Heavy periods lasting 3 weeks

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823438 tn?1238594823 Thats actually incorrect. Having PCOS myself and from talking to other moms & women who have PCOS... your periods are heavy and long... not short and light. It could also be an estrogen problem. Are you on birth control?
1310773 tn?1317099045 I was blown away looking at peoples charts and their periods lasting only 2-3 days. My periods last 5-7 days and I usually have 2 days of heavy bleeding (around 5 pads a day) Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with me? How are your general periods?
Avatar f tn My normal cycle is usually 7 days of menses with the first 2-3 days heavy. This month I have had 3 very light periods lasting no more than 5 days with about 12 days in between. Today is May 21 and I am on day 3 of my 3rd light period. My last period was about two weeks ago but before that period I had a very light period about 10 days before. I have never taken the pill and although I am sexually active with my fiance we use protection.
Avatar f tn I started a period 2 weeks ago after having years of no periods or my one-day one-wipe periods (bleeding lasting only one wipe of the toilet paper) every few months. Had constant ovarian cysts. Can't take hormones at all (any kind) due to severe blood clots that went to my lungs 2 years ago from birth control - to control my PCOS. Period has now lasted 2 full weeks as of today and the bleeding is not stopping at all. It is medium to heavy but not extremely heavy.
Avatar n tn I am 47years old , 2 kids and just had novasure procedure done last monday ( dec 22, 2008 ) ...I had very heavy periods (9-12 days then off for 2/3 then right back again) foralmost 2 years . I also had a 6" mass removed from my left hemipevis and 2 complex crysts removed from my rt ovary. Anyway, I never thought that anything could be worst then the pain u have giving birth..I was wrong:( I woke up yelling in pain :( it was so bad that I actually begged for painkillers.
Avatar n tn about a year after the last had a tubal. ever since then been bleeding like crazy. 2 -3 - 4 weeks..heavy .then slow, after a few days it starts over again. sometimes the clots are so big i can't leave home. ever overflowed a toilet ...trying to catch all that's flowing...have had thyroid checked, ultra sound, internal exam, bloodwork, she can't find a thing wrong with me. all my life i've had a 5 day period...now this..it's ruining my life.
Avatar f tn This month for the first week my period was extremely light i figured because the month before i had it for so long however its been exactly 3 weeks now and it pretty heavy. Im not in any sort of pain though. I'm going to see a dr, but i was just wondering what the cause of this could be and what could be wrong with me? Im very nervous and i just wanna be prepared for what the dr says. Could this be normal ?
Avatar n tn I am 32, i have always had some what regular periods lasting about 4-5 day every 31 day the last 3 periods i have had have come every 60 days and lasting 3 weeks...I have just moved to a different city where the wait list to get into the DR is 2 months....what is going on.....
53833 tn?1235000229 This is at age 46 after a lifetime of regular, heavy flow, intensely crampy but predictable periods lasting 5 to 7 days every 28 days, which last year turned into periods lasting 8 to 10 days with extremely heavy flooding. When will there be an end to this madness? It seems like I get about 3 days a month where I feel like my normal self, then it all starts again.
Avatar n tn Sometimes my periods last 3 weeks to 4 weeks out of a month .Is this normal? My periods can be very heavy. Some months I don't get anything at all.My periods have off since my last child was born which has been 10 yrs now.
Avatar n tn After the 7th day I thought my period might be extended because of stress, but now it's been almost 3 weeks and I've noticed a lot of clotting. First the clotting looked more like dry-ish blood but now the bleeding seems more bright and so do the clots. I think that it is partially due to stress since my exams start in less than two weeks, but it can't be the only reason! or can it be?
Avatar f tn I've been suffering from painful periods for years, but lately there has been a new development too... first some history... I started my periods age 15. They started out being every 3 weeks, lasting 8-9 days, fairly heavy, and painful. Seeing as I'm small and quite light (back then around 41kg/90lbs), I was put on the contraceptive pill to reduce the frequency and length of my periods. However, the pill didn't change the flow or the amount of pain.
Avatar f tn It was pretty reg. Lasting from 4-7 days. Then when I was about 14 I didnt get it for about 3-4 months during the summer..Then it was normal again. To the point where I knew the day it would come. THEN about the end of last year they started to last long...up to 20 days. Then stop for two weeks and again. Now I havn't had a period since May up until three days ago. The first two days wasnt heavy, but today I had to change my pad 3 times.
667409 tn?1309155783 I started menstruating again on 9/28 (three weeks after Ian died), and it was a pretty heavy period. The next month, it was right on time, and pretty normal. In November it was early...then this month it was even earlier. I guess it could be stress over Christmas...I've been having a hard time. Tatorbug - no, I haven't had the reversal yet. Still saving...I have most of the money for the surgery, now I'm saving for travel.
