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Avatar n tn i am 16 years old male and i also didi a stress test as i thought it would be heart related, it was normal. what could this be. i also hear alot gurgling and gas in my chest and upper abdomen with burning sensations.
4842016 tn?1372042667 Yea. Its usually in my chest, stomach, lower and upper back. Its horrible. I've taken tums so much that they've quit working. And I was like you, even had it bad before I got pregnant. And it gets so bad that I can't even sit down comfortably.
Avatar n tn Then I took a nexium 40mg and that didnt work. I have pains pretty bad in chest an back, it even hurts to breath sometimes, it's been like this for 19hrs. What do I do?
198627 tn?1203057607 Am I having indigestion? I feel as though my chest hurts. It burns in the middle. Aches. It is scaring me!!! Help.
Avatar n tn I had extreme heartburn, chest pain, sweating, inability to breath, etc. type attacks before, during and after tx. I recently had a gastric emptying test and have been dx with gastroparesis. I'm now on protonix 2/day and domperidone 4/day. It seems to be helping, but I'm still having some of the prior symptoms (belching, trouble getting a deep breath). I feel achy all over in the a.m. and as the day goes on it gets somewhat better.
1545910 tn?1293693287 Went tanning earlier. Called Jubilee/San Pen - No Upper GI booking.
Avatar n tn I'm a healthy,non-smoking 28 year old female entering into my first pregnancy. Other than breast pain, my only complaint is the daily ache behind, below my sternum. I've never had this before, but this began about two weeks after pregnancy. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. I've tried all the suggestions: avoidance of spicy foods, carbonated beverages, mint, but nothing is helping. It is even bothersome on an empty stomach.
Avatar f tn On 10/31/07 I experienced a frightening event where, when simply leaving for the morning to go to work, I had a crushing pressure in my mid-chest (crushing like an elephant on my chest - no burning), broke out in a sweat, nauseous, dizzy, pain radiated quickly into my left neck and jaw, pounding pain in my left armpit and down the inner part of my left arm, severe pounding in both my femoral arteries (in both upper thighs), and was having trouble breathing.
Avatar m tn After a couple of days, it occurred to me that it might be heartburn. I had one isolated case of heartburn a few years earlier that had scared me enough to go to the hospital and get an ekg (which came back normal -- I was told I have the heart of an athlete) so I thought that might have happened again. However, after several days of trying OTC antacids, the pain persisted. So, I made an appointment and saw my doctor.
Avatar f tn I've been on nexium and prilosec for 2-3 years and my GERD has been well controlled. For the last week and a half Iget horrible chest pains (crushing pain in my upper chest). I don't think it is my heart, I have normal heart enzymes. What can I do for this? It comes at random times, and is really painful (I have to stop if I'm walking). I take an antacid, but I don't want to take too many of these. HELP!!
297280 tn?1226710005 The air bubble is new to me, though, and the feeling like the food is not going down quickly or sticking for a second in my upper chest below my throat. I thought symptoms like this wouldn't come until much later when the baby was pressing up.
Avatar f tn Hello doctors I was wondering if you are able to help me. Yesterday i thought i had what was heartburn. I had an uncomfortable chest like sternum area & slight burning up my throat, with this pain almost behind my shoulder blades when i breathed in. I am fit & healthy. The only medication i am is orlistat (xenical) as i am a few stone overweight.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm going to be sick constantly and my throat feels raw. I think the worst is the upper chest pains waking me up at night..
Avatar n tn Hi I am 43 year old male and or the last year or so I have been getting a bit of a chest pain in my upper left chest at breast area. I only get pain immediately after eating something (so might get it multiple times per meal) I seem to get it most often when I am eating fast or big bites (or both) It isn't extremely painful, just uncomfortable. And it goes away almost always after a quick stretch of my arms above my head, or some sort of drink.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and could shed some light on what might have happened to me last night. I woke up around 6am with very intense chest pain in my upper right quadrant, pretty much right under my breast. It lasted approximately 5 minutes and hurt worse when I moved. It felt a lot more intense than any heartburn I've ever had (which I think I've had 5 times in my entire life) but I didn't have numbness or pain in my limbs. I don't think my heart was racing either.
