Why is my blood calcium high

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721523 tn?1331585402 I think that it is the 5K iu of D that my MS doc told me to take. There are only a few reasons that your blood calcium is too high: Overdose of vit D, parathyroid, and it gets worse from there. I HATE waiting!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Really worried since my blood calcium level was high last year 10.7 and this year 10.6 dr. Wants me to see a kidney specialist since my parathyroid levels were normal....please tell me this isn't serious and that there can be a simple reason? Any ideas? Anybody experience this?
Avatar f tn Coincidentally, after my D levels were high, my PTH and calcium went back to normal. I asked the surgeon why my PTH and calcium had ever gone up and he said, "Two years ago it snowed in Florida." Well, I went back to my endo and told her that Dr. Norman said I should be tested for Hashi. I got the Hashi TGab and TPOab tests and the TPO was positive. I switched endos again because she didn't know how to treat my levels.
19643911 tn?1481586086 I was originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but I feel that it is something else. Last month I had my calcium levels taken, and I had an 11.1(10.5 normal). My doctor ordered tests to see if I could have hyperparathyroidism, but she told me that my PH levels are normal, and that my calcium went down to 10.6(still slightly elevated). She told me that it is nothing to worry about, but I feel like maybe this is the key to everything.
Avatar n tn the parathyroid regulates blood calcium levels. If your blood calcium is high, then the parathyroid (PTH) should compensate by going down and be in the low normal range. If it's not compensating and high (even high normal) then it should be further investigated with a sestamibi scan. My blood calcium is always in the 10.2-10.8 range, not scary high, but I am on a low calcium diet, so it is abnormal. And my PTH was only 38 the last it was checked and my doctor still wanted to investigate.
216703 tn?1277682777 I'm going to have a sestemibi scan at 8am on Monday. I don't understand how my calcium can be low when my PTH is so high. I read on one reputable site that if your PTH is more than twice the high end of the normal range your chance of parathyroid cancer is higher. But I just can't find any info on low to normal calcium with high PTH.
455126 tn?1212435798 CRAZY THOUGHT HERE ........... do your lymph nodes in your armpits feel like they are retaining fluid as in "the time of the month" .... sometimes the menstrual cycle, hormones can go wacko after surgery or changein med dosing and I get alot of FLUID RETENTION in my armpit lymph node area (but not the actual nodes) and you may want to ask this Dr. if this is happening if it pressing on the nerves causing a carpel tunnel sensation ???????
Avatar f tn One thing I can't get off my mind is my high calcium level, which is 10.4. I know it's not that high but I know high calcium is NEVER normal. My vitamin D is also on the lower side and I'm afraid taking supplements will make my calcium even higher. I have had my parathyroid tested and it's normal, which has me more worried. I was actually hoping it was my parathyroid since that's not life-threatening.
Avatar m tn i have read alot about cholesterol as a risk factor being based on shaky science, and that inflammation -- crp, homocysteine etc being the real culprits. what are my options here? statins scare me. why would i have such a high calcium score with low inflammation? is there a real heart attack risk?
Avatar f tn The only thing I saw (doctor did not think it was a problem) was my blood calcium had crept up from 9.7 in December of 2012 to 9.9 in December of 2013. Note: I do take hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg/day. My Vitamin D was 32 in June 2013 and was 29.5 in December 2013. She told me to take supplements to increase it after 29.5 reading. Is 9..9 too high? No parathyroid or thyroid test done. Doctor thinks this is perfectly normal.
Avatar m tn and ran to the doctor he did a blood test stool test and urine test found out i had a high amount of calcium in my urine. so he gave me Profenid. it went away. Then a week ago it came out again so i went back to the doctors again this was a different one he check my testacies for lumps he found nothing and did a hernia test as well. He then laughed at me when i said could it be prostate cancer. he said at age 29 no. he did no other test though after i gave him my history.
Avatar f tn The doctor never seems to be able to tell me why my body is releasing so much calcium through my urine. Is there anybody out there that is going through the same thing and HAS gotten answers??? Please help!!!!
216703 tn?1277682777 00 a.m. What should my next steps be? What could cause a high PTH with a normal calcium? Thanks!
Avatar f tn The first thing that needs to be determined is "why" your father's calcium level is so high. Once this is determined, only then can you know what treatment is needed. Causes of high calcium levels vary from simple to very serious, so please ask his doctor to determine his cause, and go from there.
Avatar m tn So frustrated and wish that I could get a fricken answer as to why my calcium is so high and find a way to fix it. My quality of life is not very good. Anybody have any other answers? I would be really surprised if I had cancer because while I feel like hell I don't feel like I am dying. They also tested my Phosphorus 24 hr and it was high also at 1.5 (normal is 0.4-1.3) Thanks!
