Why is my blood calcium high

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Avatar f tn Really worried since my blood calcium level was high last year 10.7 and this year 10.6 dr. Wants me to see a kidney specialist since my parathyroid levels were normal....please tell me this isn't serious and that there can be a simple reason? Any ideas? Anybody experience this?
Avatar f tn The doctor never seems to be able to tell me why my body is releasing so much calcium through my urine. Is there anybody out there that is going through the same thing and HAS gotten answers??? Please help!!!!
Avatar n tn why would one have a high calcium level in a blood test? Mine was 11.2. My doctor sent a note to stop taking calcium supplements - I never take any calcium supplements and I hate milk. Should I follow up on this or is it just something that happens from time to time? thank you.
Avatar n tn Would recheck both in future to make sure consistent.
Avatar f tn The only thing I saw (doctor did not think it was a problem) was my blood calcium had crept up from 9.7 in December of 2012 to 9.9 in December of 2013. Note: I do take hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg/day. My Vitamin D was 32 in June 2013 and was 29.5 in December 2013. She told me to take supplements to increase it after 29.5 reading. Is 9..9 too high? No parathyroid or thyroid test done. Doctor thinks this is perfectly normal.
Avatar f tn It appears at the end of every month my blood pressure is high. It reads and where from 130/86 to 130/91. I take meds every day but i notice this every month.
2009161 tn?1327915695 Could you please tell me if Losartan Potasium has calcium in it. What is calcium channel blocker? My mom was treated with By pass surgery recently and she has been shown that there is calcium lesion that has been there in one of her heart arteries, Is it because of these tablets(Losartan Potasium). Please help me clarify this Doctor.
721523 tn?1331581802 I think that it is the 5K iu of D that my MS doc told me to take. There are only a few reasons that your blood calcium is too high: Overdose of vit D, parathyroid, and it gets worse from there. I HATE waiting!!!!!!
Avatar n tn My PTH is also high as is my calcium serum. My serum Vit D is very low. My urine phosphorus is LOW and my urine calcium is very low normal. Didn't get tests results back for the TSH yet. Took nuclear and contrasted scans and ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroids but they weren't enlarged. I'm seeing an Endocronolgist for this. She's trying to put the pieces together. High parathyroidism can be Primary or secondary.
Avatar m tn Hi, l was told by my gp 3weeks ago that my calcium levels were high and that l have primary hyperparathyroidism .l had a bonedensity scan last week but as yet no appointment to see specialist.l have a very tender arm.
455126 tn?1212432198 It comes and goes throughout the day. Like I said, my PTH is way low, my calcium is high. ????
19643911 tn?1481582486 I was originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but I feel that it is something else. Last month I had my calcium levels taken, and I had an 11.1(10.5 normal). My doctor ordered tests to see if I could have hyperparathyroidism, but she told me that my PH levels are normal, and that my calcium went down to 10.6(still slightly elevated). She told me that it is nothing to worry about, but I feel like maybe this is the key to everything.
Avatar m tn i have read alot about cholesterol as a risk factor being based on shaky science, and that inflammation -- crp, homocysteine etc being the real culprits. what are my options here? statins scare me. why would i have such a high calcium score with low inflammation? is there a real heart attack risk?
Avatar f tn There is a very informative website. parathyroid.com I have 2 blood test that show my calcium level is elevated so I started to research the causes. I found this site and it was very helpful. Dr. Norman is the Dr. who developed this site and he is a world renound expert on parathyroid diesease. I think you will be amazed with what you will learn on this site. Hope this helps....
Avatar f tn my question is I read the high doses of Vitamin E can help with hot flashes but there is a concern if you are on Blood pressure meds...so how much a day could I take without messing up my drugs?
Avatar f tn For the past year and a half my blood work has indicated slightly high calcium and low D, slightly anemic, slightly high sugar. now they vary in combination. I have been identified with reduced kidney function and this week high Parathyroid. I have extreme body spasms on the left side of neck, stomach area, back, hands and feet, and legs, bad memory, fatigue, depression,heart trouble ( 1 blockage) and just diagnosed with asleep apnea.I have had asthma all my life.
Avatar f tn It depends. High blood pressure can have many etiologies. The reason for the high blood pressure must be determined. Unfortunately, in modern medicine, physicians jump to prescribe a pill. A certain percentage of patients (as many as ten percent) can solve their blood pressure problems by a D3 supplement and adding calcium to their diet. Those test results came from a study involving a thousand patients from a company seeking a new drug application for calcium channel blockers.
Avatar m tn I got my levels, my calcium was 11 and my protein (in my blood) was 8.7...........is this bad? Or are these just slightly high? All i keep seeing on the internet is stuff about cancer and HIV....could I just have high calcium and protein levels? Im under tons of stress, have had 10 kidney stones about 2 1/2 months ago, but never passed them, so idk if i even passed them.
7553259 tn?1392399668 And tapazol 5 mg. I have had a DVT in left calf at 16. My question is. if my calcium is on the high side, should I be taking that much calcium and Vitamin D? Could me taking more calcium put me at risk for blood clots or stroke?
Avatar f tn I also have suffered from high calcium,since 2000 and my vitamin D is low. My PTH numbers have varied from 21 to 40. But from what I have read, I could have hyperparathyroid problems even though the PTH isn't that high. I have confronted my Endocrinologist, but he says "let's observe it again in a few months.
Avatar m tn Hi, just wanted to say real fast that my sister AND my husband have both been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the past. Additionally, both of them were found to have completely normal blood pressure once the correct size blood pressure cuff was used on them when measuring blood pressure.... Just a thought!
2046116 tn?1330102721 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
Avatar n tn I ask him about the PTH level being 46 with the high calcium levels. He just said that the parathyroid was not the cause of the high calcium. He said the best case scenerio would be MGUS. I guess my question is twofold. First, even though I have this monoclonal protein would it still be possible for the parathyroid to be causing the high calcium levels? Second, If it was the monoclonal protein or myeloma causing the high calcium levels wouldn't the PTH level be very low?
216703 tn?1277679177 Release of PTH is controlled by the level of calcium in the blood. Low blood calcium levels cause increased PTH to be released, while high blood calcium levels inhibit PTH release.You mention you have symptoms based off his site. What symptoms? might want to take a look at the court document and compare : - http://www.phillipsandcohen.com/CM/NewsSettlements/NewsSettlements516.asp hypocalcemia is the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood, usually taken as less than 2.
Avatar m tn my calcium level has been as 10.7 vitamin d 26 i have osteopenio now but P T H is in normal range i am 51 yrs old could i still have a parathyroid problem.I have been taking 50,000 iu of d3 for 2 yrs vit d rose only once to 50 but was checked again 6 weeks back down to 30 .blood pressure has been up and down for the last 20 yrs taking avalide 12.5 and diltiazem 360 mgs ,but now i go on this medication terazasin only 2 mg and blood pressure goes to normal .thank you .