Heartburn pregnancy chest pains

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7998970 tn?1435186802 What does it feel like? Is it like actual pains on your chest? I have this burning sensation a lot in my throat I use to have it before I got pregnant & now I get it a lot more but im assuming that's not it right?
Avatar n tn Today my question is about heartburn. I have pain in my chest, but it really isn't a burning sensation. I know this sounds really stupid, but is this heartburn or what?
384896 tn?1335297931 I'm 25w4d now, and for this past, I dunno, week, I've been getting these strange sharp pains on the right side of my chest. Sometimes it'll only last a few seconds, sometimes just a minute or two. That happens maybe once every day or so, SOMETIMES two... But like, today, I got a really REALLY sharp pain on my right side, followed by a tightness in my throat... then like, the pain traveled up the left side of my neck to my ear, but that pain wasn't that bad, it was more annoying than painful...
657989 tn?1225210480 I have been having these unbareable chest pains which has also come with a server sore throte with crazy swollen glands.
Avatar f tn Hi Mummys, I'm 32wks today.. I've had heartburn throughout my entire pregnancy and at the begining was prescribed Zantac as I couldn't take my normal Nexium tablets. I started seeing another doctor who took me off the tablets which upset me because they worked so well, he advised I take things like Quick-Eze or Mylanta, so I tried both.
Avatar n tn I describe my heartburn during pregnancy as chest pain. Second question....yes that is normal. I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel it every pregnancy.
169867 tn?1327602254 I remember my sister in-law complaining a lot about getting jabbed in the ribs by her son's foot!! Heartburn would be more in the middle of your chest where your esophagus is, and much higher.
Avatar f tn I did have this while I was pregnant, well the chest pains not the arm pains. The arm pains came on when my son was about 5-6 months old. They thought at first it was related to the way I was holding him. It wasn't until about 3 months ago they started taking my left arm pains seriously. I am actually going tomorrow for a CT scan of my chest/neck to r/o problems with my subclavian vein. I do not get hot sweats or a feeling of weakness with my chest pressure.
177465 tn?1288242063 is it normal to have such horrendous heartburn this late in pregnancy?! I can not lay down on my back even when propped by lots of pillows. Laying on my side is also nearly impossible. I just get this terrible hearbutn and awful, awful chest pains! I feel like someone's blowing up a balloon behind my ribcage......and baby Max is much lower than that! I've just read so much about how when baby drops the heartburn tends to stop somewhat. So why is mine getting 100x worse? Sorry.....
Avatar f tn It would be the first i've heard that these types of pains are associated with implantation or early pregnancy. Typically when I have chest pains and shoulder pains, it's associated with severe heartburn, which I experienced last week. Regardless, I send baby dust your way!
210400 tn?1325384170 Hopefully it will pass. When I have had heartburn it is definitely in the upper regions of my chest...not my stomach. And sorry about the abcess....what next huh??
Avatar f tn I haven't heard of chest pains being an early symptom of pregnancy. Sometimes you'll get it later on but that is only because the baby is big and grabbing onto your ribs and things like that. I might contact your doctor about the chest pains though if they are really bad. Better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn It could be heartburn/ acid reflux, or even anxiety. Best to call your Dr and be safe.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm a ftm and 2 months pregnant. Today I had really bad chest pains right in the middle of my chest between the boobs, is this normal? I know it's not heartburn it's just a constant pain. It lasted for several hours but has gone away now. Should I be worried ? Call my doc? I'm so confused but don't want to stress out. Thanks.
Avatar n tn i'm having sharp pains in my chest and upper back feels like it's right under my shoulder blades. constant sharp pain feels like somethings in my throat as well. I thought it was heart burn as i suffer from acid refluc but i took a zantac a hour and a half ago and there is no relief.
Avatar n tn I have really bad chest pains and headaches i had x-rays a ct and they cant find anything.The headaches hurt so bad i cry not even asprin helps and these chest pains make it hard to breath.Could i have a heart problem please help.
Avatar n tn After August 17th I started getting heartburn breast are super tinder feeling light headed chest pains a big cough it's hurts to cough.
Avatar n tn I'm not experiencing the stomach pains, but about two weeks ago I started getting chest pains on my left side. It feels like its in my rib cage! It also hurts all along the side and to the back. I'm not feeling notious either. What could it be??
Avatar m tn results normal. I also get the pains in my left and right chest and lower abdomen, but it always goes away. Eat light until it passes.
Avatar f tn As for me i had to go to the lab every 2 days and was placed on progesterone suppository. Im also a high risk pregnancy so i have appointments every 2 weeks. Our first ultrasound is next monday im so excited but scared at the same time.
Avatar f tn 3 months ago i started getting pregnancy symptoms to the max throwing up, sore boobs, lower back pains, veins showing on my chest, peeing all the time etc. Taken pregnancy test but come up negative. For about 4-5 weeks now i have been getting heartburn, leg cramps, trap nerve, achy legs, gone off some foods i love and eating things i never would usually eat and craving things, trouble sleeping the works.
Avatar n tn However, I am still having these chest pains and sometimes shortness of breath (especially when I workout). I am not one to go to the doctor often, so I am hoping this is nothing serious. Is there anything I should be looking in to or should I not worry since the ultrasound came back fine 2 years ago? According to the charts, I am 20lbs overweight; however I do work out 3 times a week (cardio and weight training). HELP! ...
Avatar n tn I can understand your frustration and if you haven't seen a cardiologist yet I would do so. Having chest pains in general is very scary and unfortunately some doctors don't take women especially young women seriously. I started having chest pains when I was a teenager. I was told that I had indigestion. As the years went on my symptoms became more frequent and lasted longer however I would get the brush off.
224256 tn?1212260623 I am now 37 weeks pregnant, which is when this pain started. The chest pains I have been having recently are crushing and making it very hard to breathe at all. Little pants of air is all I can get. At the same time, muscles in my upper back contract so hard, it feels like it is going to break my bones. It gets so intense, it makes me cry and scream if I have enough breath to do so. Made me want to cut off my upper body. Before pregnant I suffered from esophageal spasms and bad G.I.
3095819 tn?1341022945 But I would call your Ob-Gyn's office and run it by them first because there can be so many weird pains during pregnancy. Unless you are at high risk for cardiac disease for some reason, and then I'd call 911.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks ago i started to get a mild low back pain after a few days it had got worse and spread to my left hip and left side,after 2 wks it eased of and then week later came back really worse,the pain seems to come from my left sided,around my kidney area and across my stomach,with sharp pains and niggly pains also in my right side.