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Avatar m tn I still continue to wash my hands a lot during the day. I noticed a quarter sized rash on the top portion of my hands. The rash is red and sometimes itchy but is in the exact same spot on both hands. It's been there for a little more than a week. Two days ago I started putting a cream on them to help go away. I noticed another area near my pinky where it's beginning to turn red. Should I be concerned or do you think it may be from washing my hands too much?
Avatar m tn Please, does anyone know if little red spots on your hands which come and then disappear after 20 minutes-one hour are a symptom?? It's freaking me out. My hands have been dried out and occasionally had little red spots on the back of them. This happened once at 4 weeks, 5 weeks and once at 6 weeks. The one around 6 weeks was there a little longer, I'd guess around 2 hours.
Avatar m tn The members concluded no that there was no risk for HIV, my question is 3 weeks after exposure I had a bad fever and night sweats and an itchy crotch and I had what appeared to be a rash on the head of my penis and than had bumps form a few days later which was diagnosed as warts and got treated for that. Off and on i still kept developing a rash only on the head of my penis, they look like tiny red pin pricks and I never was tested for hsv 1 or 2.
Avatar n tn amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (Curam) is a common cause of allergic drug rash, which probably explains the rash on your hands and feet. No STD is a possible cause. Syphilis cannot cause rash this soon; skin rash occurs with the secondary stage of syphilis, which doesn't begin until at least 3 months after catching it -- and in any case, Curam would have prevented or cured syphilis. In our previous discuss 3 days ago, I advised STD testing, including gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.
Avatar m tn As far as your rash is concerned, you should see your dermatologist for evaluation. Syphilis can cause a variety of rashes on the palms of the hands. HIV does not produce a particularly characteristic rash on the palms. My guess is that this is your eczema but again, I cannot make a diagnosis over he internet and would not try. If you rahs is syphilis, (or HIV for that matter) a syphilis (or HIV) blood test would be positive. The likelihood that this is either infection however is low.
Avatar m tn m not sure if this is connected but last year my brother had a similar rash on fingers and hands after being sunburnt as well. Any idea if these are connected and what can be done. I'm going to see a doctor today.
Avatar m tn Another symptom I have is that my skin appears to be more red than normal, mostly on my hands and knees. The surface of my skin is fine, it just seems that there is an increase in blood in these areas. When I press down on my skin for a few seconds and then lift up, my skin is white for a few seconds and then turns back to red. I noticed this symptom about a week after the encounter. The skin stays red and hasn't changed back to normal. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have took my HIV test waiting on results it's been 1 month since my low risk encounter I have only 2 symptoms that are strange oral thrush and a rash that comes and goes?? This morning I woke up with itchy swollen hands again it's been 4 weeks can it be HIV?? Or something meting else??
Avatar n tn i have a weird rash on my hands, its red, and kind of scaly, and has not been going away with treatment. it is on both hands, but the redness disappears when i put my hands above my head. i dont know then if this is a rash or just blood flow underneath the skin. would the hiv rash disappear when over my head? does the rash blanch? how long does the rash last for? my dermatologist told me that the rash does not disappear, while i have been reading that it only last for 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn A month ago in the emergency room there was a lady that pulled out her iv while being discharged she squirted blood out everywhere on her cloth on the bed on her and the floor. I was a patient next to her and while I was about to get my blood drawn the nurse turned and said oh your bed is not locked to the lady and moved her bloody gown off of the arm of the bed then touched the arm to adjust it up and pressed a lever with her foot to lock the bed in place.
1155154 tn?1262649307 The rash on my thighs started off red but now are dry and rough. The rash on my hands are red spots. The first signs on the rash I took a hiv test and it was negative then the rash didn't go away so the next week I redid the test and that was alsso negative. I went to the er and was treated for syphillis but still have concerns about the hiv rash.
Avatar n tn Just A question, what is the % of transmitting HIV through a used razor blade that has dry blood on it for around 3-5 minutes in the outside atmosphere and then being reused on another person and that person being cut all over with blood exposed from cuts. Sorry for my ignorance and appreciation in advance.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had unprotected sex and after approx 10days, several small and slightly raised non-itchy red spots (similar to bug bites) started appearing on both of my hands and arms. At first, I thought they were just bug bites and ignored it but after a few days, some bigger flat spots about 1inch in size started appearing as well. Its been about 6weeks now and although the small dark brown spots have faded away, the flat bigger patches remain the same.
Avatar n tn i had unprotected sex with a female 4 months ago i had a test done last week just waiting on results. I have never had a rash, but my hands have recently started to shake and i have had swollen lymph nodes in my groin also had some fatigue and muscle weakness. I have read that hiv affects peoples nervous systoms. I guess my question is does hiv make your hands shake?
Avatar f tn Can syphillis Rash only be on face? Can rash be due to any other std?
Avatar n tn anyone on here experience a rash 3 weeks post exposure , on hands, arms, front of shoulder, anywhere really and then end up testing negative? most of mine come and go, one yesterday was some spread out dots on wrist.
Avatar f tn i just want to understand whether or not you can get the rash on hands and feet without being on the trunk, or if its hands and feet as well as trunk. and yea i think the question disapeared because it isnt showing up on my main page.
Avatar m tn There is a slight rash on the left palm. Rash is slightly raised. This has been around for the last 2-3 weeks. Is this considered psoriasis - - and is psoriasis a symptom of HIV? And should also I be concerned about the rash? I have also read on that peeling hands could indicate seroconversion, is this true? Suspected exposure to HIV was in May-Aug 10, and Nov 10. Thank you.
Avatar f tn hey i have a itchy rash on my left breast i am 20 years old i am very scared because sometimes i get a little nervous because i been looking symptoms from hiv to breast cancer and like im so stressed out i just want to know if its normal and like i need a prayer.
Avatar m tn you can get herpes on your hands but the risk is small. the types of hpv that infect the genital area, tend not to transmit to the hands either. no risk of hiv. if you have active psoriasis, best to avoid touching someone's genital area until the rash is back under control don't you think?
Avatar m tn i mean is it possoble to pass hiv from my hands then to the condon and finnaly when i gave oral hiv in my mouth? how fast hiv diez?