Heavy period every other month

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1852119 tn?1319468508 My periods have always been a bit all over the place but recently since April/May I am having dark brown vaginal discharge then bleeding for a few days every month. Nothing extremely heavy or painful but medium flow I would say and some cramping. Then on August 4th I took an extremely heavy period and then again on September 17th, I worked it out on a period calculator that I should have ovulated last Tuesday 18th October and sure as hell that day the brown discharge started to appear.
Avatar f tn Every month, about a week before my menstrual period starts, I get severe constipation. It started about two years ago, but it wasn't so bad as it has been in the past three months. I'm almost twenty and my menstrual cycle sometimes changes, but this could also be influenced by my high testosterone level. I have lived in three places my whole life, three different states, but moving around back and fourth doesn't seem to correlate with anything.
Avatar f tn I gave birth 3 months ago and got my first period the second month after birth it lasted 5 days now 2 weeks later I have a heavy period.I have to change pad every 1-2 hours.I also have lower back pain and abdominal pain.Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I get my period about every 5 weeks instead of 4 or 28 days. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I'm 16 I started my cycle at 13 I've been on the pill to help with my severe cramps and around January 2012 I had a break through period that should have not been there I went to the ob gyn and they said I was still developing and it should be fine, but it never fixed itself from then to now I've been on depo which didn't work, estradiol, and the implanon, which all have not worked. I have been bleeding every day or every other day out of the year.
Avatar n tn It did come, but since then ive been getting my period every other week and they are all the symptoms of a period. Iʻve also been a lot more sleepy even without my period???
Avatar f tn even alternate period is very short. like last month i have my period for 7 days and this month for only 3 days. Is something seriously wrong with me. I am also trying to get pergnant. Plase suggest me what to do?
Avatar n tn Before you do though, write back and tell us what you think heavy is. Some women have heavy flows every month and are considered normal. It depends on the amount and duration. Good luck.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you actually do have a regular cycle, it's just longer than one month? Do you have a period every 5 or 6 weeks? Less frequently?
Avatar f tn d just skip over the period portion of each birth control. The problem- every time I skip the period option, I not only get my period- I get it for a month. FUN FUN. Before skipping the period part I always wait 3-4 months for the birth control to sync with my body, as recommended by my doctor, but it's still always the same! I'm really scared right now because I leave for Sicily for two weeks this Wednesday and am currently on my period. I don't know how long it's been...
Avatar f tn so me and my boyfriend are TTC and we had unprotected sex throughout the whole month. today i woke up and there was some brown discharge in my panties, and then i noticed some blood/brown discharge on the toilet paper. i put a tampon in and i was having mild cramps throughout the day. the bleeding was kind of heavy. but i'm not due for my period for 4-5 more days. could this be implantation bleeding? i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms other than mild nausea and fatigue.
Avatar f tn pls any advice my last period has had me worried i normally use a super tampon and have to change every 4-6 hrs but this last period i had to change every 30m.to a hr and went thru 2 boxes of super tampons ,normally i dont even use all of 1 box ??
Avatar f tn I have had my period non stop for 5 months now. I'm 14. My periods have always been irregular and I thought they would have regulated by now since it's been 4 years. I go through 10-12 pads a day and lately I've been losing sleep because I need to be up every couple hours to change my pad. I tried tampons but my period is so heavy that I start to clot. I can't go to the doctor because I'm poor and I don't want to sit down with my father and explain to him the situation.
1416390 tn?1333901604 since then my periods have been really heavy and there is always a day I seem to gush blood. Well- my period came a week early this month and last night I seemed to have passed a lot of blood- that seemed really red. Now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong. I don't have any pain- slight cramping. I am not sure whether I should go to the ER or not- hate to go if it is just my period! Just seems odd there was so, so much. BTW- I know I am not pregnant.
Avatar f tn My doctor said the fire sure way to get pregnant or help is to have sex every other day. What are yalls opinion on this? I am on proveria for 5 days I am on my 2nd pill today. After the last pill he said I should start my period with 2 to 10 days of stopping the last pill. What is everyone's opinion on this? Anyone have experience in this?
Avatar f tn My mom is 53 years old and gets her period but it comes extremely heavy that she has to change her clothes often. She gets her period not every month but now and then ....im worried because she shouldnt be getting her period anymore what can be the cause of her heavy bleeding? ....her stomach also grows big and feels hard please help I dont know what to do for her anymore ...
Avatar m tn my g/f has also benn complaining of having a very heavy period and im wondering now if that would be a symptom of an std, please and thanks for info
Avatar f tn I'm 20 yrs old and I had unprotected sex last month twice and I missed my period. I was suppose to start Dec 31st but i didn't. It's very unusual for me to be late cuz I'm always on time. The 2nd day I was late I took 2 pregnancy test and they came out negative and I've been having cramps down there and that's unusual for me. My boobs feel sore and I've been eating more than I usually do and i've been already 6 days late. I have started my period.
Avatar n tn 1) a woman bleeds for more than 8 to 10 days, especially if this is repeated month after month. 2) a woman bleeds so much that it is difficult for her to attend her job. She may be forced to plan her holidays and leisure time according to the timings of her period. 3) the bleeding is continuously so heavy that the woman becomes anemic. 4) the presence of other than small clots for more than one or two days suggests heavy periods.
Avatar m tn My last period was January 23rd. It used to come every other month. I was thinking that I would get my period in March, but it came this month. I am just surprised that I am bleeding so much. So you are saying that if I was pregnant that I am not anymore? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn s 21-20-8 and my 8yr old is to my husband so I have been able to get pregnant but I have recently been noticing clear jelly discharge after my period I have a regular 28day cycle so my last period was the 20th ov November can you help me to understand what it is thank you for your time
Avatar f tn I am having 2 periods in 1 month and it is happening quite regularly (not every moth but quite regularly). Thsi month, my second period is REALLY heavy and has been quite painful (I dont usually get period pains but this time they have been quite severe). It happened at university when I wasnt eating very much, but now I am eating "normally" (definately enoug)...what could it be?
1397702 tn?1280927591 I have been having periods every other month, which the doc would like it to come every month for only 7 days. But I would say to call the doc on monday, and see if they can see you. It is not normal to have periods for longer then 7 days. But everyone is different! Call monday morning, and share ur concerns! SSBD to you!
Avatar f tn I recently had the last period 5 days early with heavy bleeding and cramping pain. Then again this month 1 day early. My breasts seem to be growing larger and my bleeding is very heavy and clotted. This is unusual for me. I've never had early periods. The period cramps I feel I have not felt since 10 years ago before I ever had children.