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Avatar n tn I have my period every other week, sometimes for a month straight. It causes fevers, mood swings, unspeakable pain, even shooting down my legs. I cannot get pregnant either. I have had all STD's ruled out and have been tested for cancer and Endo. (which my sister has). I want to the ER one day and was talking to a doctor that actually listened. He thinks the cause of it comes from a part of the brain that controls a certain type of hormone.
Avatar f tn the bleeding was kind of heavy. but i'm not due for my period for 4-5 more days. could this be implantation bleeding? i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms other than mild nausea and fatigue. i also took a pregnancy test the night before i got the bleeding/cramps and it was negative. is there a chance i could still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn my ex-husband used to call them period farts and they came at the same time every month, right before my period and for the first day or two once it started (i'm very near menopause now, missed one period, but am certain i'm going to get it this month because i'm once again having period farts.) other period symptoms? dramatically increased sense of smell (my grandmother had the same thing) and crazy sex drive.
Avatar n tn She may be forced to plan her holidays and leisure time according to the timings of her period. 3) the bleeding is continuously so heavy that the woman becomes anemic. 4) the presence of other than small clots for more than one or two days suggests heavy periods. 5) 'flooding' describes the sudden, unexpected onset of periods, like turning on a tap, and indicates heavy periods. Secondly we see side effect in Iron overdose.
Avatar f tn So after talking to my doctor I decided I'd just skip over the period portion of each birth control. The problem- every time I skip the period option, I not only get my period- I get it for a month. FUN FUN. Before skipping the period part I always wait 3-4 months for the birth control to sync with my body, as recommended by my doctor, but it's still always the same! I'm really scared right now because I leave for Sicily for two weeks this Wednesday and am currently on my period.
Avatar n tn It's been about a month and I got my period a week ago. The first few days it was light. Now on day 6 it is really heavy. I feel like I have been bleeding for a month and feel so drained. I'm cranky and very short with my husband to the point where we are barely speaking because I have been so "mean" as he says. Is this normal? Is or was anyone else like this. I'm totally okay with the miscarriage. I know there was just something wrong and that it's normal. So is it just my hormones?
Avatar f tn But i want to know is Plan B the cause of this super heavy period??? Im suprised I even got a period this month becuase of last months problem, and even my doctor said there was a big chance of not getting it this month...but WTF?! I have it and its so bad. I have been getting nausea, light headedness. I started taking my iron pills again becuase i fear i am going to pass out. Is this normal to have a period like this after taking Plan B???? Or do I have another problem going on?
Avatar n tn Sounds exactly like a miscarriage to me. I would definitly say if you were pregnant, you are no longer pregnant. I just recently miscarried over 12 days and it went exactly as you just described. I would definitly visit your doctor. An HcG level would tell if you were pregnant. I'd also go just to be checked out just to be sure everything passed if you did miscarry. I have never been on the pill so I don't know about any of that.
359295 tn?1285955994 I dont know if i have a shot this month. I know it is still early to tell. LIke i said, my boobs are so heavy, and they feel fuller. maybe af is approaching, but have never noticed my boobs like this before. Any advice. Here is my chart so far. http://www.fertilityfriend.
Avatar f tn even alternate period is very short. like last month i have my period for 7 days and this month for only 3 days. Is something seriously wrong with me. I am also trying to get pergnant. Plase suggest me what to do?
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago I had sex with a female who had unprotected sex about 1.5 month before that. We started with a condoom but it tore during the sex itself, so there was about 15-20 seconds of unprotected sex. 3 weeks after I got quite sick with sympthons as Tiredness Hard time breathing Heavy legs Nasau Rash over the whole body (which looks a lot like acute HIV rash) Hard time watching moving stuff (like when driving a car/playing a game/watching t.
Avatar n tn lol Seriously tho, I think women are expected to put up with anemia more so than men. After all, we have Aunt Flo every month and anemia goes hand in hand with pregnancy. I am a substitute custodian now (not working right now tho) As the sides began to kick in and my hgb dropped to 8.9 I got a call to come to work. Brian Fog flowed out of my mouth and I said "Oh, I am just too anemic right now". The caller scoffed and said under her breath, "Anemic! Big deal!
