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428185 tn?1203745389 As you can imagine, these sensations worry me a lot and I'm hoping to hear that my normal blood levels of those factors and the duration of the squeezing-clenching pain mean it's not angina or heart attack. I've read about unstable angina and how it occurs at rest - it's scary reading. I thank you again for taking the time to read and respond. I know how busy doctors are. My urologist even works on Sundays.
198627 tn?1203057607 And I KNOW there will be some of you who write me and say YOUR Aunt Edna died of a heart attack by the dessert trolley, grabbing her chest in excruciating pain............please refer back to what I said about the stats. That kind of MI can and does happen in women just as a more diffuse MI can happen in men.
1069143 tn?1471316210 I have heartburn, gas, and chest pain... I am a little worried, what causes this.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Can hearburn cost pain in my chest, arms and back? I had heart attack 5 months ago- two stents were placed, got clogged 3 months later and in January 2010 I had another stent placed inside those two. The pain never stopped but the doctors seem to think it is not cardiac...I do believe it is cardiac but trying to keep an open mind for all options.
Avatar m tn You could be Anemic, as well, which is low red blood cell in the body which decreases the amount of oxygen to the bodies organs, cells, and tissues, and can cause many symptoms if left untreated, such as fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and pale appearance of skin, mucus membranes, and nail beds. Severe anemia can cause fainting, dizziness, angina, chest pain and heart attack.
Avatar n tn Keeping the cholesterol levels down LDL 100 or below and HDL 52 or higher helps avoid blockage which can lead to another heart attack. Get your blood work done yearly and make sure it is staying where it needs to be even if it means taking medication to get it there.
Avatar n tn You are right in thinking that it is highly unlikely to be a heart attack with the pain lasting 3 days. I would suggest going to either your doctor's office, or the local emergency (depending on how bad you feel the pain really is, and how quickly you might be able to get into your doctor. Keep in mind, your Doctor,if not a cardiologist will likely have to refer you to one or just tell you to find one...) I have chronic cardiac chest pain.
1814992 tn?1316894451 Im not sure if it heart attack or heartburn or something else. I didnt experience any shortness of breath, dizziness , fainting . I even think that it could be nerve demage . I dont know... WHen I looked my throat in the morror, I see little red veins has appeared . Doctor checked only my blood pressure which was normal and refused to do further checking of heart , telling that I might be very young to have heart attack.
Avatar n tn The hoarsness in the morning has recently showed up also. Do you think all the pain is from acid reflux, or should I have heart work up done....I am sooo confused what all of this is....
Avatar f tn After meds for that, the chest pain became better. I still was paranoid about my heart, but less pain helped make it easier to change my way of thinking.
Avatar n tn I have taken Prilosec and it helps for a few days or so but then the heartburn (?) comes back. In addition, the last 2 or 3 days I've had this feeling that I can't take a deep breeath and that I need to yawn to catch my breath. There is some pain or pressure under my rib cage (in that space in the middle). Mostly, I just wanted to say how greatful I am to have found this forum.
428185 tn?1203745389 Do good results from a stress/echo test, EKG and resting echocardiogram preclude angina or heart attack? I passed these tests, so I can't figure out this squeezing pain I get in my chest. First I thought it was heartburn because I have hiatal hernia, but it's not a burning pain at all, and neither Prilosec, Tums nor water helps. I get these maybe 3-4 times a year, but I've had 3 this year already. Last night was bad, it finally went away but it's back again but milder right now.
Avatar f tn I get severe chest, shoulder and jaw pain somehow from heartburn sometimes. Feels like what I imagine a heart attack would feel like but I know it's not. Occasionally I get heart palpitations (which can be more normal in pregnancy) and if they go on long enough my chest can start to hurt as well. Midwife wasn't too worried as b.p and heart rate were all fine.
Avatar f tn I've been having really bad chest pain all night I can't sleep because of it. It's so hard to breath it feels like a stabbing pain I'm 32+3 weeks I've been trying to wait till my doctors office opens but is getting worst I have never in my life had pain like this and it's starting to scare me. Has anyone else experienced pain like this.
