Heavy periods for 2 weeks

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Avatar f tn they stop for 2 or 3 months and when she gets them they last for 1,2 sometimes 3 weeks and they are very heavy and smell awful.she gets dizzy and have bad headache and lots of acne.please help me help her.
Avatar f tn I started taking pills again after a week, but it didn't stop periods, so at the end of 9th day I started taking Tranexamic acid 500mg three times a day for now 2 days and it makes no changes, I still have a very heavy bleeding and feeling a bit dizzy and short of breath. My appointment to see a doctor is only in about two weeks, I don't know what should I do and if it is normal? Maybe it is just because I stoped my pilld two weeks before i suppose to stop? Please help me, I am worried.
Avatar n tn I have been having heavy periods for a while. I have been seeing a new GYN for a little over a yr. She has been showing a lot more interest in me than my past GYN's, which I am very greatful for but I am tired of waiting and would like to know if anyone has these same problems and if you found out what is wrong and what you have done. For the past month my GYN has been running test to figure out what is going on.
Avatar f tn Then it would stop for two weeks, then the cycle went for 2 more weeks and so on. I don't think it regulated until I was out of high school. Now I have a 7 day cycle and very heavy in the middle of the cycle-- to the point I have to change my pad every 2 hours. I've always envied the girls who only have a light 3 day period, but I've come to accept the body and flow I was given. I am 33 now.
Avatar n tn Search Results for what does it mean to have heavy menstrual bleeding for 3 weeks straight , stopped for 2 weeks, then start again with large amounts of clots
Avatar f tn but im still bleeding on it...my gyno said to wait it out and see what hapoens...i forgot to mention that i eas 2 weeks lat....now i have 2 month period...keep in touch..let me know what happens..i also havd a biopcy done and pap...i need to wait 3 weeks...also im going for a hormone bloodwork this week...
Avatar f tn I'm 24 now, and for about the past two years I've had nothing but problems. I will go for 7 months with out a period, then I will bleed HEAVY for about 3 months. I've been to the doctor more times than I can remember, but nothing they do seems to help any in the long run. I am very frustrated. Bleeding for three months so heavy & non-stop has taken it's toll on me physically & mentally.
Avatar n tn Bleeding like that is not good for extended periods of time. My periods have gotten signficantly heavier as I've gotten older and am heading toward menapause due to hormonal changes. But I am not soaking a tampon in a half hour for days on end. can you get the money together to see someone at an urgent care of pay out of pocket (doctors often have prices for out of pocket, indigent -- no insurance patients who need care if you ask)? A clinic?
Avatar n tn Not sure what it could be, but I have an aunt that has had heavy periods like that that last for a couple of weeks at a time. She never did see a doctor for it, but it couldn't hurt. It would be better for you to go see one. Maybe it's not that unusual and if it is, then you'd surely get treated for it. Going to the doctor would make you feel much better so you're sure that it's nothing to worry about. Don't think too much about it.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone! I been on my cycle for over 2 weeks now and I been doing searches online. I can't really tell where do I fit in? The first week of my cycle was normal flow with normal color and consistency, but after that week....I been spotting and continue to spot. I'm not on birth control and the spotting is very light. What should I do? Should I be worried? Is there something wrong with me?
Avatar f tn And I had periods that lasted 2 weeks with heavy bleeding too. So long as you have had an obs/gyn check-out and there is nothing physically wrong inside, then it's all caused by hormones. Get that check-out if you haven't already had one. (I had 3) All I can say is you have to ride it out till it's done. Things WILL settle down in time. I believed the symptoms would never go away (but they did) You could maybe check out herbal remedies. Sometimes they help.
Avatar f tn Hi, ive had my periods for over 2 weeks now and its not stopping, what could the cause of this be and how can i make them stop??
Avatar f tn I'm 4 weeks, I haven't confirmed it but im almost positive. I've been getting almost every known symptom for 2 weeks I think, symptoms I've never gotten before I had unprotected sex on Aug 27. Even veins on my boobs ! And I've never used birth control, I'm also 14.
