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Avatar m tn Hi, my period started out last Monday, it was light on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. I just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? I usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility I'm pregnant. I'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
Avatar f tn Conditions like endometrial polyps, fibroids can also cause heavy bleeding, clots, and cramping with periods. Heavy bleeding with periods can also be can also be a sign of an underlying blood clotting disorder, which can often be genetic. For a definitive diagnosis of this condition you will require an examination by your OB/GYN .Keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
1680047 tn?1468911829 Hi I also have a hypo-thyroid which I was diagnosed with in March 2011. Since then I had a period in April 30th and June 3rd. However no period this month and I am on day 46 of my cycle. I took several HPT's, all negative. What were your symtoms of PCOS? How were you diagnosed?
Avatar m tn my last period was on 1/1/13 last for 5days then no period at all only spoting went to gynecology on the 19/3/13 have vaginia ultra sound he said all is fine maybe am stress or it because i have travell then had my period on the 26/3/13 very heavy and flowing for 5days then no period i started having spotting 2weeks after that and on the 2/5/13 i only had spotting only when i wipe for 2weeks now every other day i am having spotting no flowing period i know am going through some stress but can so
Avatar f tn I am eighteen years old and I have only have my period 4 times in my life. May I add they were not considered regular from what I've heard. They were not heavy and closer to black that any color with little to no odor. I am concerned this may interfere with fertility later on in life or just the fact that it isn't healthy compared to other women I have heard from. What could this be and how could I treat it?
Avatar n tn I'm 20 years old, never had sex and not currently on any medications or birth control. I've been having my period for at least 3 1/2 weeks. It hasn't been heavy, it's actually been rather light. Usually I have a few very heavy days, but this time it's been light the whole way through-just SUPER long. I'm still having my period. Should I worry about uterine cancer or something similar?
Avatar f tn My doctor said that my lack of getting my period can be due to my thyroid. Has anyone else had this issue? How long before you got your period? I starting spotting about three days ago, but that is all. Usually my period spots for about a day and then I get my period full on, but not this time. Is this normal? Any insight would help...
1973052 tn?1332868276 Hi! its me again, does drinking beer makes your monthly period flow heavy? tnx!
Avatar f tn I had a blood transfusion on July 25 due to an extremely heavy period. I bled through a pad and tampon combined, plus my underwear and pants...every hour pretty much. They gave me an extra strong depo provera shot in the hospital just to stop my period at that time. They then started me on Synthroid because they found out I have hypothyroidism. They believed that could've had something to do with my period being so heavy and long. My hemoglobin before I got the transfusion was 6.6.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 16 and I have always had very heavy periods with some clotting. Is this ok?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 47 and i having problems like yours. For the 2-3cycles my bleeding period last for 22days.I was worried and went to my Gyne.I told him all my symptoms and was controlled,had paptest plus transvaginal ultransound and found out that my uterine wall is 27mm thick. Endometrial hyperplasia is the right term for uterine thickening.hearing those complicated medical terms..I went panicking and had crying crisis. My fear is too high coz my mom died of breast cancer.
Avatar m tn my g/f has also benn complaining of having a very heavy period and im wondering now if that would be a symptom of an std, please and thanks for info
Avatar f tn I gave birth 3 months ago and got my first period the second month after birth it lasted 5 days now 2 weeks later I have a heavy period.I have to change pad every 1-2 hours.I also have lower back pain and abdominal pain.Is this normal?
Avatar f tn right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really heavy (well, heavy for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
Avatar m tn Having a heavy period is normal, drink lots of water, try walking for 30 min everyday and just remember to change when you need to
Avatar f tn t give any medicine because he said I still have my left thyroid...About one year ahead -up till now- my period became irregular- long period, bleeding after sex, bleeding in the middle of cycle. My ob gyn told me that I have hormone imbalance. After taking medicine , me period became normal only for a couple of months and then became irregular again as before. I have heavy headache several times a month . I want to know wether my hormone imbalance is caused by my thyroid removal or not.
Avatar n tn The pill reduced my periods from unbearably heavy to the point where it was heavy, but I still needed to wear a pad and tampon. I've had heavy periods up until 2 years ago. For the next year I had only large, brown blood clots, then very light for a few months, and now nothing. Around May I had a 2 day very heavy bleeding between my period.
Avatar f tn so then i was on birth control but i had to get off of it because of a bad reaction. so now im on day 33 of my period. and its extremely clotty and heavy and disgusting. should i go to a doctor??
6207307 tn?1395007626 Ive had all the hormone tests done and all is ok, my dr will not do a blood test for pregnancy as i have to wait till i miss my next period, which will be my 3rd missed period. Yesterday i started spotting and expected to have such a heavy flow to make up for the past missed months, Its is red blood mixed in with the discharge and not heavy enough to go onto my pad. Sorry for the information.. but it seems like this period will last a day, if that. Any information would be great..
Avatar f tn Can my 2 missed doses of thyroid meds have this much affect on period? Even if it were only 2 doses and I was due to get my period that Sunday anyways? I spoke with my doc today, she refused an HCG test and said it might be thyroid related. Guess I'll have to test, but can't imagine 2 days skipped dose having that much affect when I am normally extra heavy or early, but never late.
Avatar n tn My period was 3 days late this week. It is never late, I took a few hpt all were negative. The first day it was heavy with many clots. The second was lighter, still with larger clots, now the third day, today I am spotting. I normally have 7 day periods and do not spot. The last 3 months it has been fewer days and spotting. I also took a nap today and woke up to a leaking breast. Any ideas? Could my progesterone level or pituitary gland have anything to do with it.