1180004 tn?1264470354 My symptoms are chest pain, it sometimes moves to my arm but then goes away I get so scared but everyone tells me its nothing just heartburn but does heartburn really stay with you everyday all the time? Ok so it hurts but its a pain that i can stand but its just irritaing not knowing what is wrong. When I was younger and when i would go to the doctors office they would tell me i have high blood preasure and i would start to control it but sometimes it would get high anyway.
Avatar f tn Winnie, under the circumstances I would call a cardiologist (or at least your family doctor) immediately. The increasingly bad symptoms, especially the heartburn, can mean an approaching heart attack. My father was 44 when he had "stomach" problems, and soon died of a heart attack. I am 52, have normal blood pressure, pulse, ECG, etc., but have been having the classic symptoms of stable angina over the last few weeks (and less frequent symptoms for much longer).
Avatar f tn Recently I had severe burning chest pain. Thought it may be heartburn but it continued to get worse. Went to ER and was given nitroglycerin which stopped the pain with 3 - 4 minutes. Had a stress echocardiogram which the Dr. was concerned about. He said the bottom of my heart did not appear to be squeezing properly and I could possible have a blockage. A cardiac catheterization was ordered and showed no blockages.
Avatar n tn It has never occured during times of increased heartrate (I workout and play tennis often and I never experience the pain then). I have had various heart and chest tests done over the years and a couple of emergency visits but the feedback I have received was that though my symptons may appear to coincide with those associated with a heart attack, all signs indicate that I am too young and healthy and that I am more likely just experiencing heart burn.
Avatar f tn thank you bill for your timely response,the pain lasted about four hours,next day i had a headache,see i diden't have actual heart burn just chest pain ,the whole thing left me un nerved ,i'm not an over reacter and the last place i wanted to go is the er ,the doctor asked me well what were u expecting it to be ,,,umm i wanted to say i expect you do your job and tell me why my chest hurts ,I THINK he missed the bed side manner class or something ,,
Avatar f tn I was certain I was experiencing a heart attack or stroke due to the pain, shortness of breath, high bp and pulse. It was heartburn (gerds). I was instructed to get nexium, avoid certain foods.
Avatar f tn I would start with your PCP and maybe on to a gastroenterologist. GERD can produce chest pain, severe chest pain that feels very much like a heart attack. I know because I have had it. And I was convinced that they were missing something but they were not. I just have severe GERD. As said by jayman panic attacks can produce chest pain or aggravate it.
Avatar f tn The symptoms for a female heart attack as a feeling of doom up to a month before the incident occurs, definate shortness of breath, slight pressure in the chest region and remember the heart sits dead center of the nipple line and very slightly to the left, nausea, dizziness, pain that may be in the upper or lower back and face pain in some instances. Our symptoms again are not the same as a males and our left arms or not effected and believe it or not it is genetic based and has to do w.
1243543 tn?1269127622 I get chest pain, shortness of breath ,heartburn,racin heart,back and shoulder pain and indegestion very bad fatigue and also get dizzy and feel unbalanced all thruout the day.I have been to the er twice had ekg and blood work also seen a cardioligist and had a ultrasound says everythings fine but wants me to have a stress test this week but im scared im gonna have a heart attack.
Avatar f tn His heartburn wasn't a burning feeling either, more a stabbing pain, which he at first thought was a heart attack. I started getting that pain maybe, three years ago, and I get the pain only a few times a year, but when I do, it's pretty bad. Sometimes I can find a cause for it, like spicy food, but sometimes it just seemed completely random.
1947337 tn?1331427490 About an hr later, I started having severe chest pains! Im talking, I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. I took a Prilosec, then 2 tums, then baking soda and water, then tried a soda to make myself burp but nothing helped..I tried moving around, thinking if I cud do a world record burp that I wud get relief. I took hydrocodone and that didn't even touch it. The pain was all the way around me, like someone was squeezing the air out of me and stabbing me at the same time.
Avatar f tn A bruised or broken rib, and panic attack all can lead to pain in chest.GERD can cause heartburn and chest discomfort. If the pain is on left side of chest and is accompanied with sweating, shortness of breath it can be an indication of heart attack etc.There are many other things it could be so if it persists you should seek medical help. A clinical examination and workup will definitely help. An X-ray chest and ECG may help. It is best to seek medical help. Best luck and regards!