Heavy period after c-section

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Avatar f tn How long does the bleeding from the vagina last after a c-section? I know it's different for everyone, but I'm looking for a rough estimate I guess. I know after my vaginal delivery with my first pregnancy the bleeding went on weeks, and I'm just not sure if the bleeding lasts about the same with c-sections..
1416390 tn?1333901604 I had a c section 20 mos ago. since then my periods have been really heavy and there is always a day I seem to gush blood. Well- my period came a week early this month and last night I seemed to have passed a lot of blood- that seemed really red. Now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong. I don't have any pain- slight cramping. I am not sure whether I should go to the ER or not- hate to go if it is just my period! Just seems odd there was so, so much.
Avatar f tn My first period after my c-section was heavy too, and long. I remember calling the doctor and asking questions because I was worried. After that cycle, they started returning to normal. If you get worried, call and ask your Dr. They're always willing to answer your questions. Your periods should get better after this one.
Avatar m tn I took about 8-9 weeks after the section to stop. Just try take it easy and dont heavy lift.
Avatar f tn I stopped bleeding around 2 weeks PP after my c-section, and 2 weeks later started my period, had one exactly a month later, then nothing until about a month ago. Definitely could be a period, it takes a while for things to really settle back in so it could be anything really.
676912 tn?1332812551 Anyone else bleed on and off like this? With Elijah it was just like a heavy period that lasted six weeks and then slowed and stopped.
1355867 tn?1277221599 My wife has started bleeding almost 8 months after her C-section. She has been currently breast feeding and was told by a Doctor that she shouldn't be having a period....her blood is very heavy and bright red ..no clots or cramping...The insicion it self has always hurt..it's healed up,but bumpy and bothers her when touched.. Is this normal for a 1st time C-section mother? Thank you, Worried Father.
1014822 tn?1338648073 I pumped for a full year and got my period after about the 5th month. I also had my tubes tied during my c-section. This will be my first "post" pumping period and it was only about three days but today (2 days after) I have started bleeding again. It doesn't seem too heavy but I'm not sure if this is normal. Has anyone experience this? Should I call my dr? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I bled for 2wks after having my son via c section. The first 4 or 5 days were heavy and the rest was light. Got my 1st period 4w after I stopped bleeding.
2020005 tn?1628125976 I had my daughter on the 14th of January, and about 5-6 days after I had her (c-section) I stopped bleeding completely, this morning I had some brown streaks but didn't think too much of it, then I went this afternoon for my 3 weeks PP check up, doctor said everything looks good and I was still getting some brown streaks, well I got home and stood up out of my car and pourrrrred brown clots/blood.
Avatar n tn i had my son march 24th 2008 by c-section, bled for three weeks, then stopped and got a very heavy period two weeks after that.. however, im overdue for another one and still have not got it. i dont think im pregnant again because we have been using condoms or withdrawl. has anyone answered on how long it takes for it to get normal?
Avatar f tn Yes, I think its your period, I was bleeding for 6 weeks, then stopped for 3 days and started bleeding again, my Dr said it could be my period, for u having bleeding 3 weeks after it stopped its your period probably, especially when u r not exclusively breastfeeding, with my first I had my period at 6 months postpartum when I introduced solids, does it feel like your normal period?
Avatar f tn had my baby on when I was 38 years on June 29th, 2012, c-section also got my tubes tied and bled for about 2 weeks after the baby. Had a period, in August...ever since then have not had period again. I am not breastfeeding like I used to but breast still have milk, what could it be causing me not to have period??
Avatar f tn After my 2nd c-section I bled for about a month and was cramping very bad the whole time, and my first I bled for about three weeks but then right after it stopped I had started my period which lasted way longer than usual so it may be that but I think that it is normal, it seems like after every baby the bleeding last a little longer.
8524235 tn?1406157622 After my c section I bled for half the time as if having birth vaginally. I would say probably 3 weeks maybe 4 but no longer.
1062094 tn?1254634364 I bled for about two weeks, stopped, and had sex around two and a half weeks. Then i started bleeding again @ 4weeks. I thought it was my period but my doc said No, since i was exclusively breastfeeding, that was very unlikely. It lasted 5-6 days like a period, tho, and very heavy. Now, around 8 weeks, i started bleeding again but lasted only 1 day. The thing is, i think it can be off/on for a while, 6 weeks or even more, whether your birth was vag or c-section.
Avatar f tn So I am going in Friday morning for my c-section and I am curious as to postpartum bleeding after a c-section and will I still have postpartum bleeding even though I'm not delivering vaginally? If so about how long will it last?
Avatar f tn For my daughter I had an emergency c-section, which was also my first. It took a couple weeks to heal, but I ended up having a set back due to a sonoma, which is a fluid build-up in the abdomen and it opened a small portion of my incision after the staples had been removed. I didn't even notice and the doctor wasn't worried about it cause it does happen sometimes. I was up and out of bed the very next day at the hospital and the same at home.
8101930 tn?1420001456 So I had my son by c section on Nov 29th. I bled heavy at first then lighter for about 4 weeks. Then I started bleeding again at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. And now I started bleeding again today at 9 weeks. It's not super heavy but a medium flow and only lasts a couple days. I'm Just wondering if this is normal?? I asked my doctor at my 6 week check up and she said it's normal but I'm just concerned.
296738 tn?1235996403 Does it make any additional pain? I am a huge fan of the c-section. I was not a planned c-section and very scared when they told me I would have one but I loved it. The healing was great - quicker then my vaginal friends. So I am just curious to know if it makes healing longer? and what are periods like after? Thanks.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I might not get a period fora couple months after I stopped bleeding from my c section your body takes time to regulate
Avatar f tn Have you had your 6 week checkup? It's possible, but just not.sure the rest of the story...if its a large amount of blood with large clots, or even just one of those, its a concern. I bled for 6 weeks after my c section, then had a period for 7 days. I'm breastfeeding and.havent bled since, just some very minor spotting.
Avatar f tn I had a baby 5 Months ago by a emergency c-section and I got my period can I use a Tampon now or can I only use Pads for a while still?
Avatar n tn with my first baby, i resume bleeding at 6 weeks, and it was very heavy for about ten days and then i had my 1st period after almost 10 weeks, this could be your 1 st period as well.
473246 tn?1293833673 It has been almost 3 weeks since my c-section. After the first week the bleeding really tapered off. Then it started up again (dark brown/reddish) and was not heavy bleeding, but just consistent. Today the bleeding is quite heavy and dark red. I have read in different places that bleeding could last for 6 or 7 weeks - on and off, light and heavy. Just wondering what your experiences are/have been? I am so reluctant to go back to the hospital! Any info/advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn after having a c section i bled for about 3 weeks. it's been almost 5 and a half weeks now since i had my daughter and i started bleeding again. it's quite heavy and has small stringy clots. is this normal i should i see a doctor immediately?