Heavy periods during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn ok so i kinda need some advice my last three periods or what i am calling a period have been really abnormal and only lasting like 3 days but i have no period symptoms!!!! i have horrible cramping,fever (basically every bad thing we could have during periods) and super heavy bleeding & clotting ... during my periods but not lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn can periods occurs during pregnancy?if yes then till how many months it will come?
Avatar f tn I'm 18, and just found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time, and this past summer I realized I hadn't gotten my period so he asks me to take some tests. They come out negative so we think "alright close call". I then get my period, or what I thought was my period. It started off as spotting and would get heavier, then subside. I eventually thought i was off my period, and then my boyfriend realized I was still bleeding during sex.
5633047 tn?1371913110 ) periods can happen during pregnancy , as well as woman not noticing the signs that they were pregnant the whole time . But if the blood is red and semi on the heavy side it needs to be mentioned and looked at by a doctor hun .
Avatar f tn The bleeding is different, its light pink and not heavy like my usual periods.
Avatar n tn I had three periods with my first child and everything was normal during my pregnancy except the periods. I would suggest going to the doctor and having a pregnancy test done. Don't get your hopes up that you are pregnant until a professional gives you a result. Getting excited before you are sure can be a real let down and cause more stress on your body if you are trying to get pregnant.
Avatar m tn Also keep a note of any changes like tender breasts, fluid retention as well as exactly how your periods are - light, brown, pink show, heavy, clotty and so on. All these will help give a picture to your doctor should you need to see him if your periods do not start to be "normal" again. The other thing is, are you sure that the blood is coming from your vagina?
Avatar f tn Some may argue you can have a period during pregnancy but by definition of a monthly period you would shed the uterine lining along with everything in and on it. I believe you can have bleeding during pregnancy but it does not come from within your uterus. Again i would honestly go get checked by the dr just to be certain.
Avatar f tn I have regular periods. I was under anethesia during the hysteroscopy and d&c. after that apart from a bit of bleeding (like periods) that lasted that day, I only had the grogginess to get by. No pain at all so its unlike HSG. So relax :) You will need to rest the whole day. Definitely no heavy duty tasks. I had the procedure in the morning so had to avoid all solid as well as liquid foods after midnight. No restrictions on food after. Would you have any clue about my problem?
Avatar n tn I am experiencing pain in my right ovary region and I am concerned that it could be a tubal pregnacy(my tubes are tied) or a cyst? I had fibroids during my last pregnancy. It is quite painful, I felt numbness in my arms with a tingling sensation b/c the pain was so sharp. I just had an anual pap and an ultra sound b/c of my heavy, clotty periods. They didnt see anything then, but they were looking at my uterous not my ovaries. Should I go back to gyn now or wait it out??
Avatar f tn It was very light and I knew it wasn't my period cause usually my periods are extremely heavy. Then the spotting stopped. At the end of the month around the 30th I began to spot again for a couple days and then that stopped. A few days after I began spotting again. Ever since this day i've been spotting for the last couple of weeks. Its never heavy bleeding its just spotting. I took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and it was negitive but I think I tested to early.
Avatar f tn I have no effing clue what is going on with my body, but i'm starting to get really concerned. My periods are normally 28-29 days and my periods are normally medium/heavy for 4 days. The past 2 months i've had really weird periods. In Augsut I started spotting on the 5th, on the 6th it was heavy, 7th pretty light, then returned to spotting for 3 days.
Avatar f tn Some women do menstrate during pregnancy but it isnt very common at all. Usually you stop the whole 9 months and bleed again until after labor.
Avatar f tn When I got pregnant with my son, I had gone off birth control pills in April. During May I had two "periods". The first was at the beginning of the month and was "normal". The other was towards the end of the month and was "not normal" but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I just figured that it was my body trying to get back into sync post synthetic hormones (ie BC Pills).
Avatar n tn Typically I am a healthy (overwieght) 41 year old with children - no problems with pregnancy/childbirth. This period is very heavy where sometimes the flow just gushes and includes a very large (ping pong ball sized) clot or more than one. This even woke me up last night and I barely made it to the bathroom on time. Past periods have been heavy and even sometimes painful but never with such large clots or unpredictable flow.
Avatar n tn I wonder if this negative LH surge surely is a sign of conception. Is there any chance that any gal knows the LH level during pregnancy. How high the chance for me to be pregnant? Any feedback is appreciated. Best wishes to all.
Avatar n tn No you cant but you can have pregnancy bleedin that resembles periods. My sister in law didnt know she was pregnant until 5 or 6 months because she still had regular bleeding.
Avatar n tn Okay listen i dont mean to sound rude or anything but whats with all these women saying they have had friends that have had normal periods during thier pregnancy? Do you have any idea what a period is? its the shedding of the inner wall of your uterus. if u were pregnant than the baby would not be able to survive this.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for you to get a heavy flow period out of nowhere during the 19th week of pregnancy
Avatar n tn I'm not menopausal yet, but was told by my doctor that I could be premenopausal due to my heavy periods; she said I could still get pregnant, but I also have a fibroid that comes and goes. I'm 46 and now pregnant. My last regular period was October. November my period was short and light, December & January were heavy with alot of clots.
849762 tn?1288188348 For the most part, sex during pregnancy is completely safe. There is absolutely no medical evidence it leads to miscarriage. In certain circumstances, such as vaginal bleeding, your Dr. may suggest you abstain for a while, but for the most part there is no problem. Enjoy!!
Avatar n tn My husband and I tried to avoid another pregnancy but now we are pregnant. My hcg levels during previous pregnancies were ok. And they were doubling within certain periods. I had internal and external ultrasounds and in both cases a heartbeat was detected. Then after they would detect a heartbeat the m/c will happen soon after(like 2 weeks or so). I recently went to my GYN and he told me that I just have to wait and see what happens with this pregnancy. After sex, the bleeding always starts.
Avatar n tn I had bleeding with my second child at 6 to 7 weeks and went on to have a health pregnancy. With my third pregnancy, I bleed 5 weeks and on. I found out that I had an Ectopic pregnancy and had it removed at 8 wks. I am now pregnant and started bleeding at 6 weeks to 10 weeks and I am no longer bleeding. I am now 16 wks pregnant. The Dr said that I had a really sensitive cervix which was causing the bleeding. I hope everything works out for you. Keep us informed.
Avatar f tn i had sex with my wife but unfortunately condom was torn and my wife took morning after pill withing one hour,fortunately pregnancy did not happened but she felt heavy bleeding during menses,my wife went to doctor and she said that my wife had narrow escape from pregnancy due to e.c.p ,but one piece of blood that is 4 mm is still inside and prescribed some medicine,will it be removed in next periods?
Avatar n tn ) but those 5 months I got chronic lower back pain during my periods. No pain during pregnancy with him. After I had him, I went back on the pill for about a year and then what do you know, came off it to try for a second baby and the pain came back. MAJORLY. Finally saw a gynaecologist who said he thinks I have Endo and that either the pill, pregnancy or laparoscopic surgery will reduce it. That was 6 months ago. I also miscarried before I saw that doctor at 4.5weeks too.
Avatar n tn My temp has only gone up slightly, so I am wondering if I maybe have low progesterone. Does anyone know if using progesterone cream is safe during pregnancy, or if it would even help. Any input would be SO SO SO appreciated. I am so scared.