Heavy periods following miscarriage

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Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in mid May. I am having my first period since the miscarriage. I am having a heavy period with moderate cramping. This is much different then my "normal" periods. It has been going on for a week. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn How many of you have had a miscarriage, how far along were you? What symptoms did you have?
1511959 tn?1298283613 On November 8, 2010 I suffered my 2nd miscarriage: I started spotting on November 3rd, It was scant bleeding (barely any bleeding and brown blood). After searching online for answers (terrified for the worst) and talking to friends, I felt confident, thought it was OK because a lot of women bleed and still have healthy babies.
Avatar n tn I have had two periods since the miscarriage, both being extremely heavy, about 12 days long. Then, bloody discharge comes back and never stops. What's the deal? I was 12 weeks along and this has happened 3 other times but on the others I stopped after 2 weeks or so. I have three healthy kids already. Has anyone bled for this long before? Does any have any ideas what is going on? I keep telling the nurse and she's not alarmed. I'm worried something more is wrong but no one will see me.
667409 tn?1309155783 I haven't been on here a lot- I know you had most of the money saved for it, just wasn't sure if you'd done it yet. My period gets weird like that- following my 2nd miscarriage I had 2 cycles of spotting for a day or two (after a 36 day cycle), then nothing for a few days, then my full out period... then the 3rd month I had a 27 day cycle, and got pregnant! I think it is normal, esp given all you have been through this year to have some irrigular periods...
163436 tn?1204778188 Im not sure about the blood but it is possible to have a very heavy period and infact its an early miscarriage. I dont think there is any test to take seeing as all the tissue is already gone. I hope this helps abit. If its really bothering you maybe call telehealth....are you from canada?? They are nurses that will answer any questions you have and its free and 24 hours. Good luck!!
694568 tn?1228848071 They shoud do an ultrasound asap. Light bleeding is normal but heavy bleeding can mean miscarriage or a vanishing twin. I would call your doc or go to the ER.
Avatar n tn ok so i kinda need some advice my last three periods or what i am calling a period have been really abnormal and only lasting like 3 days but i have no period symptoms!!!! i have horrible cramping,fever (basically every bad thing we could have during periods) and super heavy bleeding & clotting ... during my periods but not lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I started spotting about a day or two before the heavy bleeding. About an hour before the heavy bleeding my low back started having terrible pressure to where I could hardly walk. It helped me alot that I had already had a sono and knew it was coming. Otherwise I would have completely freaked out. So sorry you are going through this.
402702 tn?1325891412 yesterday (sat) i was feeling tired and sick to my stomache and bleeding mild to heavy. Well today is Sun and i am bleeding so heavy i have used 9 tampons and 8 pads in one day. i am bleeding very heavy and it is a bright red. Sorry to get so graphic but i sit on the toilet and the blood runs out as if i am peeing and stops until the pad /tampon is used then i fill them up within an hour. i have never had bleeding like this in my life.
Avatar f tn My last period was January 15. I have weird periods that come usually 1 to 2 days late. So I was about 1 1/2 late and decided to take a test. The test came out positive with a very very faint line. I went to the ER and was shocked to hear I was only 1 week pregnant. My htc levels were only 19. So that Friday February 28th I had an emergency doctor visit because I started bleeding. So my doctor gave me 3 reasons why. 1 is because I started miscarrying.
1373996 tn?1278620062 Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. Was your miscarriage a natural miscarriage or did you need medical intervention? I've heard a lot of ladies say that their first period following a m/c was very heavy as it is the uterus shedding any remnants. Some women only have a light bleed, to be honest either is perfectly normal.
901991 tn?1281613225 hi, i had my period on the 15th octovber and 3 days ago ( Day 12) into my cycle i was running the toilet at least once an hour which is really unusual for me, the following day i started to get a lot pink discharge, with brown the following day, i have now come on quite heavy, but not as heavy as my usual periods, i am really worried any advice?
Avatar n tn hi, im 18 and very confused please help, i was due my period on the 22nd but 5 days before i started spotting blood only when i wipe it was very light pink blood with a little discharge, days went on and it got a little heavier and darker in colour but still no where near as heavy as my normal periods i am gettin all kinds of syptoms of pregnancy, i never get any symptoms when im about to start my period only bad cramps 2 days before and i am still bleeding now???
Avatar n tn but after it just got heavier..not so heavy like heavy heavy periods but i would say is medium heavy and bright red..not dark..with some little clots not as much as my regular periods..so i dont know anymore im really confused..its my first time having sex without protection..i am 18 years old..i just need some help..i wanna know if i could be implantation bleeding or just my darn period..i just dont get why on the day of my period i spotted once in a wipe..and then 10 days after im bleeding...
Avatar n tn However, it has been about 10-12 days since I started with the substantial bleeding (manageable but heavier then my normal periods prior to the miscarriage) and it has slowed down in the past four days but has not completely stopped. Has anyone else experienced a period like this following a miscarriage? I plan to call my doctor if the bleeding doesnt completely end in the next few days. But just curious if anyone can give an insight into this. Thank you.
