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Avatar f tn The last few months my period has been so heavy I end up having to change tampons every 2 to 3 hours. Now I'm back to pads and soaking them so fast it is becoming frustrating. Anything suggesting would be great.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old female and for the past 4 months i've had an extremely heavy period. i've always had a pretty regular and moderate period. it was heavy on the first and last day but light in the middle. but lately it has not been that way. i did gain 10 lbs in approx 6 months and and i've had some minor changes in my lifestyle but other than weight gain, nothing else. my period has become heavier and have more clotts than ever b4. is this something i should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I haven't had a period in the last 5 months probably,only a bit of spotting.Last month i had a normal period,and this month,I had very heavy bleeding for a couple of days, while my period all-together lasted about 9 days. But I am experiencing spotting even days after,mostly in the afternoon, when i wipe,a bit darker red color. Yesterday, i could only see it when i wiped, but today it started behaving almost like a real period, with brighter red color, and it have to wear a pad.
Avatar n tn Only on those two occasions have I gone over 45 days. In April, my period went 62 days and was very heavy, clotty, long... filling a pad a hour. I went in to my GYN and he said that I should go on the pill to regulate the periods. My regular doctor tested my Thyroid and my PAP came back normal. The next period was 40 days and not as hard. I began the pills on that period and have started another BAD period now...
4236200 tn?1352614776 Yesterday I started my period and it was the second one since my baby was born sleeping in November. My last period was long but other than that normal. All last night my cramps were more severe than normal and I woke up to a soaked pad. When I went to the bathroom this morning, I have an extremely large clump come out. Since post birth I haven't had anything like this before. Is it normal?
Avatar f tn Birth control pills will effect the thyroid. The fake estrogen in the pills will slow function down and many hypos report heavy flows when the feel bad.
Avatar m tn Hi, my period started out last Monday, it was light on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. I just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? I usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility I'm pregnant. I'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
Avatar f tn Sometimes drs do thyroid tests and think that they're normal when they're not. If you had a TSH (thyroid stimuating hormone) test done and it's 3 or higher, then you could be hypothyroid. Lots of people think you have to be heavy to be hypothyroid. Not true. I am one of them. Let me know what you find out. For me, that (and having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue) contributed alot to a temporary cessation of my period. I hope you get to the bottom of it.
Avatar f tn I am eighteen years old and I have only have my period 4 times in my life. May I add they were not considered regular from what I've heard. They were not heavy and closer to black that any color with little to no odor. I am concerned this may interfere with fertility later on in life or just the fact that it isn't healthy compared to other women I have heard from. What could this be and how could I treat it?
Avatar f tn Hello. I had my period which started off with brown discharge. Eventually it turned into a more natural color, but lasted about two weeks. Well a little over a week late I had more brown discharge lasting more than a couple of days. I am a 22 year old female and I'm wondering if I should see my doctor or if I should just wait it out?
Avatar n tn Your body will start to adjust in a few weeks. Has he checked your TSH levels yet? If your thyroid is decompensating that will cause some of those problems too. Good luck.
Avatar m tn My period is normally heavy. I always wear overnights. Change every 2 hours. Now I got my period, but it is light. It is only the second day, but i am a worry wort. When i say light i mean, when i wipe it is red but not deep. just a maraschino cherry color. And I can go a whole day without having to change. My boyfriend and I had sex two weeks ago. We used a condom and it did not tear or pop. He also pulled out before he came. The condom wasn't leaking. Everything stayed inside.
Avatar n tn Anyways, her period died down for a few days and she was feeling much better. Then two days ago it started up again and now the clots are back and her period is very heavy again. She called the doctor and he said it was normal and not to worry. I am concerned about her loosing so much blood. Is this really "normal"? They didn't do any cancer tests and my grandma had ovarian cancer. I don't know if I am just being a wory wart, but I am afraid it could be something worse.
Avatar f tn Take your thyroid medication as directed! It's important to do so with that medication as it is helping you with thyroid hormone levels, which affects a great deal else in your body. Your period is how it is due to a mix of hormonal things in your body, and if this is normal for you, it's normal for you. Now, if your medication is still being titrated to find the right, therapeutic dose for you and your thyroid hormone therefore is not yet where it needs to be, this could have some effect.
