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Avatar n tn I immediately asked her if she has been tested before for hiv and she told me that she had about a year ago (negative). She also assured me that during the year that she has been tested, she has been with two other men and she always uses protection. She also told me that she is a mother of two kids. 2-3 days after the incident, I started having a sore throat and a burning sensation on my back and chest. I also had dry lips and mouth which lasted for the first 5-7days.
Avatar m tn Dear sir, yesterday my condom breaks when I was about to have sex with a massage girl(status unknown).Just when about to begin the act,she was on top of me and when she inserted my penis into her vagina, the condom breaks.I realised it and immediately pulled out my penis, probably within 30seconds after we started the intercourse.what is the risk.
Avatar f tn I am a 34yr old male, 160lbs. I contracted hiv in December of 2009, and got diagnosed formally in January of 2010. Started treatment immediately, with 60,000 viral load. I forget my original cd4 count. Up until a few months ago, I was on treatment pretty much the entire time I was infected. There were a couple breaks due to insurance issues, and one break last fall when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I'm told the diabetes is from the hiv medication.
Avatar m tn I read an article from a Doctor that says he devotes himself to the treatment of HCV. In this document, he states that HCV Treatment at stage 3-4 should be considered Chemo. Opinions and info?
Avatar m tn I just asked the partner if she has HIV and she says she does an HIV testing every 3month in order for her to work at her place. Im still not sure if i can believe her tho. What exactly is HIV DUO???
Avatar m tn We had a lot of protected vaginal sex but always protected with no condom breaks. There was unprotected frottage without penetration the first night we were together. Throughout the week I had painful urination and a white discharge in my underwear. I got a full STD screening (which included HIV DNA test which as negative) syhphillis test negative, ghonnorea negative, but my chlamydia came up positive. Ive seen Dr.
Avatar m tn Hey Teak and Vance, Thanks for your response guys. I got back from a compulsory govt. test in Dubai and i'm HIV-. Being HIV+ in this part of the world is horrible, the govt. treats HIV+s like terrorists. In this country its not really about being HIV+ and getting treatment, its the fear of how you'll get treated (as in tortured) which in a way makes things way worse. I just wanted to thank you guys for your support, even thought the time it made things worse LOL :).
Avatar f tn Try not to get too worried. HIV transmission from female to male is extremely unlikely. As the poster above commented, the odds of contracting HIV from a one-time unprotected encounter with a KNOWN HIV+ partner are 1 in 1000-2000. However, not being circumcised and pre-existing STDs may lower the odds in your favor. If you know your partner is HIV+, you need to consult your physician immediately. PEP is extremely effective at preventing infection when administered within 72 hours of exposure.
Avatar f tn I saw a post from you, hiv risks vs no-risks. I read that if a condom breaks, it's hard to remove. But if a condoms breaks, then it's completely in tatters I also read. How can it be hard to remove then? It's just the 'ring' to remove, isn't? I think a hole in a condom is possible that then isn't obvious that the condom broke and therefore hard to remove.
2060683 tn?1330770657 1. HIV has not specific symptoms 2. ARS never lasts 10 weeks. if one has ARS symptoms last 1-2 weeks 3. Lympadenopthy doesn't happen during ARS.
Avatar f tn s damaged immune system, and HIV could be a great threat to the immune system, is there any possibility that HIV is the cause of one's intolerance to certain substances? Like Urticaria Many thanks.
Avatar m tn Most tests are negative and if you were so unfortunate as to have HIV, the test would allow you to seek treatment sooner. There is no reason to delay or avoid HIV testing. Finally, the symptoms and lymph node discomfort you mention do not raise any concerns for me about HIV. I hope these comments are helpful.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I had sex with a boy, but with condom. The thing I am concerned about is the oral sex I gave him - he didn't ejaculate in my mouth, but I could have swollen some of his precum. If there was HIV, was there a chance of infection? I didn't have any cuts in my mouth. Could the saliva "kill" the virus? Anyway, I just hope hope he is not infected. He had many partners (girls) before and wasn't using the condom with all of them, but with the majority.
Avatar m tn There was a risk since the condom broke. However the chances a sex worker has HIV is less than 1 percent (Hunter Handsfield HIV Expert). If you are worried about HIV any modern test you take now will give you a conclusive result from that exposure.
Avatar m tn Hi, between 2012 and 2017 I had some vaginal intercourse (6) with sex workers, performed briefly and wearing condom from the beginning to the end. No condom breaks, slippages and leaking experienced. In the same period I experienced many times body to body massages with handjob performed by masseurs at the end of the treatment (no oral, no penetrative sex). I have no visible symphtoms, but I read that Stds may be asymphomatic.
Avatar f tn now i am worried if there is any risk of me getting hiv or any other infection .. should i start pep treatment or get hiv test done .. please help.. m married with a kid and do not want my family to know about it or to transmit anything to my wife..
Avatar n tn having unprotected sex does put you at risk of hiv and other stds...although it is much more difficult to contract hiv from a female than a female contracting it from a male. you will need to test. a test taken at 6-8 weeks after intercourse will give you a good indication of your status...but you must follow that up with a test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn That's correct, I should have made that clear. Very rarely do condom breaks result in HIV positive outcomes.
Avatar m tn thanks teak. do you think if like people go to clubs but use condoms proparly and it never breaks. do u think they should be worried about std's? i thought only test if it breaks or its unprotected?
Avatar f tn 3.I m not sure about broken condom but as per my concern it was well withdrawn Do condom breaks unaware us ? 4.Do blood over condom can break the termination of not passing the virus ? 5. Do I have to wait for 3 months ? Please share your view .
Avatar n tn Incident was protected ,condom was checked for breaks after sex , no breaks .During the incident I kissed her by sucking on her lips for a few seconds . I also sucked on her breast , felt as if some fluid from her breast entered my mouth . No HIV symptoms was felt, however i developed mild reflux in September, and i am currently experiencing some anxiety symptoms. Whats my risk of HIV infection , is testing needed?