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Avatar m tn I also read that these symptoms are caused by high calcium in blood. BUT, I wanted to try 500mg of calcium just before I give a rest to the recovery due to the extremely uncomfortable symptoms. And within a few hours of taking calcium those symptoms disappear, and I get great energy that I have never felt before. Can someone explain why this happens? I thought all those symptoms are from high calcium in blood so I was supposed to avoid calcium and take magnesium instead????? So confused.....
Brachiosaurus I take Azor for high blood pressure once a day. If I take a Nature Made's Calcium Vitamin (600mg) with Vitamin D (200mg) twice a day, is there an interaction or any side effects?
Avatar f tn I was taking the generic form of Toprol (?) for my high blood pressure, 25 mg and it was giving me problems after being on it for over a year. Horrible dreams, head aches/pressure, and pain in the area of my left kidney. The Dr put me on Bystolic, but it was samples and there is no information on side effects. I have started having stomach problems and acid reflux lately. Can the Bystolic be causing this? What would be other good choices?
Avatar f tn In pets, Calcitriol is only effective when the value of the blood calcium multiplied by the blood phosphorus level is less than 40. After 15 years, of successful international clinical trials, it is still considered experimental in pets. So far the results have been excellent for both dogs and cats. Kidney transplants are a treatment option in extreme cases. •Long-term management involves monitoring kidney functions with blood and urine tests every three to six months.
1464004 tn?1384139333 In general, Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB) are not simultaneously prescribed with Beta Blockers (BB). Yet, had I not gone to an E.P., my Cardiologist was going to prescribe Verapamil (CCB) with a low dose of Atenolol (BB). The first E.P. I went to prescribed the Verapamil, I took it for one day and quit. (going back on Atenolol). The reason was the impression that my heart beats were very strong. I walked to the top of the steps and I felt like I just got off a stress test.
4862508 tn?1360799907 I've been taking magnesium glycinate for over a year and haven't noticed any side effects. It's hard for me to see how chelated magnesium could cause cardiac pains, but maybe what you are experiencing is acid indigestion from the amino acid component. You could try magnesium oxide, but it tends to cause loose bowels. Regardless of how or why the magnesium taureate is causing your side effect symptoms, it sounds like it's not going to work well for you or your mom.
Avatar m tn What I understand is that beta blocker have usually mild side-effects when they are give to people with high blood pressure... BUT in my case, my blood pressure is lower to normal only and rarely in the high range (only when i'm in a middle of a panic attack or in a situation where I feel trap). So when the blood pressure is already low to normal, then the beta blockers have more side-effects for sure.
Avatar n tn They are widely used and are fairly well tolerated but they can have side effects. The main potential side effects are slow heart rate, fatigue, and breathing difficulties in persons with severe underlying lung problems. In men impotence is also a potential side effect of beta-blockers. Headache is a potential side-effect reported with almost every medication but chest and body pain are not generally reported with beta-blockers.
Avatar f tn Two quick questions: is there a difference between high blood pressure and hypertension (I noticed there are 2 different topics listed here) Also, I began taking 12.5mg of atenolol 2x/day - it's only my second day, so in total I took 3 pills. I noticed a feeling of calm come over me, however, I was told it might make me sleepy. I had the opposite reaction.
Avatar n tn My total score was 1207, and a risk for heart event within a year was high. As ed stated it serves no useful purpose just to view the degree of calcium because the information provided is what would be assumed an treated without a ct scan. Your score is very good if total, but it is marginal if that score is one of the 4 arteries viewed. However, included with the scan of my coronary arteries was a view of the pulmonary system, ascending, arch, and decending aorta.
1360592 tn?1281759126 I was cut back to 100 mg a day then 3 months ago cut back to 50 mg and a calcium channel blocker was added - I find this combination much better as far as side-effects are concern, and better at lower in HR which is now in the low 70s at rest. But, I still have problems with dreaming, but am not sure that is from the medication.
Avatar n tn YOu are very sensitive to the agitating effect so you might want to ask your doctor to switch. If not, ask him re klonopin to be used judciously to cut down that effect.
