How big will my breasts be

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Avatar n tn My breasts are small as well. With my first they didn't grow or hurt but after i started breast feeding my breasts were engorged, but ended up going back to normal maybe just a bit bigger after stopping breastfeeding. You will produce milk without your breasts growing. So don't worry. I'm on my second pregnancy now, and they maybe grown a little.
Avatar f tn Same here. This will be my 4th. With my other three I don't remember having huge boobs like I do now till after I gave birth and was breastfeeding. With this one by my first trimester I was a whole cup size bigger and my boobs were so tender and achy .
Avatar f tn t really noticed a change for atleast 2 yrs now, except for the fact that they have gotten a bit rounder but have not grown at all. I was just wondering if i will be a 32A for the rest of my life.
Avatar f tn Swollen breasts could be pms and you're probably experiencing bloating which could be pms also. The white fluid might be cervical mucus. Some women get an increase of cm right before period and some don't.
Avatar f tn I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and after that we noticed there were a large hole on the top of the condom. I took an emergency pill (1.5mg dose) almost immediately. But 15 days before yesterday, i also took another emergency pill. I'm suffering breast pain (supposed to be 1 of the by-effects of the pill) and my vagina smells kinda fishy now (i don't know?!). Will i be pregnant? And as the time between 2 pills is quite short, how can it affect my health?
Avatar n tn Why would you want bigger breasts? Is it to atracked a Man? Or do you want to be like everyone else? Let me tell you having big breasts are nice but SOME Woman have backhaces and other health problems because of their BIG breasts! You may also get unwanted attention from the Men. So my advice just take care of you and your babies and don't worry about having Big breasts. I have big breasts & it's not that big of deal to me! Oh the bigger you are the more the Bea costs!
Avatar f tn I think mine looked a little better after pregnancy, they seemed to retain a bit of the pregnancy size. (I came out of pregnancy and nursing at about the same weight than before, but I do think I came out about a cup size bigger.) My guess is that it's the estrogen, and that menopause will be the definer for them more than pregnancy and breastfeeding, they will probably go down when I don't have any estrogen any more.
Avatar f tn Currently my breasts are measuring 34E! I tandem so you'll be fine!! Its exactly the same as if you had 32B-Best position is to have baby facing you-just check baby's nostrils are clear & your good to go! Your baby will naturally know what to do as long as they're in a good position they will naturally suck-bf should never hurt so if it does try changing position.
Avatar f tn all my friends are more flat chested or have really small breasts and i am a 34A but i want more flatter breasts so i want to know if there is a way to get them a little bit smaller without taking any medicine or faking it.
Avatar m tn As today she told me how her breasts grew slightly thought it could be due to her period coming soon as this sometimes occurs to her. Also could sucking on breasts for the first time cause them to increase in size temporarily? Thank you for any answers as I'm extremely worried :( Also does heavy discharge inhibit or help sperm motility?
Avatar f tn s no way my breasts will even fit into an A-cup. Gotta look for plastic surgery perhaps. The only time my breasts were bigger was when I was nursing my baby-girl. We do things to the body that might and will never mend - allthough many things can be mended. It's sad but I think that when the breasts stop developing, it's not much at all that can have the halt undone.
Avatar f tn Breast size has nothing to do with milk production. I was a small B cup with my first pregnancy and didn't have any increase in size. I started leaking a lot at 14 weeks and thought I'd have my milk right away with how much I leaked, but my milk didn't come in for 5 or 5 days after I gave birth. I was a full C cup while nursing my daughter for 16 months. After I weaned her I went back to my normal B cup.
1646080 tn?1303568511 At the tender age of 19 you are buying into the ridiculous notion that bigger is better. It's an easy scam to get caught up in. As women, we are constantly having it shoved in our faces (and minds) that if we don't have huge breasts, men will not be interested. Men HAVE always and WILL always act like teenage morons around a woman with large breasts. Apparently they just can't help themselves.
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks and I only had nipple tenderness at the beginning of my pregnancy. My breasts haven't been tender at all. I just count myself lucky. My OB said I shouldn't have any problem unless my nipples were inverted, which they arnt. Best of luck!
272759 tn?1270485594 hi girls, i am a week overdue, i will be 10 days overdue by monday when i am getting induced. my question is, because i am so far overdue, will my baby girl be huge?? at 36 weeks, the sonogram said she was about 6lbs10oz. my belly isn't really that big...i've gained 32lbs so far. could i possibly have a 9lb or more baby??
Avatar f tn every woman no matter the size of their breasts their areolas will fit the size of their breast. since you are already a C cup, your areolas will of course seem big. i'm 19 and recently had a breast growth and jumped straight up from a B to a C cup. and along with it my areolas got HUGE! my husband thinks the enlarged breasts are great but doesn't really say anything about the areolas change. hope this helps!
Avatar f tn My Oncologist said my breast will probably be smaller and firmer after radiation, but that was an educated guess. I will have to wait and see. I have been recommended Biafine cream..
Avatar m tn I am a week before my period and I have weird sensation in my beasts pluss side of breasts sore. I have also been needing pee a lot please help as I'm bit confused coz I don't normally get this before my period.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my breasts itch what can I use,to stop the itching,it feels good,but I don't know if is normal
Avatar f tn Hi there. Well, it is hard to say. Breast size is dependent on genetics, hormones and fat. When did you go through puberty, get your first period? Breasts change throughout life-- pregnancy, aging, etc. Gain weight, your breasts will grown. Lose weight, they'll shrink. Get pregnant, they will grow. Nurse a baby, they will grow. When finished, they will shrink. I would try not to get caught up in something like breast size. Who is that for? Guys?
550943 tn?1330727580 My pg with my oldest my son I didn't get big boobs until the end when my milk came in. They got bigger with both my girls. This pg my b's are banging and big. It depends on the pg. It's a possible side affect enlarged breasts. Wait until your milk comes in Omg. Hipe this helps my friend!!!!
Avatar f tn Yeah, having a period is fun the first time. After that, well, it's just annoying. I started mine extremely early but didn't develop breasts until high school. You can imagine how obvious that was and how embarrassing. It sounds like you're doing just fine.
Avatar f tn Your body will still produce the proper hormones to make you lactate regardless of how big or small your breasts are. No worries. All sort of women are able to breastfeed with smaller breasts. You still have quite a bit of time for them to grow also.
Avatar f tn Im 21w4d and today my boobs were starting to feel full heavy and kinda sore ,is this my milk ?if not,when does milk usually start coming in?