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Avatar n tn I ask him about the PTH level being 46 with the high calcium levels. He just said that the parathyroid was not the cause of the high calcium. He said the best case scenerio would be MGUS. I guess my question is twofold. First, even though I have this monoclonal protein would it still be possible for the parathyroid to be causing the high calcium levels? Second, If it was the monoclonal protein or myeloma causing the high calcium levels wouldn't the PTH level be very low?
Avatar f tn My calcium levels are high in both blood test results for the last month and I am wondering if anyone has experienced this as a result of treating Lyme? My previous blood test was 5+ years ago so I don't have a good idea how long it might have been creeping up. I am hoping maybe it's a temporary elevation from who knows what to do with my Lyme treatment... if not then I have to pursue the parathyroid surgery route and I'm just so not up to adding that to the pile right now. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi, l was told by my gp 3weeks ago that my calcium levels were high and that l have primary hyperparathyroidism .l had a bonedensity scan last week but as yet no appointment to see specialist.l have a very tender arm.
Avatar f tn Really worried since my blood calcium level was high last year 10.7 and this year 10.6 dr. Wants me to see a kidney specialist since my parathyroid levels were normal....please tell me this isn't serious and that there can be a simple reason? Any ideas? Anybody experience this?
Avatar n tn High Calcium levels can be due to hyperparathyroidism. Check out You might have a parathyroid tumor that's producing too much PTH which is causing your blood calcium levels to go high. 11.3 is pretty high and it's never normal. Please check out the website..
Avatar n tn At this age, there is a tendency to run slightly high calcium levels which usually normalizes by late 20's. With the PTH of 20.2, we cannot make a diagnosis at this point. Would recheck both in future to make sure consistent.
Avatar f tn Hi Sally, You probably have hyperparathyroidism. It is never normal to have high calcium levels. I would get your Vitamin D levels and Parathyroid hormone levels checked and please read Dr. Norman is one of the best parathryoid surgeons in the world, on his website you will learn all that you need to know about this disease. Most doctors are not experienced enough in this area. Please read this website!!!!
Avatar m tn My doc said I have high levels of calcium in the blood and my parathyroids are functioning normally.. Is there anything I can do and is quite a normal result ?
Avatar m tn s what the endo thought I had. I had three slightly high calcium levels and two slightly high parathyroid levels. It turns out, those levels were reacting to my low Vitamin D caused by thyroid disease. Before you request a consultation with a parathyroid surgeon, make sure your thyroid levels are tested to rule out thryoid disease. TSH FT3 FT4 For antibodies that cause thyroid disease get the TGab and TPOab blood tests And get your vitamin D tested as well.
Avatar f tn If the calcium level in your blood is, as you say, very high you must see a dr. It can indicate a true problem now and, as ChitChatNine says, can lead to future probems. If you have an endocrinologists, due to the graves disease, I would see that dr. I don't know where you got your current labs done but the endo will probably order a series of blood tests. The calcium numbers need to be tracked for a bit to determine what's going on. Good luck.
1699175 tn?1320125691 Eating or drinking too much calcium or vitamin D supplements over time can raise calcium levels in your blood above normal. Dehydration. A common cause of mild or transient hypercalcemia is dehydration, because when there is less fluid in your blood, calcium concentrations rise.
2046116 tn?1330102721 The problem is is the tests have all come back negative and my nose is not dry. I've had a lot of people ask about that, but it isn't. I'm getting my blood tested again tomorrow.
Avatar f tn A recent blood test showed I have high levels of calcium in my blood, what problem would that might indicate?
Avatar f tn Norman last August. Coincidentally, after my D levels were high, my PTH and calcium went back to normal. I asked the surgeon why my PTH and calcium had ever gone up and he said, "Two years ago it snowed in Florida." Well, I went back to my endo and told her that Dr. Norman said I should be tested for Hashi. I got the Hashi TGab and TPOab tests and the TPO was positive. I switched endos again because she didn't know how to treat my levels.
Avatar f tn What would change your blood pressure and cause tingle in Hands and feet after thyroid surgery. Yes my calcium levels have been tested twice and they are fine.Please help,kind of scared here since this is something im not used to dealing with.
Avatar f tn High blood calcium levels indicate that you are not absorbing calcium as well as you should. The vit. D3 should help, but potassium and magnesium are also needed to absorb calcium.
216703 tn?1277679177 Release of PTH is controlled by the level of calcium in the blood. Low blood calcium levels cause increased PTH to be released, while high blood calcium levels inhibit PTH release.You mention you have symptoms based off his site. What symptoms? might want to take a look at the court document and compare : - hypocalcemia is the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood, usually taken as less than 2.
Avatar m tn The data are inconclusive and I have never heard of anyone having an increased level of cholesterol due to blood pressure meds. Your LDL is very high and HDL is low, I would considers some lifestyle changes that include diet and exercise as well as a statin to help get these numbers down because high cholesterol and high BP are two modifiable risk factors and both will be benefited by diet and exercise.
Avatar m tn I have high levels of calcium in the blood and my parathyroids are functioning normally.. Currently take levothyroxine for my thyroid taken out due to pap Thyroid cancer..3 years ago Tg 0.5 which is undetectable. 29 Dec 2010 - my thyroid levels - Tsh 0.18 ( 0.4- 4.0 ) and Free T4 = 24.0 (9 -19) What signs and symptoms do you look out for with high calcium? Some fatigue, but otherwise ok.. Here are some results 29 Dec 2010 Parathyroid Hormone: 3.3 pmol/l ( 1.
Avatar m tn It is not uncommon for young adults in their 20s to have a slightly high calcium levels. This history is not conclusive for primary hyperparathyroidism. If you're levels were consistently above 11, this would be more compelling. It is something to keep track of however. The fluctuating blood pressure spikes are something in need to be controlled. This was not likely related to the calcium levels.
Avatar m tn i have read alot about cholesterol as a risk factor being based on shaky science, and that inflammation -- crp, homocysteine etc being the real culprits. what are my options here? statins scare me. why would i have such a high calcium score with low inflammation? is there a real heart attack risk?
Avatar f tn The normal range for calcium is 8.5-10.2. You are well within that level. Our blood levels fluctuate depending on activity, diet, hormonal fluctuations.... The levels do not remain static at all times. If you continue to notice a trend going forward of the level creeping up, discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask if there is any measures that should be taken to prevent the level from exceeding the normal parameters. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn With hypoparathyroidism, low levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in the blood will cause low levels of calcium, low levels of vitamin D, and high levels of phosphate. Symptoms of hypoparathyroidism are related to hypocalcemia. Typically, hyperphosphatemia is asymptomatic (no symptoms).
Avatar n tn If your PTH levels are high, but your calcium levels are normal, then your parathyroids are working correctly because their function is to maintain proper calcium levels. This means that something else is causing a hypocalcemic state in your body that your parathyroids are masking by pumping out abnormal levels of PTH. This is Secondary Hyperparathyroidism because their overactive behavior is caused by a condition external to the thyroids themselves.