Heartburn in chest and back

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4842016 tn?1372042667 Yea. Its usually in my chest, stomach, lower and upper back. Its horrible. I've taken tums so much that they've quit working. And I was like you, even had it bad before I got pregnant. And it gets so bad that I can't even sit down comfortably.
Avatar n tn The treatment was followed by a moderate chest pain and admission to ICU. After several tests I was under gone a stress test and classified under "Low risk patient" with unstable angina. The teratment was begun three months earlier.
Avatar n tn Then I took a nexium 40mg and that didnt work. I have pains pretty bad in chest an back, it even hurts to breath sometimes, it's been like this for 19hrs. What do I do?
Avatar f tn Any ways to get rid of heartburn and deal with acid reflux while pregnant?
Avatar n tn its been good besides the acid reflux heartburn and back pain lol but other than that its been good im 31 weeks and 3 days and im having a boy (: do you know if your having a boy or girl
198627 tn?1203057607 What, if any, other symptoms do you have along with the burning in your chest? Getting back to my basic disagreement about not mentioning the possibility of heart attack..........it IS highly unlikely that a healthy 29 year old woman would suffer an MI, but it's NOT unheard of. That's why the above questions are very important information we need to have from this woman. Mike, you said you had been an EMT in your teens/early twenties.
Avatar n tn Good morning ladies, I could not comment in the section I needed to because there was alot of confusion with people going back and forward with eachother and I did not want to get in the middle. Anyway I was wondering how would I know if I had a UTI or not. I went to thr dr. and it is a number of things. Yes it is UTI, but it is also the bath supply that I use. Even though I drink alot of water I do have my share of sweets, juices, and sodas which are not at all good for me.
Avatar n tn Since my two trips to the ER, I have had some extreme pain in my chest and stomache area, and I believe it to be related to some kind of acid reflux, or heartburn, or something like that. The pain is pretty severe at times, and I am afraid to eat. I sometimes stay up for hours with very severe pains that keep me awake. I take Maalox, Mylanta, tums, tylenol, and advil pm to aleviate the pain, but nothing seems to help. I was prescribed Protonix yesterday by the doctor at the clinic.
Avatar m tn When I eat a lot of hummus (especially black bean hummus) have shapeless stools, gas, heartburn and a LOT of discomfort. And I pooh a lot. If I KEEP eating it, I end up bleeding on the back end because I keep wiping. Track your diet/intake and your bowel movements (shape, amount, color, size, characteristics (ribbon-like, grainy, sandy, spotty, mucousy), frequency). You may find your own correlation.... If you don't, it is as least extremely good documentation to bring to your doctor.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Can hearburn cost pain in my chest, arms and back? I had heart attack 5 months ago- two stents were placed, got clogged 3 months later and in January 2010 I had another stent placed inside those two. The pain never stopped but the doctors seem to think it is not cardiac...I do believe it is cardiac but trying to keep an open mind for all options.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have lived for several yaers now with GERD, I use Nexium 40mg 2 or 3 times a week, it helps me a lot but I often have a pain in beetween my shoulders after meals epecially fried meals. Could this be the same heartburn I feel in my chest after a meal? It always comes from 1 to 2 hours after a meal. it seams to me that Nexium don`t have any affect on this symptom.
Avatar n tn Shes 13 now, so I have had it for a while.,.. My question is does anyone know WHY my heartburn pain starts in my upper back, right behind my heart area, and then proceeds to a bad burning sensation in my neck and throat...its very painful and is relieved my antacids, although only for a short period of time, which leaves me taking several doses before all is over.
1444053 tn?1365460415 every yeararound late September Oct I get reflux problems I dont know if its seasonal, stress more this time of year or diet or what all I know is it is horrid having this constant burning and chest pain all day, started Pariet for this just before the surgery then it stopped but it started again 4 days ago then yesterday stopped today its back grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pain from surgery all seems to have gone occassional small twangs, and nothing much in flow, was expecting more but I can handle none l
Avatar m tn About a month ago, I started experiencing some pain in my chest and mid-back. I shrugged it off at first as muscle pain, assuming I strained something. After a couple of days, it occurred to me that it might be heartburn. I had one isolated case of heartburn a few years earlier that had scared me enough to go to the hospital and get an ekg (which came back normal -- I was told I have the heart of an athlete) so I thought that might have happened again.
1069143 tn?1471316210 I have heartburn, gas, and chest pain... I am a little worried, what causes this.