Avatar m tn Calcium is required for muscle contraction, including the muscles of the heart and blood vessels. Calcium channel blockers do counter this effect and are used to treat high blood pressure. Calcium is actually used in certain situations (operating room, emergencies) to temporarily raise blood pressure. It works very well, but only for short periods of time ( minutes). It gives you time to fix the underlying problem. We also give calcium to treat overdose of calcium channel blockers.
Avatar m tn I got my levels, my calcium was 11 and my protein (in my blood) was 8.7...........is this bad? Or are these just slightly high? All i keep seeing on the internet is stuff about cancer and HIV....could I just have high calcium and protein levels? Im under tons of stress, have had 10 kidney stones about 2 1/2 months ago, but never passed them, so idk if i even passed them.
Avatar f tn My calcium level is high and my doctor said we'll just keep an eye on it.
Avatar n tn Before i was diagnosed with this i had many different physical problems including losing every hair on my head! My calcium was off but my blood work for thyroid levels was always normal. I was seeing my gynecologist for this blood work. Finally i went to my primary care physician and he knew by looking at my neck what it was! I had a goiter, which is one of the many signs of Graves Disease.
Avatar n tn (This is usually caused by a tumor on a parathyroid gland) All the four parathyroid glands do are regulate the blood calcium levels...When the blood calcium is high, the PTH should be low or near normal...If the calcium level is too low, the PTH will rise and make the bones release calcium into the bloodstream...If your daughter should have hyperparathyroidism along with your mother, have them both evaluated for MENS syndrome...It runs in families, whereas simple HPT does not...Good luck...
Avatar n tn I am a 62 year old. My Calcium score was 252. Is this dangerous? I dont have any symptoms . My cardiologist told me I have a very mild heart desease in my arteries after an Angiogram. Can I lead a normal life? He did not give me any meds. He requested me to stop smoking and take an Asprin daily. My cholesterol is normal but I am a type 2 diabetic for the last 10 years, but under good control.
Avatar f tn Hi there. My dog has white stool now and again. Portions of it break apart and crumble. I was told that too much calcium in the diet causes this. She's had them consistently throughout the years & sometimes she is nauseous when they last for a few days to a week @ a time. Her daily calcium intake is around 100g a day, & that's on the high side. Maybe it's an imbalance of nutrients and not too much calcium. I can't relate this to her diet. Any comments or recommendations?
Avatar n tn My PTH is elevated (95 pg/ml) but my serum calcium is in the normal range (9.3 mg/dl). My 24-hour urine test shows elevated calcium at 349 mg/tv. Could it still be that I have hyperparathyroidism? My doctor wants me to keep taking additional Vitamin D for a few months and check again. Does this make sense?
Avatar n tn I am confused because one site says low PTH and high calcium means the parathyroid is doing what it should when calcium is high, but also implies that this is not hyperparathyroidism. That makes sense - hyper means high and my PTH is low. So why is my calcium level so high? The only info I can find indicates that I have cancer but does not say what kind and where. Endocrinologists in our area are all very busy and many are turning away new patients.
Avatar f tn I am awaiting magnesium test results, along with vitamin d and parathyroid hormone. I don't each much dairy, which is why the elevated calcium is strange. I do eat a lot of salads especially spinach The strange thing is that I cannot seem to tolerate any ssri meds to help with the anxiety, which makes me think this is the elevated calcium causing my symptoms. I feel miserable and no one is helping. Maybe I should try a magnesiun supplement in the interim?
Avatar f tn I don't see any results for phosphorus ever. Why is it so difficult to get additional blood tests? My doctor simply refuses to repeat the ionized calcium even though it was high. Parathyroid.com stresses the importance of this test. The ultrasound for the thyroid says, "Normal echogenicity of the thyroid gland. This is not typical for thyroiditis. Hypoechoic nodule seen in the left mid pole is 4x4x6mm.
Avatar f tn For my last operation, the post-op blood work indicated high calcium levels. My TSH levels were balanced by June 2008 and my endocrinologist took me off the PTU meds. But my levels starting rising again and in October 2008 I took a radioactive pill to kill the thyroid --- it didn't work. My levels were as high as 30. After unsuccessfully waiting for the levels to drop, I was put back on PTU in January and the dosage was increased in February .... my levels were 28.
Avatar n tn I recently switched from lipitor 10mg to lovastatin. My cholestral is 177, my ldl is 103, and my hdl is 58. I recently had the Vap test and it showed my ldl pattern was large bouyant. What to do?