Heartburn and pregnancy second trimester

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5427210 tn?1367859622 Im 25+5 & enjoyed my whole second semester so far...
372206 tn?1235171893 Im 14 weeks 4 days and this morning have woke up with THE WORST heartburn ever. Is this normal this early on?? What can i take for it???
Avatar f tn I had terrible heartburn with my two girls starting in the second trimester. Tums didn't help me so my doctor suggested trying one of the OTC heartburn medications. I tried Prilosec (which he made sure was safe) and it worked great! I would get heartburn and reflux from almost everything I ate, so mine was really awful. Check with your doctor if the Tums don't work!
Avatar n tn I have had horrible heartburn with this pregnancy since the begining.. I do not take anything for it other than TUMS... I would mention it to your dr but pretty much you can have it .. not have it.. it can last days or my case months... I drink milk to help as well.
Avatar f tn I have had horrible heartburn since my second trimester. I'm 36 weeks now. Every night no matter what I do it never fails. Zantac and milk are life savers! Also, I've never heard of heartburn being linked to preeclampsia.
Avatar f tn Ugh I've had awful heartburn since my second trimester and I'm 36+4 now and it hasn't let up. I'm having a boy as well. The full head of hair was accurate in my family as well as my sons fathers family too lol so I'm just gonna wait and see. My doctor said once the baby starts dropping the pressure is relieved and its not as bad later on. Good luck and congrats!
Avatar f tn Nothing helped and I had it my entire pregnancy. Oh, and he came out BALD! Its 2 and a half now and JUST had his first hair cut. He didn't even really need one lol. My OB told me gaviscon was safe but, it did nothing for me either.
Avatar f tn Well, I suppose the myth Is true for me. I started havin' horrible heartburn and acid reflux towards the late second trimester, beginning of my third trimester, I don't remember the exact week It started, sorry. But before that, I didn't have any heartburn and reflux until then. My baby boy came out with a full head of hair!
796506 tn?1370191905 Well for being in the second trimester I find myself feeling the same :( Yes itchty nipples My full size boobs have gotten fuller I will be buying new bras this weekend I have a belly and look preggos Movement here and there mostly at night Still vomiting, heartburn and nausea Headaches Need naps during the day I need my energy level to pick up it is getting very hard to concentrate at work and I find myself being short tempered. My dh is hating me right now. He says I am mean to him.
470885 tn?1326332637 This time, I've been having it since the beginning of the second trimester and, especially in the last couple of days, during any time of the day. So far, I've been taking over-the-counter antacids, but at my last appointment, my OB mentioned that if it didn't get better (or got worse), he could prescribe something. I back to see him on Monday, and I may ask about that. It's just really unpleasant! Sweets make it worse, I find, so I try to avoid those....
1205562 tn?1554750606 Hey ladies... it is really nice to be out of the first trimester (and the second one is even longer) but we have a ton of wonderful things to look forward to in the up coming weeks and does anyone else think that October is coming awfully quickly?
12476639 tn?1427034291 Certainly felt like you describe for first pregnancy (plus SUCH swollen feet and ankles and back pain), and felt similar for 2nd (without the cankles), but I'm surprisingly doing ok at the 36 week mark of this one! Was a little rough in 2nd trimester, highly fatigued, with SPD, but 3rd trimester has been very smooth for some reason! But I can still sympathise with you, my memories are clear enough!
Avatar n tn FTM here, 55 more days. Ready to not sound like I'm dying getting into the car and ready to say adios to the heartburn and mood swings! Can't wait to meet my baby boy!
192291 tn?1345403735 He didn't even need a haircut until he was 18 months old! I've had more heartburn this time and earlier on, it started in the second trimester. I don't know what we're having....but I"m pretty sure that heartburn, like many other pregnancy symptoms, doesn't indicate one gender over the other.
Avatar f tn Third trimester for me has consisted of a lot of heartburn and insomnia! But I feel my baby move around all day I'm 34 weeks now. First time mom so I'm not really sure what to expert from labor either.
Avatar f tn I popped a lot of the no name version of Tums when I was pg. with DS - my heartburn started in my second trimester and got worse as my belly grew. DS never had any acid reflux issues from this. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Can't even explain it. And they itch so bad along with my stomach and back. And Rosa yea every pregnancy is different from what I hear. I got about three weeks left in this trimester, which is sad, since it's said to be the best stage of a pregnancy, but I enjoy everyday that takes me closer and closer to my due date, Only 16 weeks left until my lil man is due to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn this is my 5th pregnancy ( 3 children and 1 MC) and you would think by now it would be easier, but each pregnancy is different. my 1st pregnancy I was really sick like this although i was able to eat just most of ti came back up, My other pregnancies i had nausea and vomiting , but no to this extreme. My first Dr appt is wednesday and I plan on talking to her then about the nausea.
Avatar n tn So i already had acid reflux prior to becoming pregnant, and it's only gotten worse as i get closer to my due date. My doctor reccomended tums during the first and second trimester, but in the last 3 months it has become so painful i can NOT even move when i get it... not to mention i was eating 1000mg tums like candy!! Ive cut out all greasy or acidic foods from my diet completely and my doctor recommended to now take prevacid which is safe during pregnancy and is over the counter.
Avatar f tn Like orange, apple, tomatos. Anything acidic will make yout get heartburn ive had heartburn since the second trimester. My son will probably have a lot of hair. And i cant wait to eat stuff with acid again that wont give me heartburn. (: hope that helps.
Avatar f tn My first child it seemed like I was plagued with indigestion and heartburn. At birth a head full of hair. My second pregnancy was smooth sailing. I had very little, if at all, heartburn and my baby had peach fuss on top.
Avatar f tn Every pregnancy is different and the symptoms can come and go at every stage of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and 4 days. DD mid March. I get cramping off and on and yesterday i left work early cause I realllly needed a nap. Ever since I stopped drinking coffee I feel sleepy and out of it all the time.
Avatar f tn My midwife told me I didn't just have heartburn I have GERD. Talk to your drs about it and until you do you can take pepcid ac. Thats what they prescribed me and it really does help. And it wont hurt your baby.
Avatar f tn Im a little anxious about because people continue to say it will be like the first trimester.. and that the second trimester was going to be my only pregnant ''break''.
Avatar f tn Ive had sever acid reflux and indigestion this pregnancy. I'm 34w with baby #3. Mine started in my second trimester and has only gotten worse now in the thirdtrimester the baby is now taking up room that once belonged to my acutal stomach. I started out trying the TUMS and it just did not work for me, i killed a bottle in about a week and a half. They decided then to put me on Previcid which worked brilliantly till insurance decided they would only pay for 90 pills a year.
184342 tn?1282592350 ), but my bp has been great... I just checked it monday... so now I have all the thrid trimester stuff, heartburn and really really achy back AND all the first trimester stuff... I am 29 weeks... anyone else experience this... I don't think I am sick, but I do think I might have come down with IBS... maybe that is what is making me feel this way?? I just want to make sure this is all normal... it wasn't what happened the first time...
Avatar n tn ) this is my second pregnancy and I'm only 17. I honestly this pregnancy is so much better then my first .
521037 tn?1212279053 If you have taken what 3 tests and they were all neg? and also fyi taking bc during the first and even part of the second month of your pregnancy shouldnt harm the baby if you are pregnant. BC is just high doses of hormones to basically trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so it wont get pregnant.. If that makes any sense.. But yeah.. just go to the doctor.. blood tests are really accurate.