Avatar n tn Sounds like menopause is about to start for you. My mom went through the same thing when she was 38. Her periods were totally messed up etc for about 3 years. She finally gave up and told them to do something about it.She couldn't afford to buy pads every other day. They waited another 6 months and did a hysterectomy on her because she was bleeding way too much.
Avatar n tn My last period only lasted 3 days but it was pretty heavy and I took a test about 2 weeks ago and it was neg. but I guess it could have been to soon to tell. My stomach has only been cramping from time to time but I have been getting these shape little pains in my tummy that go as fast as they come and when I was laying in bed 2 nights ago I felt like a funny tingly feeling in my stomach for a few seconds.
Avatar f tn One thing that is worrying me is my periods. I have always had irregular periods, except when on the pill for 2 short intervals in my 20s. However I have often fallen into some kind of cycle, e.g. every 6 weeks (about), every 5 weeks etc. 7 weeks would be max but very rarely that long unless very severe stress (I have an anxiety disorder).
177019 tn?1258153791 about a week after the sonogram, i began spotting and bled off and on, mostly lightly, for almost 2 months. i began taking birth control pills a little over two months ago to help my body get back into a regular cycle....my first period came right on time, and was very heavy. i assumed that my body was finally rid of any remaining tissue from the pregnancy. however, i had my second period, and after it seemed to peter off, i began bleeding again. today is thursday and it began on monday.
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old (26 in one month)I recently just got off my BC to attempt in baby number 2. When I was on my BC I would get my period exactly 2 weeks into the cycle. Not very heavy but I would be bleeding for a good week at a time. Once I would get my period on schedule, it would last for a few days, like normal. So I stopped taking the BC and did not spot at all the first month. I was probably about 4-5 days late to get my period and have had it ever since.
Avatar n tn I don't have health insurance, so I made an appointment at the health clinic, but they can't see me for another 2 weeks. I was having sharp pains last night and almost went to the ER, but they passed and now it's just back to horrible abdomnial and back cramps. Is there anything I can do until I can get into the clinic?
Avatar n tn I am 51 years old and I was told by my Ob/Gyn that I have estrogen dominance that is causing my endometrium to keep thickening and consequently causing heavy and long periods. I also have iron deficiency anemia because of this. I have had endometrial biopsies (about a year ago) and Pelvic/transvaginal ultra sounds which did show a thickened lining but otherwise normal. My Dr has prescribed Prometrium 200mgs to be taken for the 1st 5 days of my next period.
Avatar n tn I had approx 6 months of heavy periods with clotting - each incident lasted for 2 weeks - then 2 weeks later, it started again. Went to a new gyno - who prescribed both an ultrasound and an emdometrial biopsy - both showed no internal problems. She put me on Seasonale bcp which works on your hormones to give you a period every 4 months. Bleeding stopped in 2 days - worked great in that regard.
Avatar f tn If yu mean 2 weeks late from yer period yes....
1310773 tn?1317099045 My periods last 5-7 days and I usually have 2 days of heavy bleeding (around 5 pads a day) Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with me? How are your general periods?
Avatar n tn I am 47years old , 2 kids and just had novasure procedure done last monday ( dec 22, 2008 ) ...I had very heavy periods (9-12 days then off for 2/3 then right back again) foralmost 2 years . I also had a 6" mass removed from my left hemipevis and 2 complex crysts removed from my rt ovary. Anyway, I never thought that anything could be worst then the pain u have giving birth..I was wrong:( I woke up yelling in pain :( it was so bad that I actually begged for painkillers.
Avatar n tn I havee been having pain in my right overy for about 2 years. My last OBGYN told me not to come back till I can't satnd the pain anymore. Never told me what it was or why it was hurting. I never went back. Recently it has been hurting more than normal. It has been hurting everyday day now since my last period ended. (been 3 weeks.) It hurts on my right side, feels like it hurts in my hip and down my leg just above my knee.
Avatar n tn Did anyone else have a really heavy first period??? Does this mean all of my periods will be heavy from now on, or is my body just 'cleaning out' and adjusting after being pregnant etc? Thanks!