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Avatar f tn m meeting w/my GI doctor at the end of May to discuss the new drugs for beginning treatment and was wondering if the doctor will discuss treatment costs with me or do I need to find this kind of information out myself? If I don't have prescription coverage or co-pays will all expenses be out of pocket or will it be applied to my deductible? I don't have the greatest insurance and don't know what the new meds will cost yet. Any and all information is appreciated!
Avatar m tn the speculation is these new meds will be at least double the cost of current treatment. and like everywhere It will remain to be seen what the insurance companies do .
1722607 tn?1335747858 I contacted my insurance company today to ask about the price of the meds for triple treatment. A 3 month supply of interferon, ribavirin, & Victrelis would cost $180.00 (so about $60 a month) I thought it was going to be a lot higher. But I forgot to ask about "rescue drugs". Not sure how that works and how much that would be. Any one have an idea?
Avatar n tn umm in the usa without insurance, n im chronic.
Avatar m tn What is the cost of 4th generation hiv elisa test for antibodies in srl diagnostics..
Avatar f tn Can anyone give me a ballpark of the cost for the suppressant drugs after a transplant. Just want to get an idea, know no one can give me exacts but any info would help. Thanks.
Avatar f tn is thousands of dollars per month as you have heard. I had Blue Cross of California during treatment and my co-pay cost were similar to the prices you quoted.
5079728 tn?1365549989 Can anyone give some insight on what treatment could cost? I realize Insurance is all different. I have a HMO through my work. Just trying to prepare myself. Bills are already coming in from all the testing going on.
Avatar f tn Treatment can cost upwards of U.S. $60,000/year if drugs, doctors, and procedures such as biopsy, U/S scans, etc. are factored in.
Avatar m tn m wondering what the total cost would be, as well as each drug. I will be starting treatment in about 6 weeks, or less, hopefully.
1722607 tn?1335747858 Do most insurance companies cover the cost of treatment? I have Care First Blue Cross. Anyone out there have the same insurance?
Avatar m tn I saw this yesterday, printed it out and have read it several times. And I'll probably have to read it several more before I can completely wrap my head around it. The good news, as I see it, is the clarity it brings to the subject of actual cost of new medications to payers. "The $1000 dollar pill" or the "$1125 pill" has gotten so much play in the media. (Doctors aren't immune to this nor are many who work in the insurance industry.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. I'm happy to help. I understand your concern, given that your partner has HIV. However, you really need not be worried. These events were exceedingly low risk, if there was any risk at all; most likely there was truly no risk. Do you know anything more about your partner's HIV infection? When was it diagnosed? Is he on treatment for HIV? If on treatment, do you know how well controlled his infection is? If he is on treatment and has a low viral load (i.e.
681206 tn?1226556625 For someone with Hepatitis C that has the money for the treatment how much would it cost in a round about way?
Avatar n tn I can tell you that having had even limited unprotected anal intercourse with a person on unknown HIV status, you did place yourself at risk for acquiring HIV. Unprotected anal intercourse is the riskiest of sexual activities. However, as the "top", you were at lesser risk than your partner. That the insertion was brief also bodes well for you. Now that you are on PEP, that does extend the testing time to a final, conclusive result.
Avatar n tn I keep telling myself that the risk is small but then I feel like I am playing Russian roulette with my life (even with all the advancements with HIV therapy). Id like to find out your thoughts on continuing the treatment? I go to see the doctor who will be administering the remainder of treatments on Tuesday. She told me that she didnt have anything but.......this is a prostitute after all (though im just as bad as her for participating, and wont do this again.
Avatar n tn The difference between the full cost of a treatment (which the uninsured often are charged), and the amount the insurance company tells them they will pay is often quite a bit. If you have cash and offer to pay up front (for a discount) you may get charged less than what they can get out of the insurance company, because it's less hassle and instant money for them. Just a thought, even if you had to borrow the money. Will your Endo accept results from another facility?
Avatar m tn My tax person wants to know what the entire cost of treatment is even though my insurance is paying. I believe she's trying to get me an exemption on the allowable deductible I can take for Medical Expenses. Does any one know what the cost of interferon and riboviran is?