Avatar m tn then last year every 2 weeks lasting for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks on... one week off... It went on and on like this for over a year. Mentally and physically draining and I became anemic. I had a endometrial uterine ablation in Dec. 09 . Now I have very light or NO period since.... My other option was Birth control pills which I said No. Please talk to your gyn dr. and see if any of these options would help you.
Avatar f tn For the last ten years I've had extremely painful, heavy periods. I started seeking help in Feb when periods began becoming even more heavy, painful, and irregular and having incredibly bad mood swings.. Pap came back normal. Transvaginal US showed endometrial hyperplasia and a 2cm cyst on left ovary and multiple follicules. Endometrial biopsy was negative. Began apri. Bled consistently for 6 weeks, then 23 days between stop and start, which is fairly common in my cycle.
Avatar n tn About 8 months ago I started having major heavy bleeding. Perioid lasting 2 weeks. I went to the Dr. 5 days ago and had it taken out, hoping that will help my periods. I was supposed to start my period 3 days ago. I am never late. My husband and I had sex, (no condom or any other kind of BC other than the IUD)a few days before I had it taken out. Does the IUD kill the sperm or just redirect it? Is it possible for the sperm to hang around and then get pregnant after the IUD was taken out?
Avatar n tn My period returned about 3 1/2 weeks later, returning to my normal cycle prior to the pregnancy. In October, I had four abnormal periods, each lasting 3-5 days, about a week apart - over a six week period. They were heavier than usual, had more clotting, did not have the usual lower back pain I experience, etc... In December and January, I have had normal periods, although they are arriving a couple of days early - but that isn't too unusual for me.
Avatar n tn If you're soaking a pad an hour for more than 2 or 3 hours in a row, or having pain beyond what you would consider normal for you, you should contact your doctor right away. 3 weeks and counting is not normal, even for the first period after birth. You should probably let your doctor know.
Avatar f tn Now, for one month it lasts 3 weeks and the next one week, then 3 weeks etc. It's changed a lot since then - the blood is a lot darker now and it has a lot more clots and is much thicker. It also started to get an odor to it; cramps are a lot worse too. I can't contact my ob gyn - he decided to temporarily close his office without informing me!
Avatar n tn I have paragard iud that is 10 years old and due to be removed/replaced in January 2019. I thought I was nearly menopausal with a few heavy heavy periods in a row. Period has been closer together for a while like three weeks apart. I have never been a heavy bleeder or suffered much with cramps before. For close to a week now I have been cramping and my breasts are tender. I have had a little nausea and increased hunger. I took HPT today and results are negative.
Avatar n tn They then told us they could see 1 sack inside the other sack, leading them to believe i was carrying twins, and thier were abnormalaties which caused my body to miscarry them. I bleed heavy for 2 weeks, with a lot of big clots. Worse time of my life. Now 2 weeks after my bleeding stopped, it started again, is just like my miscarriage, what a nightmare.
Avatar n tn Anyway, about 2 days after I was due the 2nd one, the biggest period I've ever experienced arrived! Heavy, painful and lasted 3 weeks. Since then I've had a non-stop period which on the odd day, stops for about 24hours but then starts up again with a vengeance. I've also had huge horrible clots to the point where I though I might actually be misscarrying due to the heavy nature of these. It varies day to day from bright red, to dark brown.
211940 tn?1267884866 One of my nagging symptoms is my chest always feels heavy, and I have a difficult time breathing. I'm not talking about gasping for air, but it does make you labor for it, if you know what I mean. I have tried using a "puffer", no I do not have asthma, but I did a breathing test a few months back and my breathing was diminished, so my PCP gave me a "puffer", but it does not help now. Yes, I have aching ribs, especially my lowest ribs, and it is different than my MS hug.
538129 tn?1213706526 i started at age 11 and at first it was heavy usually lasting almost 2 weeks with one time lasting almost 2 months nonstop. a few years later my period took a sudden turn and rarely comes usually 2 to 3 times a year. i started taking several different birth control pills to regulate it but it didn't work. it made me depressed plus the weight gain. now recently, i began bleeding nonstop for 3 months, then it'll stop for a few weeks, and then i bled again for over 5 months.
Avatar f tn ive had about 2 or 3 of the bursting things. Tyelnol and advil doesnt help. My periods are very irregular and heavy..I get a 10 day period every two weeks sometimes less and i soak through a couple extra large pads a day...plus i get these random old blood periods where its like black tar on top of that. Does anyone have any idea when these will go away? Any idea on how to ease the pain? And what does extreme thirst and naseaua and urination mean?
Avatar f tn I went through similiar.