Avatar f tn i never experience this kind of pain for my previous periods( before miscarriage). I think the 1st period after miscarriage was not as bad as compare to the 2nd period....weird is during the day time, the pain goes away....today is the fifth day of my 2nd period. I will have to see what happened tonight.....I also reliased that there is one big clot came out...i think this is much bigger than the other clots I get compare to the other periods. hopefully nothing wrong in my body....
Avatar f tn I had abortion on June 16. I got my heavy periods on July 3. Now it's aug 11th no periods. I did pregnancy test on 4th aug it came negative. Met docter did ultrasound negative. I was getting mild pain from aug 3rd it comes n goes. Docter gave me anti bacterial pills. some1 with similar experience answer me wat it is ?? N wat it can b??
Avatar n tn I posted yesterday about the miscarriage I had this past Saturday. I miscarried at home with not much physical pain. It's been almost 4 days and it seems there is more pain and bleeding today than there was 2 days ago, is this normal?
Avatar n tn If you are RH-, you do need a shot to prevent future problems in pregnancies. I was told to get the shot immediately following the miscarriage for some reason if I had been RH- (which I was not). I would ask your doctor to find out for sure.
Avatar n tn Thankyou decogirl, do you mind me asking, are your periods heavy and long, and what kind of pain? Also did your dr. think the endo had anything to do with the m/c? I had c-sections with both the girls because they were breech, so I wonder if there is endo in the scar or something? I had a laproscopy at age 18, then Synarel and lupron for menopause twice, which did save my fertility I think, but now I'm scared that i waited too long to ttc after 2nd child, and lost my chance.
Avatar n tn I had a d&c on August 11th at 8 weeks pregnant. Following this I had approx. 5 - 7 days of medium to light bleeding with slight discomfort. I did not get my period until yesterday (Sept 21st). Yesterday and last night I had painful cramps. I have never experienced pain like this before. These cramps were definitely the worst I have ever had. My period is also very heavy with a lot of clots. Is this normal?
1880472 tn?1321052811 I think everyone is different and sometimes it depends on how far along you were when the miscarriage happened. For me, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and had to have a D&C. I got my first period after the miscarriage about 4ish weeks later. If I recall, I only had that one period then got pregnant. It was a while ago since then, but if it wasn't after the first period It was definitely no more than after the second period that I got pregnant again.
Avatar n tn ever since miscarriage (no D+C) in July my periods are pretty regular but i have these long string of musous hanging out only during my period. and the blood comes out in globs sometimes long globs . gyne isn't concerned but can't explain. i don't think it's normal. periods start out dark spotting for a couple of days (as many as 5, as few as 2, turn red for about 2 days, not heavy, and then dark for a couple of days. any input?
Avatar n tn previously within the first month of trying. My periods used to be very clockwork and regular. 3 days of bleeding, heavy (for me) the first day with a bit of cramping, but not unbearable, regular birhgt flowing blood, then fourth day was just a bit of brown blood and done. Now my periods are awry. I've had two where I only have HUGE(golf ball sized) clots only, no flow, and only when I pushed, like after a bowel movement. I didn't just bleed or have a flow.
Avatar f tn I am a 21 year old female and had a miscarriage the first week of August. I was 15 weeks pregnant with twins. For about 2 months after the miscarriage i bled the whole time. Brownish red blood not all that heavy. The bleeding stopped completely for about 2 weeks then i started my period on Oct 10, 2008 following my period the 2nd day of it my back was hurting and the cramps were way severe then my regular periods. As i went to the bathroom i felt something come out.
Avatar f tn I called my PCP and told him about the abnormal period. He said it was normal to have heavy unusual periods once in a while. March 20th My husband and I had intercourse. The next morning I had cramping and bleeding. The bleeding was lighter than a period but lasted 3 days ending on the 23. The mild cramping and bloating stayed. March 25 My husband and I had intercourse again.
1488459 tn?1288195103 28th, I get what I believe to be my period. It lasts for 3 days and not as heavy as usual. On around Oct. 4th, I get my period again with blood clots which last 7 days which is how I usually get my periods (with blood clots) and between 5-7 days of duration. The flow was also normal. Monday, Oct. 11th, my hubby and I do the love dance as my period is gone. Immediately after, I get very bad cramps, a sharp pain that covers my lower abdomen and lower back areas.
Avatar n tn I miscarriaged in Jan of 1998 and got pregnant the following month with my son. With my second miscarriage in 2003 (I also had a d&c.) My new doctor told me to wait at least until I had my first menstrual cycle after the miscarriage. And we did. Nothing happened. Then my periods became far and few in between. Only 4 to 6 a year. Then my hubby got transferred. And low and behold a got a new doctor. And on May 31, 2005 we found out we were pregnant again.
750579 tn?1234871201 I had a u/s at 7W and because of my measurements I was given a 50/50 chance of m/c. I was scheduld for a follow up u/s the following Thursday. That following Tues/Wed I started having cramping and dark brown spotting. On Thurs at the u/s they confirmed there was no more heartbeat and my baby had stopped growing. The tech said due to the amount of spotting I would m/c at any time. I started bleeding red on Friday and all through the weekend with cramping.