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Avatar n tn It should take about 2 months to get to that dosage but I'm getting kinda excited hearing about the benefit of weight loss especially since it was weight loss pills (metabolife and xenedrine) that caused me to find out that I was epileptic in the first place! The doctor told me that i might get tingling in my fingers and i might feel a little dopy but happy dopy he described it as, so I figure i can deal with that! If I start losing weight at a rapid pace i'll definitely post again!
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
93210 tn?1287457826 But I DO NOT appreciate being lectured to by a total stanger who has no clue about my medical history or what I have or have not tried in an effort to lose weight! Who are you anyway? Are you a physician who specializes in weight loss? Because a person like that is the only person I will take a lecture from and only when he or she has full knowledge of my medical history. I suggest you tone down your comments that you write in the future to other total strangers.
822804 tn?1298229902 I am 27 years old and am hypothryoid currently taking Synthroid 150mcg and Cytomel 25mcg but am only taking 1/2 tablet daily.I am experiencing hair loss now...larger than normal clumps are in my hairbrush after brushing my hair and I am also losing hair throughout the day,strands here and there.Would this mean that my meds need to be increased or decreased?what should I do?I do not have a thyroid anymore - i had a total thyroidectomy a little over a year ago.
225238 tn?1296819586 I'm in week 36 of a 48 week treatment of SOC. I started in November 2010. When i started, i weighed 222 pounds (i'm 6'3", my "ideal" weight should be around 190-195 lbs.) so i was somewhat overweight when i started. I now weigh 180 lbs. I'm eating a lot healthier, and smaller portions, and i don't drink beer anymore.
Avatar n tn I understand that it takes a long time to get this drug out of your system and the weight loss is very slow. I think that most of the 4 pound weight loss is because I fasted for a few days and took UltraClear which is a powdered "metabolic detoxification" product you mix with water. I used to only be able to get it through a doctor but now it is avaibale on the internet. It is a de-tox flush that I thought would help get Lexapro out of my system. I think it has helped.
Avatar n tn just out of habit...I feel like..weird if i don't. Then....after no major weight loss or gain.... I suddenly in June (just in time for swimsuit season....and I live on the coast in it sucked) I went from my 140 on a "fat" 220 by the middle of August. So, in a month and a half I gained nearly 100 lbs. I never changed my eating or exercise habits until early September when for some reason I kept getting weaker and weaker....
Avatar n tn I know I need to exercise (I have okay eating habits but I eat A LOT and I lead a very sedentary lifestyle). I've discovered a weight loss center here in my hometown of Houston that is run by a Dr John Bergeron. The site says he gives an initial consultation at a very reasonable rate and he also provides lipo-B injections and an rx for diet meds. What I am wondering is whether or not those meds would be Phentermine? And do any of you know a dr in Houston, TX who gives B-12 shots?
Avatar n tn It has tons of local listings by state and city. I think i am going to try either my weight doctors in rockville or doctors weight loss center in reston. I have about 65 pounds to loss. wish me luck.
Avatar n tn you really need this kind of coaching. Also medical weight loss center worth the money and the effort to go there...They are doctors helping you to lose your weight is not any shake that do anything for you...If you need more info go to this website: I live in Ocala and researching on the web found this weight loss center in Crystal River and I drive allthe way there to receive my weight loss consult....
1277082 tn?1344061420 yes, I am fat! I am 100 pounds over my ideal weight, but agian I have pcos. since I have moved out here to my new home state I have cut my eating out habbits down 75% and have tampered with excersicing. I had lost 8 pounds but dont know where I am at cuz I think I gained. working out is always going to be hard on me since work takes over all my days and my energy. I am person that needs a work out partner that is consistant and does not need to rely on me but always there to be relyed on.
1209036 tn?1299182257 That sounds like a great idea. I took need to lose weight. My "ideal" goal weight is 135 ...I am currently at around 180-181. MY problem is an overwhelming addiction to sweets and a serious lack of energy to do any physical activity above housecleaning. I think it's a great idea to have "weight-loss buddies" to help keep us accountable. If I can get myself to stick to it. I can be so lazy LOL.
13506701 tn?1430259393 I have been exercising and eating a well balanced diet for over a year but i have hardly lost any weight! I was hoping to use the juice detox as a boost to help me up my weight loss journey as i have not seen the numbers on the scales budge for such a long time. clearly there is something i am doing wrong? I have had all my bloods testes for thyroid, diabetes etc but they were al fine so i guess its just me doing something wrong? But the question is what am i doing wrong i have no idea!