Avatar m tn I wake up today and the pain is still there. The pain is located in the chest area and the upper back, like between the shoulder blades. It really only hurts when I breath in or bend over. Otherwise it's pretty much non-existent. It also seems to become a bit more acute when I lie down, making sleep a little difficult. Now when I first woke up and felt the pain was still there, I called 911 and got a couple of EMTs to show up at my apartment.
Avatar n tn Cardiac problems have been ruled out. I do get occasional heartburn, but the most debilitating symptom is the chest pain and I am ready to pursue the surgical option.
222011 tn?1265475648 I am suffering with chronic heartburn plus a very tight feeling around my neck. I also take medication for high blood pressure. My GP has done various blood tests all of which were fine. I'm due back at my GP next week. Medicine prescribed to reduce excess acid has not helped. Cound the Thyroxine be the cause of these digestive problems? Thanks for any advice you can give.
Avatar m tn i have had burning in chest off and on but this morning i woke up with burning in center of chest. Took prilosec but did not help. Then i got soreness across my upper chest. Not tightness but burning and soreness. Can this be caused by the acid reflex or can it be from my neck issues.Either way does it sound like heart?
Avatar n tn GERD, an ulcer, or inflammation of the upper digestive tract are all possible. You can consider an upper endoscopy or upper GI series to initially evaluate the GI tract. Blood tests to exclude the bacteria H Pylori can be done as well - as this is associated with some of the aforementioned causes. These options can be discussed with your personal physician or in conjunction with a GI physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn I felt fine after flying down there, then had a night of drinking and started feeling some symptoms not usually associated with hangover. And since I've come back, the symptoms persist. I feel a mild heaviness in my upper chest, and am concious of having to breath a little deeper, in addition i have been feel very lethargic even though I'm sleeping well all night. I'm 36 year old male with no family history of any disease. I went to my doc and the EKG was perfect.
Avatar n tn Here lately I have been waking up shortly after going to bed and having discomfort in my chest and back area. I get a little comfort from sitting in the recliner in the living room but still am uncomfortable. I have noticed that during this time my blood pressure seems to be elevated. I have had a stress test and a blood test and my heart seems to be strong and my blood pressure normally is fine. What do you think this could be and how do you think I could treat it?
Avatar f tn I had my first indigestion experience a few weeks ago! And boy was it something! Heartburn is more of just an acidy feeling in your throat and chest. Kinda like a burning sensation. Indigestion is more like a sharp pain right between your ribs, and sometimes shoots into your back, and it is usually accompanied by heartburn as well. All I know is indigestion was so painful for me. Tums are my best friend!!
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 23 year old male who has always been in good shape. I don't smoke or do drugs however I did party and over drink once in awhile in college. I started to have discomfort in my chest last November (2008). It felt like someone was just lightly pressing on my left pectoral. It didn't hurt, it was just annoying, I would adjust and it seemed to go away, but it would always come back. Once in awhile I would get a sharp quick jabbing pain just underneath my left pectoral.
Avatar n tn the question he posted on 05/17/04 relates exactly to my symptoms which have started a week ago and consist bad heartburn(ive had now for two months) that i take nexium for but does not always work, the diarrhea that has me going to the toilet 10 times a day at least for a week now, nausea where i thew up more the first three days, cramps constantly, and now on the sixth day i am having upper abdominal chest pains(on scale 1-10 the pains are a 2) where my gallbladder is located i seen a doctor
Avatar n tn Shes 13 now, so I have had it for a while.,.. My question is does anyone know WHY my heartburn pain starts in my upper back, right behind my heart area, and then proceeds to a bad burning sensation in my neck and throat...its very painful and is relieved my antacids, although only for a short period of time, which leaves me taking several doses before all is over.
Avatar m tn Early this morning around 3:30 a.m., I got relatively severe heartburn (or so I think it was) that woke me up and kept me up for the rest of the morning. I finally got my hands on some Prilosec at 1 p.m. today but it's now 7 p.m. and I still have burning pain in my chest that comes and goes (usually lasts only a few minutes).