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Avatar n tn The Dr, still told me to get HIV test done though, why?. makes me think he is not so sure then. Can an HIV rash look like seborrohoeic dermatitis?
518970 tn?1235874019 Flares up only occur on the center of my forehead. A photo is attached to my profile for your consideration. The photo may be enlarged by clicking on it. The rash reminds me of a citrus rash I use to get from eating oranges when I was a kid. I have tried treating it with an assortment of over the counter products but nothing seems to permanently work. I have not experienced any other symptoms such as fevers during break out periods.
Avatar m tn I guess what Im asking is why is the swelling in my groin/pelvis still there? Am I infected still? And could it be HIV the rash is a little worrying? I thought at first it could be side effect of doxy as it happened when I took them? Thank you.
Avatar m tn // Thanks for any advice - Mr Freaked out.
Avatar f tn Almost two weeks ago, I noticed I had these dark spots on my stomach. They are not big but there are several or so. Initially they were kind of red around the area, reminding me of small grease burbs you get while you're cooking & the grease pops you, & they were slightly peeling. Several days later I noticed smaller reddish bumps starting to appear & my skin was starting to look splotchy.
Avatar m tn He said he just wants to 're-check' the tests [means he does think i am Infected?]. I went to the nurse to get blood drawn. He has ordered HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis, Complete Blood Count and Ferritin. CBC Normal 18/Mar, Syphilis NEG 19 Mar Now waiting test results.
Avatar m tn Am I at risk for HIV or some drug induced rash?
Avatar m tn We don't look at photos because we don't diagnosis. We give a risk assestment and from oral sex you has no risk.
Avatar m tn // I know to take the hiv test at the 3 month period and that no answers are definitive now but I am really worried and would like to hear some advice and support after reading up on the past posts here. Are these symptoms acute hiv infection ? Any help is really appreciated..
Avatar m tn Do you think the rash related to HIV? 2. Do you think that it is indicating HIV when there are combination of mouth ulcer with rash and white tongue?
Avatar m tn I have stopped all of that, tried to let it rest, try my best to keep it dry at work. The rash doesn't affect the bottom side of the glands. They have retained a somewhat normal coloration. The rash is on the entirety of the top of my penis head/glands. When erect, the red bumps under the skin give a raised look and there are hundreds of them and it is sore, never itchy. One more thing, wetness seems to irritate the rash more.
Avatar m tn But then rarer causes almost go with immunodeficiency (May not apply to you) which include bartonellosis(Cat) and acute HIV presenting with rash and lymphadenopathy (Rarely diagnosed). These I am including only for completion sake.Allodynia is diagnosed more by exclusion of other conditions in 'pain without rash' senario on the skin.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, I'm 30, male, straight, non-drug user. Sick for 6 weeks. First 3 weeks: symptoms began all at once with fever, lymph swelling (first in groin, later in neck), moderate night sweats (for 3 weeks) & painful red-dotted tip of tongue (diagnosed geographic tongue). Possible oral thrush, nystatin had little effect. 2 large canker sores appeared on lip & resolved in a week.
20818948 tn?1522080179 Is test is too early to test HIV ? So I have Questions (1) HIV rash is only symptom ( I no fever no joint pain no any other symptom) (2) My test 1 month and 3 days test and 6 weeks test are accurate? Which percent accurate? (3) At 6 weeks result value low and high are associated with HIV risk? (4) Why does appear rash on my palm ? That is my rash skin photo link https://ibb.
Avatar n tn ) Finally, symptoms never are a reliable indicator for or against HIV infection, and in any case your symptoms don't suggest HIV. Finally, as I have said innumerable times on this forum, when a persons suspects his or her own symptoms are due to anxiety, s/he probably is almost always right. Bottom line: Mellow out, relax, stop worrying about it. And pick up the phone and discuss it with your partner.
Avatar n tn I've been treating the rectal itch (which I believe is just hemorrhoids) with Prep H for about a month or two and it does seem to help a little bit, but upon actually inspecting the problem visually, I noticed the small bumps. I am straight, and just got blood tests for HIV/AIDS and was negative, as well as tested for other STD's in April. In the photo I've attached, you can see where it's inflamed from itching, which I do try to avoid but it's unbearable at times.
623944 tn?1244039090 /or egg allergies. Sometimes there is a rash, other times nothing while others I scratch so much I cause the rash. My hair has become thin, and I've lost some hair on my calves. Then there is the neuropathy. My feet tingle, my thigh muscles are weak, I get shooting pains up my forearms and thighs. Too much work with my hands causes a lot of neuro pain. I drop things and trip over things as well. Undiagnosed pain in upper right abdomen. Ruled out gallbladder, liver, and ulcer.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, you had no risk for any STD's. You cant get hiv from touching. I could not see anything on your leg from the photo and im sure its not related.
Avatar m tn hi for around 14 days now i have this rash on my fingers. Its more like small red dots that pop and look like dead skin. ITs not itchy its just irritating feeling like small thorns on my fingers and palms. I went to the pharmacy and gave me a cortisone base hand cream. I am using it for 7 days now and nothing. Do u think what i described above suggest any STD? last sexual encounter was back in May 2013 i gave the guy a blowjob i think he did not finish in my mouth.
Avatar n tn Some HIV-infected persons will develop ARS symptoms 2-4 weeks after the exposure, and one of the symptoms is a rash that does not itch. If you are worried about your HIV status, test for HIV.
Avatar n tn I got it cheked with a dermetologist she told me these are moles, and HIV rash will be pink not black and will not stay for 50+ days I had a rapid Antibody test done at 6 week 5 days, 9 Week 2 days, 9 week 5 days and 10 week 5 days. all -Ve. I am waiting for the 90 day mark to get tested again. Also all my STD test are -Ve 1) My questins are Do ARS rash apperar as flat Black dots, Will they stay for 50+days ? I still have them? 2) Can I relay on the tests at 10.
Avatar m tn I saw a bottle of that in my contact's bathroom cupboard. I thought it was mouthwash. It's for Herpes I presume. The rash in the photo (day 63 one) in my profile has re-emerged today in the same place (looks like shingles) and a scaly rash on my feet. I spoke with someone at the HIV charity today, the senior worker wasn't in. Their interim relief was in and they said they had to get tested to 6m, per GUM clinic recommendations for significant (i.e. actual) exposure.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.
20818948 tn?1522080179 Is test is too early to test HIV ?    So I have Questions  (1) HIV rash is only symptom   ( I no fever no joint pain  no any other symptom)  (2) My test  1 month and 3 days test and 6 weeks test are accurate? Which percent accurate?  (3) At 6 weeks result value  low and high are associated with HIV risk?  (4) Why does appear rash on my palm ?  That is my rash skin photo link  My profile pitcure is sign of rash on palm .
Avatar m tn com/hiv-aids-rash-pictures-symptoms-treatment/ -- is photo 4, of the hand, an accurate portrayal of what an HIV hand rash might look like in the ARS phase? Thank you.
Avatar m tn The symptoms of early HIV typically do not begin until 2-4 weeks following exposure to an infected partner and the rash you describe is not the sort of whole body rash that we see with early HIV. I urge you not to worry. You need not be concerned and have no medical need for testing.
Avatar f tn I think these red rash don't appear on a normal peple'body.I communicated with a HIV taker about the acute phase symptom,and he gave a photo about his rash on his arm which is the same with mine,So i am very very afraid of it. This year , i marrid and my wife and i want to have a baby ,but i am afraid of that thing happened last year.I have 4 questions followed: 1.How much the probability am i infected? 2.Have you seen a case who is infected by the way like what i tell above? 3.