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Avatar f tn Do I have HIV? My height is 5.11 feet weight 73-74kgs.Apetite normal with no sign of diarrhoea or weight loss. I had unprotected sex with a prostitute for hardly 3-4minutes 5weeks ago but she said she is not HIV positive. I am tensed please help me. During sex neither of us did ***.
Avatar n tn hi, i was just wondering what the early hiv rash looks like. Could someone give me the details of what usually occurs with the early rash. Also could you describe the cough? I have a dry itchy rash on the sides of my feet and I have had a unexplainable cough for a month and a half now. Just trying to ease my mind without getting tested.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks later, i start to feel my fingers and feet inching and then i got rash on my back, chest, stomack biscepts and legs. They are itchy and uncofortable. I went to the doctor he gave me Bendryl but that didn't help me. I have no fever, diarrea but had a brief nosea. Could this be Possible ARS because i'm really scared now becuase it took this long for the rash to stop itching.
Avatar f tn He treated me as if it was an alergic reation to food poisoning. Does an HIV Rash turn white when you push on it? This morning the rash it already getting better. It is still on most of the places in was before but now they are not as red as last night. He gave me steroids on benydryl. Can you help me, because when I can here this morning I looked up Rashes and saw the HIV Rash which looks similiar to mine. Are there other things that can cause a rash that looks the same?
Avatar f tn I also jumped in a freezing cold pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, im thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried? Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent.
Avatar f tn I also jumped in a freezing cold swimming pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, I m thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water or allergies. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried? Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent.
Avatar m tn it has been since December im only 18 and it was with another highschool girl and i recently as in 2 weeks ago started having white patches on my tonsils when i was diognosed with mono today i went in for the small mesal like rash on my feet it isnt widespread just on my feet, the doc said the mono was gone but they would take more blood today to make sure it wasnt anything else. are your sure that if i was hiv positive they wouldnt see abnormal cell activity in my recent blood test?
Avatar m tn Does HIV rash occur on the leg ? or is it just confined to the torso, neck and face..... that is does it appear especially on the feet??? and do they all appear together or is it like one rash today and one rash tomorrow????
Avatar n tn Hi good people, my question regards the hiv rash,what size does it appear ie comparable to normal pimples/acne which have open head thereby leaving a mark or is it like measles which are fine small rash.
1043834 tn?1269046623 I am 80% sure it isn't HIV I just got scared when the rash appered, hope her symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Sorry again joggen I am kind of a bother.
Avatar m tn Am worried about my rash. I have no apparent other symptoms. The rash is all over my body includng feet. My face is burning. The rash appeared at the weekend some 12 weeks from my encountr with this guy. Is it possible this rash is HIV related or would it have appeared a lot earlier.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex about 6 months ago, I never received a chancre at all but i have been getting a rash over my arm for the past few weeks. It comes and goes but does not itch. Is this a sign of syphilis? Also if not what does the Syphilis rash look like?
Avatar m tn Then the next day the bumps were pink all over my left foot. Now they're dark red. can the hiv rash just be on your left foot and no where else on your body? its like dark red bumps only on my left foot or is it probably a bug? I don't feel sick otherwise.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I'm a 20 year old female wondering if it's possible that I am experiencing symptoms of acute HIV. Here's the background: Possible exposures: sex with man (status unknown), with condom, just over a month ago. Almost two weeks ago, oral sex (giving and receiving) with a different man (status unknown), ejaculated in my mouth both times.
Avatar m tn I did not think so much until I started to have this rash and I start to worry whether I was infected and also is the rash related to syphilis. My sole of my hands and feet were fine. Please help me !
Avatar f tn It could be symptoms of a thousands of things, that is why we don't discuss signs and symptoms. You've been posting here long enough to have already received your test results.
Avatar n tn 1. not a symptom of HIV 2. not a symptom of HIV 3. not a symptom of early HIV infection 4. nothing to due with HIV infection It takes an HIV test to show if one is infected or not. It will not show up on a your CBC test. You will need to test 3 months post exposure, which you could test now to obtain your conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn Sometimes I'll have random patches on my back show up then usually disappear within the hour, usually it's after a hot shower, is that just hives or is I hiv rash? Does hiv rash appear and then disappear in segments like that or is it chronic and stay for a while consistently won't going away?
Avatar m tn All HIV questions need to be posted in the HIV community, see th elink above.
Avatar n tn Also, it doesn't help that every site I go to lists recurring yeast infections as a major symptom of HIV! No other symptoms. Got a slight cold now. Also, a rash on both sides of my neck and under my arm appeared but went away in a day or so. Help me please!
Avatar f tn 2 weeks on from the intercourse I remember getting a fungal rash on my feet, hands and back the doctor said my feet was tinea and my back was lichen planus. About a week later I remember having a heavy/blocked feeling in my urethra and my penis head went red and was sensitive/tingling. I have had frequent urination for as long as I can remember and get random muscle aches. My eyes have floaters and sparks that seem to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn what about stds do you think i could be at risk for syphilis only oral sex was unprotected and i never saw a chancre on my penis by could the symptoms that i have be secondary syphilis headache, night sweats, fever, sore throat, back pain, itchiness all over my body was located most on my feet, elbow rash, and back rash that looks like acne thank you dr.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm really worried I may have contracted HIV. I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex 5 weeks ago. I have had many symptoms but the symptoms I'm still having are chest pain, occasional severe stomach pain and nerve pain in my arm, hands and thumbs ( like a sharp pain occasionally) My arms just don't feel right at all! I feel very weak and I'm praying to God I that I don't have HIV! So worried right now! please help!
1951630 tn?1340248627 Not sick what so ever though, just a sort of depression that causes medical attention, no rash, no cough, no vomiting no sore throat, no rash no swollen nodes i dont think. Had a negative antibody test 61 days post exposure negative and WBC of 7.0 through docters office (dont know the test type).
Avatar n tn Dear Dr, I was recently in the hospital and developed a strange rash on my feet. Dr says if it's HIV it would show up in the blood (once you're symptomatic). Tested for it (2 times one the fast way - Elisa and one the regular way). Both are negative. Should I still be worried.
Avatar m tn but still worry about the possibility of being infected with HIV. Are the cluster of blisters on my hands related to HIV or other STDs? Thank you for your attention to my question.
Avatar m tn I had posted a post regarding my hiv concern a month ago.