How big will my breasts be

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Avatar f tn (I came out of pregnancy and nursing at about the same weight than before, but I do think I came out about a cup size bigger.) My guess is that it's the estrogen, and that menopause will be the definer for them more than pregnancy and breastfeeding, they will probably go down when I don't have any estrogen any more.
Avatar f tn Same here. This will be my 4th. With my other three I don't remember having huge boobs like I do now till after I gave birth and was breastfeeding. With this one by my first trimester I was a whole cup size bigger and my boobs were so tender and achy .
Avatar f tn It's crazy how different your body is with each pregnancy. I can't imagine how big they will be when they have milk again!
Avatar f tn all my friends are more flat chested or have really small breasts and i am a 34A but i want more flatter breasts so i want to know if there is a way to get them a little bit smaller without taking any medicine or faking it.
Avatar f tn Symptoms vary a bit day to day. My breasts are still really sore, I'm 8 weeks. And no my bras that used to be a little big are getting small.
Avatar n tn How do i even it out? And after breastfeeding will my breasts go back to its original size? I dont want a perky or tight breasts. Small but sagged one will do. Tired of having heavy breasts and with uneven breats my back is aching and mynposture is gone so bad. Neckbpain is too much. Sorry for the ramble but this is affecting my confidence.
Avatar f tn So, if you weren't worrying about your breasts and how every little aspect of them sticks out, what else would you be worrying about? What else is your obsession with your boobs covering up?
Avatar n tn There were different places my surgeon could hava cut to gain acces to my breasts, but we chose my nipple and underneath my breat so that it would not be very noticible. All in all,the surgeries were not as painful as I had anticipated, and my breasts look a lot better, which made me feel better about myself. Although it is very costly to have this procedure done, there are many places that do financing, or you could just save up the money.
Avatar f tn I am 19 weeks and my breasts itch so bad! Has anyone experienced this and found a cure? They grew pretty big with my son, but they are already that big this time and I wonder just how big they will get! I read that the itching is due to the stretching skin, but it is almost unbearable. I mean, I can't exactly go around scratching them at work in front of my kindergarten students! Any secrets would be greatly appreciated!
123128 tn?1189759427 Thank you all very much for your comments i didn't think anything was wrong but most of my friends are asking me if my breasts are leaking and i feel stupid saying NO i feel like they should be but i also heard that once the baby is born thats when it starts... and i did hear it hurts and that kinda scares me BUT i think its worth it so we shall see... but again thank you all very very much i appreciate it.
Avatar n tn Could my breasts be growing? My breasts (not nipples) had been really sore a few weeks ago and I chalked it up to a new sign before my period. But now they are sore again, and it gets worse when I take my bra off, and I'm only an A cup. But I am now two weeks away from having my next period and they are really sore again. And I know that I am not pregnant, tested earlier today because my ankles were also swelling. Any ideas?
366779 tn?1291346996 lol well my friend was really tiny before her daughter and she got stretch marks ALL over her rear, i mean you can hardly tell now but you will always know they are there. my butt was pretty big before so i didnt get any stretchmarks there. just try to keep really hydrated and moisturize moisturize! any time you think about it. they have a lot of palmers and other brands just for stretchmarks.
Avatar n tn My breast was the first sign that I was pregnant. I was late but really stressed out. One night I went to my sister and when I took off my jacket all close friends were like "wow what did you do to make your boobs so big" I am normally 36/38 D thats the night I realized and ended up having to say I hate something bad so I wasn't drinking...I hope they don't get huge. I am 8 weeks now and the pain is easing up but still painful.
167 tn?1374177417 You can always freeze the milk, which will be useful for others to be able to give a bottle on occasion from it, and that will give the baby something to latch onto. Also that will give the baby your richest milk, as you will have pumped "foremilk" and what will be left in the breast will have a lot of "hind milk" in it, where the best goodies are.
Avatar f tn I wish my boobs would grow because I've always wanted a little more than I got, so it's really bumming me out that there not growing AT ALL. I want boobs finally especially now that I'm expecting.
Avatar n tn Everyone is waaaay different when it comes to boobs.
1057060 tn?1266516726 Yes this big at 11. Runs in the family. SO my grandma pulled me aside (side is very big too) (mind you my whole fmaily but just the boobs) So anyway she pulls me aside and tells me to always wear a bra even at night or I would get saggy boobs. SO I have done just that! UNderwire too. I make sure it goes inbetween my boobs and totally inderneath them and isf itted correctly. Lots of my dr's have asked if I haave had a boob job cause they are in good shape. SO this is my gandmas theory and mine.
621803 tn?1302891941 5 weeks pregnant tho. I know once my milk comes in they will be larger, I just dont know how much larger? I am still fitting into my 38B's and have noticed they are only slightly tighter. I wanted my bb's to get big! =( I have never had a "nice rack!
Avatar f tn So now that I'm skinny with all this boob, which I love the look of don't get me wrong, I'm just worried it will get worse while nursing and I'm terrified of how big they will get after all is said and done. So after or before 12 weeks is when they should stay constant.? I thought like hot compress would work but its not muscle its fat tissue right so it did nothing. Bras are just killing me is there asecret kinda bra to be wearing.?
Avatar f tn I have had nexplanon in since Jan 2013 and my breasts have shrunk as well. I thought they might go back to normal because I was having lots of negative side effects inlcuding horrible mood swings, complete loss of sexual drive, when I do pretty much force myself to have sex with my boyfriend I can't get wet, I have acne all over my back which I have never had before. My face has also broken out, I have the ance somewhat under control now but it took over a year.
Avatar f tn I had read somewhere that the meds for that should be increased when you go thru a big deal health-wise, but your doc will know. Love ya, girl!
1705896 tn?1314815439 I think any time you go under the knife you have to way the consequences of what could happen to how you will feel if all goes well. My sister had no complications at all, they in fact reshaped her areola's and they look so much better now. Do what you have to do for you and no one else.
676912 tn?1332816151 I usually wear a 34 but the bra I have on is a 36, so it's big on me around my chest, but my breasts still fill it. They are normally have a little bit of a gap in this bra, but there's almost no gap. I don't know if they have grown, I may go try on a different bra in a second and see what they look like, but they definitely look a little bigger...could be because AF is 5-7 days away, but I'm hoping it's because of a BFP!!!
7551604 tn?1392934011 Is it normal for breasts to starts leaking around 6 months? I'll be 24 weeks on Thursday. Last night was the first time it happened. It threw me off. Lol.
Avatar n tn I am 22 years old and for the past 4 months my breasts have gone from a C to a DD! I am NOT on the pill and haven't been since I was 17 years old (for only 5 months). I have always been a normal, proportional size. 5'2", 128lbs. I have always been a big C but since my boobs were practically spilling out of my bra I went to get measured and they told me I was a DD! From a side profile they don't stick out far like I would think a DD breast would...
1454858 tn?1306787978 thank you both. Should my breasts be sore? it seems like every pregnant woman in the world has sore breasts & I don't.
Avatar n tn im trying really hard not to get my hopes up and i am preparing for af but im still keeping my fingers crossed that this will be my month. thx every1 for the support and info :) good luck to all!!