Heavy period for 7 days

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Avatar m tn However you were a risk for some STDs although low HSV- testing at 12-16 weeks with a type specific IgG test. 12 weeks if you get the Herpeselect test Syphilis- 6 weeks Gono- 5-7 days Trich- 5-7 days. HPV is not a concern for oral...
Avatar n tn I am 28 and had my tubes tied 7 years ago, and my periods or heavy for 3 days with doubled over cramps. I take so much Ibuprophen just to get rid of the pain. I cry over EVERYTHING! When I am on my cycle and they are about 3 weeks and 4 days - 4 weeks apart. What should I do?
Avatar f tn It has been a steady heavy period the whole time. Her last 2 periods have been about 30 days of bleeding and then there is about 30 days of no bleeding in between. Our regular doctor said that it is normal for teens to have abnormal periods, plus she is over-weight. I just don't feel like 49+ days of bleeding is ok.
Avatar f tn Hi. i'm 15 and my period has been going on for more than 7 days now. The bleeding is as heavy as it was the first day (which is very heavy) and the cramps won't go away i get them from my calves all the way to my neck some days. i'm wondering what i should do!?
Avatar f tn i suddenly having period every 7-10 days since my last normal schedule i had a normal period of 27-31 days gap now suddenly it's abnormal i was taking care of a close friend after she had a fibroid surgery about a month and a half ago 24-7 and i'm really tired.. before my period was normal.. only i have abnormal period when i'm stress or travel coz not use to the timezone etc.. i'm worry.. please help and advice.. do i get fibroide too or tyroid.
Avatar f tn You may just be having a tougher period. I would not worry unless the heavy bleeding goes beyond 7 days. The thing my doctor always says is to call if you are filling a pad or tampon once an hour or if you have clots golf ball size or larger.
Avatar f tn I revisited the GP in December last year as following the period I had in October I was having a heavy period for 7 days then a 3 day break and then another heavy 7 day period. This was abnormal as I have always been regular and can usually time when I am due to the day. I was asked to keep a diary and sent for blood tests and a scan to check for ovarian cysts as well as told to take nothesisterone to try and prevent my period.
Avatar f tn i had unprotected sex with my bf on abt 8th november and the next day my period started. this was a late period about 5 days. after 6 days my period ended. but after 9,10 days my period started again with heavy bleading and still continuous (14/12/2011).
1123156 tn?1338866969 I had my son 2 mos ago on Aug 2nd. got my period on Sept 27th. 2 days ago I had a pain in my left side for 2 days.....it went away now....im not feeling like myself. What could it be? and should i wait it out or go to the ER because I can't get in to see my OB until WED. ?????
Avatar f tn ok so my periods usually last at least 6 or 7 days, but they arent very heavy. this month however, it came 3 days early and its been over a week now ( like 10 days) and really heavy with a LOT of clots. is there any reason this might have happened? i just recently started going to the gym and getting back into shape but i heard that is supposed to make your periods lighter or shorter. im miserable is there anything i can do to stop it!
Avatar n tn We have been trying for 7 years and well still hoping. I got a heavy period last week with severe pain. Clinic told me to take a home pregnancy test anyway. I did so yesterday and it came back positive. Is it possible that I am pregnant??? Best of luck to all trying to conceive. My thoughts and hopes are with you.
1855970 tn?1325827213 My period usually will last 3-7 days. Last month (august) my period was very light and lasted about 4 days. This month, my period started very early (I had 3 of the pills to take yet). The first 3 days consisted of a thick brownish discharge (I'd compare it to steak sauce). Days 4 - present (today is day 9), its bright red with clots and sort of heavy flow, usually heaviest in the mid-morning. Now... earlier this month, after my last period...
Avatar m tn my girlfriend and i had sex 7 days ago which was a day before she was meant to start her period and she was delayed so we have been paniking things shes pregnant, but yesterday (sunday) she bled heavily with small clumps in it and she bled heavily today but no clumps and tonight (monday) she has stopped bleeding completely so i was wondering if this has happened to anyone ??
Avatar n tn If your period is more than 7 days, they should know and try to get this resolved. Does your mom help you at all? Take you to the doctor? I'm sure she is alarmed by heavy, non stop bleeding. Anemia is a concern from the bleeding. so, please make a doctor's appointment and don't let them tell you that month or longer periods are normal.
Avatar m tn I have had unusual bleeding off and on that whole time. I had a regular period when I was expecting it last month. 2 weeks after that period, I had heavy bleeding for only a day. Immediately after that I started to have black or very dark brown blood that was light but significantly more than just spotting. This has been going on consistently for the last 7 days. Is this normal? Does this fit under the category of usual bleeding? Or is it a sign of something else?
Avatar f tn Hi, my partner and I are are ttc. I have never been 7 days late. my period is always on time like clockwork if any im half a day late. I tested 1 day before period and negative and then 2 days after and neg. I took a blood test when i was 2 days late and got the result and they where negative. So here i am 7 days later i have decided to wait at least till im 10 days late and retest but i just want to know. I have back pains throughout the day and a very heavy / bloated stomach.
Avatar n tn I called my gyn and he prescribed 10 mg. of provera for 7 days and ordered a transvaginal ultrasound. I took the provera as perscribed and my period finished out as normal. However, 2 days after stopping the provera I started bleeding again with mild cramping a headache and very emotional.I called my dr. and he said the bleeding could be from the provera. He seems to feel this is a hormonal imbalance and not the start of menopause, but will know more after the results of the ultra sound.
Avatar f tn I usaully get my period 2 days before or 2 days after expected period date. It hast now been 5-7 days and I missed my period. I took a pregnancy test on the jan 7th a day after my period was to com but was negative. My breast are hurting very bad. I have to hold them up in the shower. 2 days ago I started to see Pink creamy discharge when I wiped. I thought it was my period and then I went back to restroom and nothing was there. Now off and on for 3 days now I been seeing pink discharge.
Avatar n tn I noticed that it shortened my period from 12/14 days long to 6/7 days. I had always had normal length periods, but for some reason started having prolonged ones, so I'm not sure if my body just got back to its "normal" or the clomid did it. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Up until now I have had my period like clockwork every 28 to 30 days and it normally lasted for 5 to 7 days, with the first day or so light then rather heavy and light again at the end. What is wrong and is there anything I can do until I am able to get into see my doctor? My energy is beginning to drain and I am becoming extremly exhaused.
Avatar n tn If you have to start changing your pad within an hour then I would see a Dr immediately, otherwise if it stays as it is now then I would think it is just a particularly heavy period. If the period lasts longer than 7 days and is still heavy then again i would advise going to see a Dr.
Avatar n tn i had a medical management at 12 weeks baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks its now 4 weeks later and i have my first period very heavy with clots feel tied and have been bleeding for 8 days now when usually my period lasts 7 days maximum is this normal how many days should i be expected to bleed for xx
Avatar n tn My period came in after a week of spotting, but painful as hell, although I do have a high tolerance for cramps which I'm used to. The problem seems to be heavy bleeding for over 5 days now, and pain in pelvic area that doesn't feel anything like cramps. It's pretty steady pain in uterus area, that sometimes takes full 10 hours. Interestingly, I wake up with no pain whatsoever, it comes shortly after I start moving.