Avatar f tn If you're wanting a baby you need to time ovulation and have sex every other day leading up to ovulation and then 2 days after. If you have irregular cycles (or just want to pinpoint ovulation better) you can use OPK's, chart your BBT and/or observe cervical mucous.
Avatar f tn so after a day my period got heavier, and heavy enough to go through the tampon witch would be my regular period. would i still have to chance of being pregnet?
Avatar n tn We've tried to get pregnant every month since April 05 to no avail. Each cyle since the ectopic has been 32-34 days except July. That one was over 40 days and I bled two times, once starting July 16, ending on the 20th then again on the 25th, ending on the 27th, both heavy. I took ovulation test and think it occurred Aug. 3 or 4th, 05. I didn't expect my next period until Aug. 20th or so but starting bleeding on the 15th.
Avatar n tn I know you have been trying to get pregnant this month but if you are bleeding a heavy flow it sounds like an early period to me.
Avatar n tn It did come, but since then ive been getting my period every other week and they are all the symptoms of a period. Iʻve also been a lot more sleepy even without my period???
Avatar n tn Jesse-Sophia is 6w2d today and i thought my period would have came sooner but it didnt. anyways since i started it is very heavy, like a pad every other hour, or so. for me that is a lot. **and am i aloud to use a tampond? they said nothing in untill 6 weeks is over. I go to the dr. tomarrow. **is there any questions i should ask the dr. at my post dr visit. thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn I had a baby (#4) in December and had my first period in March. Last month (April) I visited the ER because of heavy bleeding during my period. I was going through about tampons and w/ pads for extra coverage every two hours. They ran tests on me and sent me home. Stating that nothing was wrong. Well this month the exact same thing. Knowing what happened last month I'm trying to stay on top of it as I work full-time. But it is the same if not worse. Could there be something wrong.
Avatar m tn lol, so why am I still getting it every 2 weeks??? Although it is not like the first period at all. The first one was extremely heavy, tons of cramps....nothing like that ever since. But now it's like heavy spotting red and brown blood...wth is going on???
1837563 tn?1339907400 But now, my periods are 7 days long. The first 36-48 hours HEAVY BLEEDING! I saturate a pad every hour. Everytime I go to urine, blood gushes too, then I feel so lightheaded during these times. the rest of the days taper off. But on the 4th day, it gets heavy again for a few hours and then completely tapers off until day 7. Im anemic, dont know how low my actual iron count is. But I know I walk around feeling like im gonna damn near pass out sometimes.
Avatar n tn The other night me and my bf had very rough sex and when i went to the bathroom a few hours later i had bleeding as if i was on my period and this has happend twice now and each time it was very deep to where it wouldn't go any farther, i know that we both don't have any std's because we where both tested recently. I've been on the pill for 2 months now and i just want to know what could be causing this can someone please help me?
Avatar n tn I'm not noticing any other symptoms of pregnancy, except sensitive nipples (due to the pill, I've gotten that every month, and it seems to be going away for the time being) and nausea if I don't take my pill with a meal. Good luck to everyone trying!
Avatar n tn I can't say it will be easy. I get sad every time a month passes that would've been a birth month.
Avatar n tn Colleen my periods are similar to yours and ive started to note down when I had a period and the flow (whether it was heavy or not). It's good to keep a record. Sounds like you and me are in the same boat and we are going through perimenopause. The lead up to Menopause! I've also started to be extra kind to myself like getting at least 8 hours sleep, walking and eating much better than i was. Believe it or not, it does help you cope with mood swings and life in general.
Avatar n tn I felt fine for about 3 weeks, and then I began to experience extreme night sweats EVERY NIGHT for the next month and a half. Just about every night I have waken up drenched in sweat, and it continues to this very day. Also, I had some sort of infection in my mouth. My tounge became very sensitive, and whenever I had eaten food I would have bumps/growths pop up on the roof of my mouth. My tounge was very white. Also, it became very difficult to swallow.