Menstrual periods lasting 2 weeks

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Avatar m tn Brought it up to my care provider who suggested a GYN of course. But now my periods are lasting 2 weeks. usually just spotting with the normal flow for a couple days. and the smell of the blood is horrible. I was really hoping it would go away with good hygiene. Its not and its probably been 4 or 5mos now. I know waiting isnt helping. I could use some actual medical advice of the nature if anyone has anything helpful.
Avatar f tn My period will stop for several months this last time i had a period in November that lasted 2-3 weeks then after that it stopped until March and again i have been my period 2 weeks in counting but this time around i have noticed more frequent clots that have been larger than normal i am 18 years old and not sexually active I'm not sure if this is due to stress as i am in my second semester of college or some other issue i want to go to a doctor but i am already low on funds as it is since im a
Avatar n tn i have been having menstrual cramps for about 2 weeks already and im not near my period...what is da reason for these menstrual cramps?
Avatar n tn I had a problem with prolonged periods, sometimes lasting several months at a time with an average of one day of no bleeding each month. It came on suddenly after having periods so regular, you could keep a calendar by my cycle. I went to the gynocologist and she put me on some Provera to force the uterine lining to shed. But that was just a symptom fixer. The real problem she wanted to test for was a thyroid issue, so she sent me to an endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn about 5 months ago i started my period like normal, on time, but it didnt stop untill almost 10 weeks later. i have always had heavy periods in the past but never one longer than 8 days at the most. there were blood clots and i couldnt wear a tampon more than 30 minutes without going through. since then my periods have been really light and only lasting for 1-3 days intill now. i started my period just 2 weeks after i ended my last and im still on it.
5803688 tn?1375015347 i am having my period every month but i get bothered because it's always long but light periods. in fact i just use a panty liner during my period. it lasts unti 14 days or two weeks is it normal? i hope you can help me with these. me and my boyfriend is sexually active and we are trying to have a baby for one year. do you think i have a problem? pls helpppp!!!
Avatar n tn I have a mirena coil so usually don't bleed much, but there has been more this time. I have also had swine flu in the past 2 weeks and a chest infection so had anti biotics for the chest infection which I thought would have cleared up any infection 'down there'. Can anyone offer any advice please, its driving me mad!
Avatar n tn For the past 6-8 months, I have had pain lasting for 7-10 days after my menstrual cycle ends. It seems to be mostly left sided. I had an ultrasound during the end of my last cycle 2 months ago. My doctors office indicated I had a 1 mm ovarian cyst on my left ovary. Other than that, internal an external ultrasound had no other significant findings. Now the pain is getting worse after each menstrual and I am not sure what it could be. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer.
Avatar f tn For the last ten years I've had extremely painful, heavy periods. I started seeking help in Feb when periods began becoming even more heavy, painful, and irregular and having incredibly bad mood swings.. Pap came back normal. Transvaginal US showed endometrial hyperplasia and a 2cm cyst on left ovary and multiple follicules. Endometrial biopsy was negative. Began apri. Bled consistently for 6 weeks, then 23 days between stop and start, which is fairly common in my cycle.
Avatar f tn For the past few months I have had very long menstrual periods, lasting between 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes they are heavy, but then sometimes I only get bleeding in the morning/overnight hours. I only get between 1 week/14 days off and then it starts again. I am 28, I have no children, I am still a virgin, and I have always experienced irregular periods(never had a normal cycle)I have also been on a diet for over a year and have lost a lot of weight.
Avatar n tn I have been off it for 9months. My mentrual cycles have been long. curently it is going on 3 wks. how worried should I be?
Avatar n tn I, too, have had a supercervical hysterctomy 4 years ago for adenomyosis with very heavy menstrual bleeding and pain lasting 10-14 days. For the last 2 years, I have been in and out of the OBGYN office with cyclic menstrual bleeding averaging every 25-28 days like a menstrual period. The bleeding is very minimal - initially bright red and almost clot-like for a day then tapers off to a brownish stringy discharge(2 days).
Avatar f tn I've always had irregular periods since age 11 but in the last few years it has gotten more irregular and more prolonged. (Sometimes lasting a little more than 2 weeks!) Also, I've developed onychomycosis. (Fungal infection on big toe nail) I have horizontal ridges on only 1 of my big toes. I'm not sure if this is some how connected with my heavy prolonged menstrual periods but the horizontal lines keep growing back, even AFTER laser treatments on the toenail. I already have a scheduled Drs.
Avatar n tn I continued to have light/mod periods, much more regular than before the procedure. 2 weeks after my post op I went back to the doc because of the pain and thought I might have an infection. She saw no obvious evidence of infection, but decided to play it safe since I'd just had the surgeries, and I was put on antibiotic. Every 4 weeks I had a light period, but it could go on for days. The abdominal pain became worse and more intense with each cycle. In June 2007 I went back to my doc.