Avatar m tn I am sure it did at this point. Since stopping Prozac I know the horrible side effects that was causing.Now I am feeling the effects of the Levothyroxine and hyperthyroidism. I may also add that I do not have my large intestine, as it was removed due to ulcerlative colitis in 1991, so I may not absorb medications as most people do. My diet is limited to certain foods and almost all vitamins and hard coated time release pills pass through me intact. I know it's gross, but it's true.
Avatar f tn Unless you have experienced the full brunt of side effects from statins, you can not state "just stick it out". The side effects are unbearable. I finally asked my doctor if it was really healthier that i went from someone who worked out at the gym 5 days a week to someone gobbling pain medicine and laying on the couch. I had no life on the meds and so, I opted to take the risk.
Avatar n tn What is peripheral neuropathy and how is it related to chemotherapy (Interferon)? The body's nervous system is divided into two major systems; the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is also divided into two major parts, the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.
293157 tn?1285877039 Now the gabapentine twice a day makes me tired? does gabapentin have a side effect that effects you mouth...my teeth, gums.. etc..get so sore everyday for the past few days, not sure why. I though maybe one tooth, but the other parts of my mouth get sore as well? plus I'm so out of it, that I can't go outside... I'm so tired and can't seem to sit for long. I don't know if its the meds...cause the amount isn't that high... if not the meds...why is this happening?
Avatar n tn I researched Inderal in my PDR and on other sites and it seems that these are typical side effects.
Avatar n tn looking for feedback on post tx side effects. i've seen posts from people that have listed some pretty troubling health issues after treatment. for me the sides during tx have been bad enough, hearing of problems arising from tx afterwards bothers me. also for those interested there's another board that doesn't have post limitations and is of a newer more user friendly format.
Avatar f tn She has all the side effects listed. My question for anyone on this drug is #1 Do the side effects ever go away (Level Off ) or will she remain tired and sluggish all the time. #2 Is your memory always effected? Having two small kids makes this a very hard time.
Avatar n tn I am sticking with the 11 pm or 3 am time because of the nasty side effects if I wait and take it in the morning. For me the side effects were WORSE with synthroid. I guess I am in the minority there. Anyone else have a story like mine? I am so new to this I want advice. I also have a cyst on the other side which they have to watch. My brother's cyst was malignant and he has no thyroid now. He has been on Syn for 18 years and has never complained. he gets up at 4:30 to take his.
Avatar n tn What did the savella side effects do to some people i hear they are horrible?
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar n tn Just researched side effects: "Mood swings and high blood pressure can also be attributed to the intake of HCG." Anyone having these or other side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, fatigue? My mood has been rather odd since I started the diet and HCG. Severely fatigued. Things seem a bit "off". PS: Bodybuilding websites state HCG should be injected intramuscularly. The more I research and learn, the more confused I get.
Avatar n tn I experienced the side effects I was told could happen, worse cramps and heavier bleeding. I am fine with these because my choice for birth control is very limited because I get blood clots and cannot take the pill. However, I am wondering if anyone has experienced a decrease in thier sex drive becasue of it. I am only 29 years old, married to a very wonderful and attractive man, but honestly I could care less about sex.
Avatar n tn There is evidence now that low oxygen tension stimulates the sympathetic tone (adrenalin) leading to increased vascular tension and increased fluid absorption from the kidney. Some patients who live in high altitudes develop high blood pressure accompanied by lower extremity swelling. Obviously not everyone who lives there develop hypertension, however, some people are more susceptible than others. Your husband must be one of them.
Avatar m tn How Much Does it Take to Overdose on Vitamin D While high Blood Calcium Levels are useful to determine an overdose on vitamin d, it really takes an AMAZINGLY large amount to cause a Vitamin D Overdose. In fact, in East Germany between the 1940's and 1960's, children would ROUTINELY get 6 doses of 600,000 IU's of Vitamin D between birth and 18 months old. This gave these small children an incredible 3,600,000 IU's of Vitamin D in 18 months.
Avatar n tn This site lists muscle cramps and osteo-articular pain as possible side effects. I would call my doctor or pharmacist just to be sure. http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/cardizem_la_ad.htm Wish I could help more. Get feeling better.