Avatar n tn ---NONE to report except for the need to travel ---However, one should be at their ideal body weight to begin therapy Accent is meant for body refining; not a replacement for liposuction. It's perfect for "tweaking" problematic areas. Before and after treatments, you must drink lots of water to help flush (pee) out the disturbed / liquified fat.
Avatar f tn When you begin a diet, you probably lose weight faster because much of it is water weight. As you continue on your diet, the weight loss slows down. You burn fewer calories the less you weigh. For example, a 180-pound person might burn 409 calories per hour doing low-impact aerobics. However, a 130-pound person burns only 295 calories doing the same. So if you keep doing the same activities, your weight loss slows down or stops.
Avatar n tn When he went off within 2 years he gained all his weight back. You do have to work at staying at your ideal weight when you are done or you will gaine some if not all back. For about 3 or 4 days after beiging on the diet you will likely feel hungry, but after that it is just the habit or cravings for your favorite foods every now and then. If you read Simoens paper it will explaine everything in detail. This is not a miracle just another diet they all work if you work at it.
Avatar m tn It is a very common problem for which no therapy, short of diet/weight loss and exercise, has shown benefit. Extreme measures of weight loss include bariatric surgery, which has not been well studied, but may be beneficial.[1] Accordingly, there is considerable interest in developing pharmacologic therapies directed toward addressing the presence of insulin resistance.
12773 tn?1328916786 Hard to make an individual comment based on just the above information, but in general weight loss on treatment -- even significant weight loss -- is not that unusual, and certainly in and of itself does not suggest liver cancer or anything of that sort. You're on week 44 of treatment if I understand things correctly. I lost close to 40 pounds during treatment and had little to lose when I started. I've read the same from others.
Avatar n tn Look up a weight loss center in your city on google. That's what I did. Found one and just signed up.
Avatar m tn Being your from Vancouver if this is a relapse hopefully you can get into a trial as it seems there is a lag time between when these drugs are approved here. As for the weight loss thats is not uncommon on SOC, many of us lost weight........ Wishing you the best.
4705307 tn?1447973922 Source *Departments of Pharmacology and †Virology, Amiens University Medical Center; ‡Virology Research Unit, EA 4294, Jules Verne University of Picardie; and §Department of Hepatogastroenterology, Amiens University Medical Center, Amiens, France.
Avatar n tn Recent forty pound weight loss to ideal body weight, follow heart/diabetic diet, no evidence of diabetic complications other than CAD treated by surgery and lipitor. Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic for providing this forum and for being a world leader in research and treatment of heart disease and disorders.
Avatar n tn most often, it appears that no one realizes they've lost their thyroid until they've been suffering with symptoms for months. Hair loss, depression, lethargy, weight gain are all symptoms of hypothyroid. My dr says that, before your thyroid quits producing hormone, it goes through a period of producing a lot of hormone which makes you hyperthyroid--the primary symptom is being very speedy.
Avatar n tn Transformation Medical Weight Loss Client provides HCG & other medical supervised weight loss products -in the Greater Orlando area.
Avatar n tn ---NONE to report except for the need to travel ---However, one should be at ideal body weight to begin Accent is meant for body refining; not a replacement for liposuction. It's perfect for "tweaking" problematic areas. Before and after treatments, you must drink lots of water to help flush (pee) out the disturbed / liquified fat.
Avatar n tn Every morning I step on the scale there is weight loss of half a pound to sometimes 2 pounds. That is so motivating! It will give you the push you need to stay on the diet and continue the 45 day regiment. It is a big committment but you are worth it! You and your friends and family will be so proud of your accomplishments. I am constantly reminding myself that I deserve to have a strong, lean and healthy body and you do too!
Avatar n tn It's been helpful to read about symptons other than hair loss, weight gain and being tired. Now I don't worry about having cold hands, dry skin, sudden changes of mood, memory loss (this is most despairing), joint aches and I don't wonder why sometimes I have the urge to sleep NOW or die. These things are part of my life with hypothyroid, part of my battle to have the correct prescription to fight them and I've learned that my life is great no matter.
1661778 tn?1307053502 I have had some weight loss, but I chalked that up to a recent change in diet (less fast foods, more vegetable and fruit, lower sodium intake, more grains). My stomach also makes loud gurgling noises from time to time. They usually are the worst at night. This is very depressing to me, as I wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me. Does this sound like something to be concerned about?