Avatar f tn I started my regular period around the 23rd of July and ovulated around the 1st. We tried to conceive and a few days later around the 11th I started spotting but it was heavy, brown, and thick. It turned into a regular period like flow with lots of cramps and pain which is unusual for me and it lasted 5 days. I thought I might be having heavy implantation bleeding or maybe the egg didn't implant properly.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have heavy bleeding during sex on ocassion. The sex is not "rough" nor is it near time for my period. Sometimes there is a sharp pain deep inside during sex. I also have lower abdominal pains and indigestion a lot lately. My family doc couldn't find anything wrong. Thyroid is fine. My gyno did pap (normal), uterine biopsy (normal) and put a chemical on my cervix which he said would stop the bleeding. I had a baby two years ago, this has been happening ever since.
Avatar m tn We went to the E/R and there was no issue and I hadn't miscarried. Since then, I've had heavy periods usually one day in the cycle where I might have to change a pad every 20 minutes. My OB/GYN is also a fertility specialist. She wants me to go on birth control, but I just don't want to do that. I've been tested for endometriosis, fibroids, tubal blockage, etc., but nothing is ever wrong. I just had a hysteroscopy done this week to check for fibroids, but nothing.
Avatar n tn yesterday evening, second day into my period, i started gushing blood for no apparent reason. this was going on for like 2 hours. i also had like 3 huge clots come out of me. so nasty, ugh! i was so scared, i thought i would bleed to death! after about 2 1/2 hours, the bleeding subsided and today, i am okay. i just wanted to know if that was something serious, or is it normal to gush blood at times.
Avatar f tn Re-doing question -spelling in first one. Heavy(hemmoraging periods last one 42 days) Cannot do the traditional birth control route - severe reaction to first pill. 4 Fibroids in muscle? Enlarged uterus 12 weeks size. Waiting for MRI test in Feb. Told not a good candidate for ablasion. So... option is hysterctomy. Anemic cannot get iron up. Tests -biopsy, colonoscopy and Vag.Ultrasound. Blood work thyroid normal B12 high, below 5 ferritin, low hem 105. Taking 2 iron pills.
Avatar n tn i have also just weaned my son but am not sure what us causing the bleeding. I too had my period already about a week and a half ago...it ws heavy and lasted about 5 days. Now it has come back and is very haeavy again...I feel weak too...if it doesn't go away in a few days I am going to call the doc...I think its mostly because of my thyroid....definitely ask to have urs checked out ...its an easy blood test.
Avatar n tn also as i was claming down at work, it was easing, then when some stupid children started throwing eggs outside the shop (i work in a supermarket) and my head started heavy again and i was getting scared. i also remembered that it all started the afternoon when my neighbour had come ino my house and i couldn't gether to leave.
Avatar n tn Your Thyroid has nothing to do with your period, but get it checked out anyway, it's a simple blood test. Ask for the Thyroid Cascade test, which is more sensitive. If you have re-occuring ovarian cysts, especially water cysts, you need to stop consuming caffeine. Caffeine contributes heavily on the formation of water cysts on the ovaries as well as uterine fibroid formation.
3219541 tn?1351923454 heavy period with cramps, when i woke it was half that, to very little. It bothers me for the last four months my periods have been none to very few spots, to a light to a hr or two of heavy bleed, and back to none. I hope to go to the dr to get blood work done to see what is wrong with me. I have been under lot of stress the past few weeks, but it don't condone what has been happening for the last few months tho.
Avatar n tn I didnt get a period for two months after the birth of my child (and I didnt breastfeed) and then when I did get my period it was very, very heavy and more frequent. In the last couple of months it has been more regular but continues to be very heavy. Before I conceived I had light periods. I also feel exhausted most of the time. I have lost 30pnds in the last three months, but now my weight has just stayed the same no matter what I do. I also have no appetite.
Avatar n tn Can a hormonal imbalance such as a thyroid disorder cause a post menopausal woman to have her period or would you consider this a gynecological medical issue? Please advise.
Avatar f tn It has been very heavy and she is also passing clots. What could this be? She has always had heavy periods but they have never lasted this long - with no let up yet.