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Avatar n tn The severity of the burning sensation is often more after the meals (up to 5 to 6 hours most of the times) and is almost negligible in the morning when I get up from the bed. My galbladder was earlier removed 7 years ago following severe pain. Also, I have chronic gastric troubles. What could be the reason for the heart burn? Is it related to my earlier chest pain (related to heart) or related to the removal of galbladder or some reactions of the medicines I am taking?
Avatar n tn i am 16 years old male and i also didi a stress test as i thought it would be heart related, it was normal. what could this be. i also hear alot gurgling and gas in my chest and upper abdomen with burning sensations.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy im having the worse heartburn ever all day all night tums milk nothing is working baking soda in water NOTHING at all im told the more heartburn the more hair on your baby.. My son had a head of hair in my 20 week ultrasound but since then ii havent seen my buttbutt no more but wat can ii do to get some rest with heart burn iiwas up all night tossing turniin siittiin iin the bed with burning in my chest.
4842016 tn?1372042667 Yea. Its usually in my chest, stomach, lower and upper back. Its horrible. I've taken tums so much that they've quit working. And I was like you, even had it bad before I got pregnant. And it gets so bad that I can't even sit down comfortably.
7998970 tn?1435186802 Both during pregnancy. For me it felt acidic and kind of a burning sensation in my throat. If it's in your chest it should be like up by your collar bone, in the deep part of your throat. I think anyway.
Avatar n tn Then I took a nexium 40mg and that didnt work. I have pains pretty bad in chest an back, it even hurts to breath sometimes, it's been like this for 19hrs. What do I do?
Avatar f tn Besides the chest pain does it feel as if something is stuck in your throat?
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Avatar n tn I have had lots of heartburn and problems laying in bed with the feeling someone was pushing on my chest around the top of my stomach. My doctor requested I use omeprazole daily and not just temporary. After several months my whole digestive system changed. After 50+ years of regular bowel movement I started to get a little bound up and it seems like things don't move down thru my intestines like they use to. I have to use aids to soften my stool.
Avatar f tn So lastnight and today I experienced heartburn for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I thought I was going to die. It hurt to even lay down. smh I didnt know what was going on til I googled heartburn lol because at first I thought I was just extremely full from over eating which made my chest hurt badly. Heartburns are HORRIBLE!!!!!
198627 tn?1203057607 It was almost on a daily basis. Heartburn can be caused by stress, which is in the same boat as anxiety/panic, etc. The first step to do when you feel like this is to take something like pepcid AC or tagemet, etc. You will have to be a little patient, as it takes about 30 minutes to work, but for me it works VERY good.
Avatar n tn I ain't got no gaviscon in the house an I ain't got milk in the house.I've drank loads of water..I've got three pillows so my head is up high but stil nothing :-( :-( help what else can I do??
Avatar f tn You would think milk would help but in the long run it doesn't. It'll "coat" the heartburn but potentially make it worse.. I'm prescribed zantac by my doc, but I have it so bad I puke acid in my sleep and a lot of the times choke..
Avatar f tn Because they calcium relieved some of the acid less likely to trigger the reflux. There are also Rx meds available. Hope it eases up.
Avatar f tn 5-2.5 range. More protein in the meal results in a greater need for stomach acid. Individuals with non-obstructive acid reflux are often not able to get their pH low enough. The LES is known to be a pH sensitive valve that initiates closure when pH drops under 3.0. When the stomach does not have enough acid, the LES remains open and acid can spill into the esophageal region and damage the tissue.
7110266 tn?1392139611 From the first trimester I've had bad heartburn. Even water gives me heartburn chewable tums are my everything.
Avatar f tn Can someone please just sum up what having heartburn feels like, I know it's common in pregnant women so I knew it would come I just never knew how it would feel, I want to make sure this is really heartburn that I'm feeling and not anything serious bc this feeling truly *****, its feels like my throat and chest are just collapsing (that's a bit dramatic) but it really is an uneasy feeling, my throat is very irritated, my whole inside just feels really gasy...
Avatar f tn Ive tried everything for my heartburn which I got every other week, it would go on for hours and hours in the middle of the night so i chugged a bottle of water and vomit out all the acid. A tip from a nurse hotline I called when I couldnt take the pain. Couple minutes later it was such a huge relief of no chest inflammation or burning pressure. Slept so good right after.
Avatar f tn Before i knew i was pregnany i went to a cardiologist because of the burning sensation in my chest, i had 2 ecg readings with a month interval and she diagnosed me with either a blocked artery vs. GERD.. Im only 29 so my chances of a cardiac prob was low,but still had to be ruled out.. Im a coffee addict, 5-6 cups a day, so that predisposes me to Acid reflux. I didnt know i was prego that time, so i told her i wasnt, when she asked me about it.
Avatar f tn I NEVER remember having heartburn with any of my other pregnancies however I feel like by chest is on fire! I am only 9wks...have any of you experienced this so early in your pregnancy??? RELIEF PLEASE. .
Avatar n tn People who have heartburn in their families will have heartburn as a major issue. See - the body works like a machine --- and the liver cures or cleans the oil that lubes that machine.
Avatar f tn So I'm guessing it goes along with heartburn but it's not my chest it's like a burning in my throat..kind of like that just puked feeling. Any suggestions of how to cool/get rid of it?
Avatar f tn I found milk made me worse in the end, I was drinking litres of the stuff turns out the fat contents just aggravates heartburn more. I booked an appointment with my dr after trying gaviscon and acid neutralisers it got that angry and he gave me a thicker version called peptac its peppermint flavour but its like swallowing pva glue, nasty but you take 10mls before meal times or whenever you need it.
Avatar n tn The further I got in my pregnancies, the worse it was to sleep. I found the most comfortable place was a reclining rocking chair. The mixture of laying down and kind of sitting up seemed to help with the pressure. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I've had outrageous heartburn with this pregnancy. In the beginning milk would work but after a while it got so bad nothing was working. I was even to the point of throwing up stomach acid my heartburn was so bad. I talked to my ob and she actually prescribed me prilosec because zantac wasn't working with this pregnancy like it did with my previous three. I would try tums, rolaids or milk or other remedies before reverting to prescriptions if you aren't big into taking medication.
Avatar f tn 32wks also and tonight i am on fire with it! never in my life hav i ever had heartburn but i will def hav sympathy when people complain about it to me again. horrible or what!
4906205 tn?1360814314 You can always check with your doctor but my OB (who is the medical director of high risk pregnancies) told me it was ok to take regular strength PepcidAC. I started having terrible heartburn very early in pregnancy and tums did nothing. I take Pepcid twice a day and it's been a lifesaver! I actually buy the generic Wal-mart version (called Equate) and it's cheaper and works just as good. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Only thing that works for me is gaviscon liquid form. Ive had a horrendous time with heartburn this pregnancy and have tried everything. ..this is the only thing that works for me...
Avatar m tn I'd ask to be tested for celiac disease too... it's a pain in the *** to diagnosis (no pun in tended). It's extreme, but becoming more and more common. If the doctor is resistent to testing for it, you can also put yourself on a gluten free diet and see if it helps (http://gicare.com/Diets/Gluten-Free.aspx). Good luck and keep us posted!