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Avatar f tn Hi. The standard high-grade canned dog foods are Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal and Hills kd. There is also a Purina variety, but I can't recommend Purina as a company. Dry renal dog food products should not be used, particularly for kidney failure dogs. Here's why (this is my own article about it): http://www.infobarrel.com/Why_Dry_Dog_Food_Is_Bad_For_Dogs If your dog starts to refuse the food, it may be indicative of several possible things: Nausea.
Avatar f tn Epikacin was used to bind excess phosphorus which occurs with failing kidneys. Unfortunately, because it contains calcium, it results in excess blood calcium levels which are also very harmful. Today Aluminum Hydroxide (ALOH) is the product of choice, recommended and used by veterinarians that are Board Certified Internal Medicine Diplomats. Aluminum hydroxide is used to bind and removing excess phosphorus from the blood.
Avatar f tn If the calcium level in your blood is, as you say, very high you must see a dr. It can indicate a true problem now and, as ChitChatNine says, can lead to future probems. If you have an endocrinologists, due to the graves disease, I would see that dr. I don't know where you got your current labs done but the endo will probably order a series of blood tests. The calcium numbers need to be tracked for a bit to determine what's going on. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I just found out that I have high level of calcium in my blood. What does this mean? What causes it?
2009161 tn?1327915695 Could you please tell me if Losartan Potasium has calcium in it. What is calcium channel blocker? My mom was treated with By pass surgery recently and she has been shown that there is calcium lesion that has been there in one of her heart arteries, Is it because of these tablets(Losartan Potasium). Please help me clarify this Doctor.
Avatar m tn My doc said I have high levels of calcium in the blood and my parathyroids are functioning normally.. Is there anything I can do and is quite a normal result ?
Avatar n tn A cysto exam Monday showed I have many blisters in the bladder. My test results on blood and urine show that my calcium level is too high, double the normal, which my doctor says indicates a parathyroid gland problem. I produce kidney stones and have passed many for years and had lithotripsy 3 times. I have an appointment with a general surgeon the 20th to check this out. What problems am I looking at, and what questions should I ask?
Avatar f tn Really worried since my blood calcium level was high last year 10.7 and this year 10.6 dr. Wants me to see a kidney specialist since my parathyroid levels were normal....please tell me this isn't serious and that there can be a simple reason? Any ideas? Anybody experience this?
Avatar m tn I am not a doctor, however, I understand that hyperparathyroidism can result in calcium being removed from the bones. This will in turn elevate your blood calcium levels. Most people have four parathyroid glands. They are very tiny and located in the throat where the thyroid gland is located. Hyperparathyroidism can be caused by one of the parathyroid glands developing a tumor.
Avatar f tn Could it be her high blood pressure meds? I had to cut back on my dogs high blood pressure meds because they were giving her seizures. I give my dog Diltiazem and she is very sensitive to it but it works. I've cut it back by 1/2 and the seizures have gone away. Diltiazem can be lethal so you have to give your do the right amount and that may differ from what the vet originally prescribed. I also give my dog Lasix, spirolactone, vetmedin and Enaparil.
Avatar n tn Would recheck both in future to make sure consistent.
Avatar f tn My personal preference would be Enalapril, which is mostly metabolised by the liver rather than the kidneys. This will help deal with the high blood pressure and improve blood flow through the kidneys. You have certainly tried a whole raft of different things and reading through it I'm not sure any of it has truly had much effect. I would tend to strip back to a simpler plan.
Avatar m tn The diet that you are describing has no calcium in it to speak of, and that is a huge problem. Dogs need high levels of calcium. Also, I second ginger899 in questioning how your dog has been able to become overweight on the amount of food you describe. That's not very much food. As for the teeth, most pet dogs' teeth require cleaning by a veterinarian every so often. My own dogs' teeth usually have to be done about once every three years.
721523 tn?1331581802 she did the usual blood work and called to tell me that my calcium level was high and that I needed twomore blood tests. I went to the hospital to have them done. i called the office today, they said that the results should be in later today. Noone ever called to give them to me and the doc is not in clinic until Monday. I think that it is the 5K iu of D that my MS doc told me to take.
Avatar n tn why would one have a high calcium level in a blood test? Mine was 11.2. My doctor sent a note to stop taking calcium supplements - I never take any calcium supplements and I hate milk. Should I follow up on this or is it just something that happens from time to time? thank you.
Avatar f tn It depends. High blood pressure can have many etiologies. The reason for the high blood pressure must be determined. Unfortunately, in modern medicine, physicians jump to prescribe a pill. A certain percentage of patients (as many as ten percent) can solve their blood pressure problems by a D3 supplement and adding calcium to their diet. Those test results came from a study involving a thousand patients from a company seeking a new drug application for calcium channel blockers.
Avatar f tn t be around for long if his levels are this high and others with lower levels did lose their dogs in a short span of time. Not sure what to think.
Avatar f tn Hi there. My dog has white stool now and again. Portions of it break apart and crumble. I was told that too much calcium in the diet causes this. She's had them consistently throughout the years & sometimes she is nauseous when they last for a few days to a week @ a time. Her daily calcium intake is around 100g a day, & that's on the high side. Maybe it's an imbalance of nutrients and not too much calcium. I can't relate this to her diet.
Avatar f tn The only thing I saw (doctor did not think it was a problem) was my blood calcium had crept up from 9.7 in December of 2012 to 9.9 in December of 2013. Note: I do take hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg/day. My Vitamin D was 32 in June 2013 and was 29.5 in December 2013. She told me to take supplements to increase it after 29.5 reading. Is 9..9 too high? No parathyroid or thyroid test done. Doctor thinks this is perfectly normal.
2046116 tn?1330102721 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
Avatar f tn I meant to ask about calcium levels in your dog's blood results. This can produce seizures too, when calcium levels are abnormally low. I once wrote a piece about this whole process and seizure events in dogs with kidney failure. You (and your vet) may find it of some interest. http://www.infobarrel.