Avatar n tn i was on the depo for 2 years it took 6 months for my periods to come back ,iv been on my period for 2 and a half weeks now and my breasts are killing me!i dont know if this is normal but its starting to worry me!shud i see a doctor????
Avatar f tn it lasts for like a minute or less and goes away and then i get a dull menstrual cramp feeling. I cant over exert myself or this pressure like something is going to pop in my pelvis area happens. Im in so much pain. She said these would go away and its been 5 months...ive had about 2 or 3 of the bursting things. Tyelnol and advil doesnt help. My periods are very irregular and heavy..I get a 10 day period every two weeks sometimes less and i soak through a couple extra large pads a day...
187316 tn?1386360282 The doctor gave my husband and I the o.k. to ttc 2 weeks afterwards. Now at 4 weeks later, it feels like my cycle is trying to come down, but it hasn't yet. Has anyone had this to happen to them.
Avatar f tn ) borderline anemia (from either menstrual bleeding or internal endo-related bleeded) 2.) so much swelling in the abdominal area that causes my internal organs to push up against the diaphragm and back against my spine 3.) endometrial tissue invading the diaphragm and lungs - this can really happen I think for most of us, it could be a combination of the swelling and short-term anemia, since endo in the lungs is rare (OR more common than we think, but few have been diagnosed).
Avatar f tn The usual like slippery egg white mucus all day Saturday on through Sunday lasting just 2 days, When I ovulate its usually last 5 days. I don't even remember If ovulated this month and I usually do because It's quite obvious when I ovulate. I have not started my period. I haven't even had my usual tender breast etc. But I have been having pinch like cramps. We are not trying to conceive but If It happens It would be a blessing. I appreciate your thoughts.
Avatar n tn So I stopped taking all birth control about 6 weeks ago and this month, my periods have slowed down to about every 2 weeks which is better... but I still need to be on birth control. I am going to see a specialist in Chicago next week and I hope that he will have some answers for me. I was checked for thyroid problems as well as Von Willebrands which runs in my family but everything has been negative. I do not want a hysterectomy yet and I still want one more child.
Avatar n tn had the procedure done 2 weeks ago. I am 56 and still having reg heavy periods. I had had enough. I had it done in the dr's office and yes it hurt a little but only lasted 90 sec. nothing compared to the kidney stones i have had. but I have had constant cramping since the procedure and bleeding just like a period. I have to change pads every 2 hours. I also am so tired. Not sure I thought this is what would happen. I am going to wait few more weeks before giving full opinion.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone i should be about 1 - 2 months pregnant and i was late about 2 to 3 weeks on my period..... I took a hpt and it was positive and a couple days later i started spotting first light pink and then the next couple of days it got darker and darker and eventually clotts.... Am I pregnant or what im still on my period right now. its been about 5 days now...
Avatar f tn I think i'm 10 weeks becuase I counted back to the last menstrual I had. I was very stressed the last couple of weeks, so i thought that had alot to due with me missing me period. I didnt think it was possible for me to get pregnant becuase i'm been having unprotected sex with my husband for 4 years now, and i never got pregnant. I just hope everything will be fine...
Avatar f tn **Back Tracking-- I started my menstrual cycle at 13 and had irregular periods. Sometimes I'd have them lasting 1 day, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks. And sometimes I would have two periods a month. (Example: Have one that last two days, and 1 week later I'd start again.) So it's never been a 'normal' lifestyle for me.** **Fast forward 4 years after the exam. and LOTS and LOTS of cramps and mood swings later.
195469 tn?1388326488 Novantrone Antineoplastic agent (immune system modulator and suppressor) Usually well tolerated; side effects include nausea, thinning hair, loss of menstrual periods, bladder infections, and mouth sores; additionally, urine and whites of the eyes may turn a bluish color temporarily IV infusion once every 3 months (for two to three years maximum) Novantrone carries the risk of cardiotoxicity (heart damage) and may not be given beyond two or three years.
Avatar f tn hi! I have i have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes is called uterus didelphys i never had any problems growing up and she is not going to have 2 periods every month .i had 3 children that were born premature thank GOD they are fine You have to talk to your doctor about a scan because a lot of women with this condition have problems with their kidneys some times they are born with one kidney.
Avatar f tn This caused me to have very scant cycles maybe one every three to four months. I did, however, experience pms symptoms stating three weeks after my period and lasting the full time until I got another one. Not great, I will tell you! I never sought treatment for the hypothyroidism or the production of estrogen and worked on mental health. Try this if you like.
Avatar n tn Also, I remember being freezing cold and then very hot on and off for about 2 weeks after the shot. That has also subsided. Better days are ahead!!
Avatar n tn They never really know until they get a good ultrasound. my dr thought I was having the same thing you are having, so told me to come back in 2 weeks for another u/s and there was my baby boy. Hang in there!!!
Avatar n tn I had my last period on March 2, 2008 and 2 weeks later I had another light period for 2 days that had some clots in it. I took a test this morning that came up negative. Could I still be pregnant? Help.