is everyone doing with their weight loss program? Do you notice some things you are doing that help more than others? Is it exercise or watching what you eat? Or both? Share your progress, we can do it!
Avatar m tn For four months, researchers looked for weight loss. The strict low-carb diet caused an average weight loss of 28 pounds; the big-breakfast version cut 23 pounds. However, after eight months, the strict dieters had regained 18 pounds. The big-breakfast eaters continued to drop weight, losing another 16.5 pounds. All told, those on the new diet lost more than 21 percent of their body weight, compared with just 4.5 percent for the low-carb group.
1468797 tn?1291476579 Losing weight may seem difficult at first but you will slowly get used to it and once you see the results the motivation factors will increase resulting in more weight loss. Weight loss is tough but not impossible, don’t give up before you try and the results you achieve will be worth it. Information provided by: http://www.medexpressrx.
Avatar n tn Dear: christie04_returns I live in the tampa area, I found my weight loss doctor by word of mouth. My had several friends who went to this clinic for weight loss including a co-work who lost over 100 lbs. I don't really understand where you are coming from with your comments. First of all I am a type II diabetic. I have also been overweight all of my life.
502270 tn?1211309987 So many people assume that in order to lose weight, they have to constantly do strenuous exercise....And in reality, this isn’t the case either. Now, to understand how exercise effects weight-loss, you have to understand how your body creates energy, and there are only 2 ways it does it. One is by burning fat and the other is by burning blood sugar, or glucose. Even when you’re not doing anything strenuous your body still burns fat. It’s known as “Resting Metabolic Rate.
10538711 tn?1443575042 then what your body burns. Calories are the key to weight loss. In order to lose weekly weight you must make daily sacrifices like cutting calories from food and burning more calories with exercise. Accomplish your ideal physique by being realistic about your capabilities while also setting healthy and achievable weight-loss goals. Begin by calculating the calories you need to give up each day in order to reach your final goal.
Avatar f tn Due to depression and Pneumonia I ended up piling on loads of weight while ill. So I decided to start a weight loss programme with 45mins exercise daily.Only been doing this two weeks and ive gained weight. When I use to excercise before within days I was losing 2 pounds a day and that is when I was 45, I am now 50 and gone through menopause I wonder if this has anything to do with it.
93210 tn?1287457826 But I DO NOT appreciate being lectured to by a total stanger who has no clue about my medical history or what I have or have not tried in an effort to lose weight! Who are you anyway? Are you a physician who specializes in weight loss? Because a person like that is the only person I will take a lecture from and only when he or she has full knowledge of my medical history. I suggest you tone down your comments that you write in the future to other total strangers.
944631 tn?1246283652 I asked him,This is part of his weight loss program,alot of people go to him.He said this is ok to do this been doing it for years and nobody died yet from it.He did run a glucose but after i already ate and it was 154.