10374 tn?1242244878 For the past week, I have had pain in the center of my chest, that goes straight through to my back. On some areas of my chest and over my left breast and under my arm, it is very tender when I press there. I cannot detect any lumps. The pain mostly stays to the center and goes straight through my back right to the bones that go down my back. My doc seems to think this is costochondritis or a pleurisy thing. I am just now recovering from viral meningitis. I had that for almost two weeks.
Avatar n tn i'm having sharp pains in my chest and upper back feels like it's right under my shoulder blades. constant sharp pain feels like somethings in my throat as well. I thought it was heart burn as i suffer from acid refluc but i took a zantac a hour and a half ago and there is no relief.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing chest pain in my left breast along with back and shoulder pain. It can sometimes last for days on end and is very painful and scary. I have gone to the emergency room twice, the first time I was having a full blown anxiety attack. I was kept there overnight on a heart monitor after having an ekg done. When i saw the cardiologist in the am, he informed me that I have an irregular heartbeat but it was nothing to be alarmed about.
Avatar f tn I've been on nexium and prilosec for 2-3 years and my GERD has been well controlled. For the last week and a half Iget horrible chest pains (crushing pain in my upper chest). I don't think it is my heart, I have normal heart enzymes. What can I do for this? It comes at random times, and is really painful (I have to stop if I'm walking). I take an antacid, but I don't want to take too many of these. HELP!!
4250330 tn?1388624779 I have chest pains everyday and its been going in for 3-4 months now but I've had EKG's blood tests chest x-ray and everything came back just fine. But I still get them constantly.. And they last all day long..
Avatar n tn It is rarely starting to get to me now, the constanted burping and then the horrible heartburn in my chest. I have also started to get strange feeling in my chest and i dunno weather it is related to this. Any advise would be greatfully accepted.
Avatar f tn Can hormonal imbalance cause heartburn and indigestion symptoms? The only time in my life i have experienced heartburn was 24 yrs ago when pregnant with my daughter. All of a sudden in July 2011 i started getting heartburn and indigestion which at first i thought something i ate out of the ordinary but the symptoms wont go away. I went to family doctor they prescribed Prilosec which i took for a week with no difference if anything it was worse with pain in my chest.
1331397 tn?1294043495 I have also been geeting really bad heart burn i believe, or what could be a severe burning sensation in my chest. My breathing has also changed in the past month and it seems that i struggle to breath. My doctors say i suffer from anxiety but i think its something else. Any ideas??
Avatar n tn Here lately I have been waking up shortly after going to bed and having discomfort in my chest and back area. I get a little comfort from sitting in the recliner in the living room but still am uncomfortable. I have noticed that during this time my blood pressure seems to be elevated. I have had a stress test and a blood test and my heart seems to be strong and my blood pressure normally is fine. What do you think this could be and how do you think I could treat it?
1331397 tn?1294043495 I have also been geeting really bad heart burn i believe, or what could be a severe burning sensation in my chest. My breathing has also changed in the past month and it seems that i struggle to breath. My doctors say i suffer from anxiety but i think its something else. Any ideas??
Avatar n tn I was wondering if heartburn/indigestion feeling in the center of my chest could be a new symptom of the hyperthyroid i was just diagnosed with. Mostly I have been having trouble with panic attacks but the last couple days I have a burning chest-dead center-kinda like heartburn......any clues? Is hyperthyroid known to have heartburn as a symptom as well as all the other lovely symptoms I have been having??? THanks!!!!
Avatar m tn I wake up today and the pain is still there. The pain is located in the chest area and the upper back, like between the shoulder blades. It really only hurts when I breath in or bend over. Otherwise it's pretty much non-existent. It also seems to become a bit more acute when I lie down, making sleep a little difficult. Now when I first woke up and felt the pain was still there, I called 911 and got a couple of EMTs to show up at my apartment.
Avatar n tn I take Nexium once a day, but still get a burning pain in throat, sometimes in Jaw, and ear. Sometimes will start in back in between shoulders and then into chest. I try taking maalox, and or tums,,,sometimes getting relief within a few min. I was in the hospital last Feb for these symptoms, and Pain on my left side. They did EKG, Blood work, and a stress test ( I passed) and said I did not have a heart attack. They did a hida scan and found that my gall baldder was working at 7 %.
Avatar f tn I cant tolerate this burning in chest all the day.its really bad .im in my 23 week pregnancy ndd i cant sleep whole night.
228936 tn?1249097848 I'm asking assuming that you've had an ultrasound that did not show the presence of any stones/sludge/inflammation or wall thickening, and that you don't have high cholesterol problems that might indicate that even if they can't 'see' sludge, it might be there because of your cholesterol numbers.