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Avatar m tn HIV is quite uncommon in Japan and your HIV risk remains very low.
Avatar n tn I knew almost nothing about HIV tests. So, after I freaked out in Japan, a Japanese doctor did the antibody test after 6 days, and he told me I was fine, and go have a beer. So, I actually had sex with my wife and my semen got on her pubic area, which was shaved 45 minutes I came on her. Do you think the cuts on her pubic area, from shaving, put her at HIV exposure risk, if I had HIV? 4. Since the needle attack situation in Japan, I am getting fungus on my scrotum and penis and groin area.
Avatar f tn In case,I just took a rapid test here in Japan. Japan is different country i think. When nurse put the neddle in my arm,i noticed that the neddle package didint open front of my eyes. She just called my number and everything was ready. It was gay clinic.Im not gay but i diidnt know that clinic identify because i dont know Japanese and was hard to find by online. My worry is, do they open neddle before or after in Japan?
Avatar f tn It is theoretically possible, but in reality, not a risk. No one has been infected with HIV in the 40+ year history of HIV from tattoo ink. Also, a shop that takes the precautions you mentioned is NOT going to be putting people at risk for HIV - or Hep C, which is far more common and easier to get infected with. I'd forget about this entirely and not test. You're not going to be the first person infected this way.
1451936 tn?1294898715 All were duo tests administered in Japan (antibody tests after a blood draw). My doctor in Japan recommended testing at 60 days or at 8 weeks, considered reliable in Japan (and in Israel from what i read on this foum). I know my risk is considered low risk (by the cdc) and theoretical risk by this form (deep kissing and lick to my shaft, but no penetration of any sort) and some others, however, what are your thoughts after my testing.
Avatar m tn What I think that usually csw in Japan do not get tested for HIV and they are unknown of HIV status. After that I extensively read readrding HIV in web and found controvercial informations. I was noticing whether I have flu like symptoms. Actually I did not notice fever, headache, enlarged lymph nodes, musle ache, sore throat. But I had night sweats on 3-4 weeks even in zero degree outside temperature, excessive sweating at armpits and mild but pin pressing like pain just below ear.
Avatar m tn But to comfort you a little as far as statistics is concerned japan has low prevalence of hiv cases.
Avatar f tn Nagaaply aq abroad japan factory nung nlamn ko nag reactive aq count ng hbsag b un 6k nd pa nag profile ang hrap lang kz s work q yearly nmn may medcal kya laking gulat ko nag reactive at sa abdomen umtrasound ok nmn ung liver q mag pag asa p ba n mwala to gusto ko mag wrk japan ano po bang mgandang treatment dto sb ng doc wlang gamot pero positibo pdn aq n mwwala to
Avatar m tn I read a piece of information: the results of a RAN test in Japan were combined with the results of the fourth generation test four weeks later. Hiv1 can be completely ruled out! I hope it will help you!
Avatar n tn I was under the impression that she should stop synthroid two weeks before the treatment. We live in Japan and the doctor doing the treatment is in Hawaii so there is a communication problem - we are going through a nurse here in Japan who communicates with the doctor in Hawaii.
Avatar n tn To summarize your note, you have condom protected sex with several women in Japan as well as receiving and giving unprotected oral sex and rimming of one of your partners. The risk from these activities is low. HIV rates is Japan and relatively low and while escorts are high risk partners, despite this the large majority of them do not have HIV. Thus it is unlikely that any of the partners you mention had HIV. You cannot get HIV from un-infected partners. But, what if they had HIV??
Avatar m tn 4th geneation HIV assays check for HIV antibdies and HIV P24 antigen, but not viral DNA, as viral DNA is checked by PCR test.
Avatar m tn If you are under treatment, this means your treatment is working. If you are not under treatment, it means your immune system is keeping the virus under control. If your ALT is also normal, it means your disease is inactive at the moment.
Avatar f tn so i believe that thing to reduce my HIV anxiety. and also hiv cases in japan is relatively low that the chance is non existent. but it doesnt mean i dont need to test. my doctor tested me on gonorrhea and chlamydia and it came negative.
Avatar m tn I'm from Japan and i know this might be a question similar to the others, but i would be appreciate if you can offer an answer to my specific situation. I french kissed a gay man whom i do not know his HIV status, at that time i had a ulcer on my lips which hurts a bit, my kind of worry is what if that person happened to have a gum bleeding at that time?
Avatar n tn I have been so anxious and stressed about my possible STD encounter I haven’t been able to function and the stress is taking a real toll on my body and mind, and I’m failing several units at uni cause I just can’t calm my nerves. Almost 2 months ago, I slept with a girl from Japan who had recently arrived on a working holiday visa (I live in Australia).