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Avatar f tn Pepcid is a life saver!!! Tums don't work for me and make me nauseous.
Avatar f tn Try zantac twice a day. I had heartburn so bad until beginning of 3rd trimester.
Avatar f tn Im almost 28 weeks and i just started getting heartburn. Im not liking this lol. What are some ways to help me from heartburn?
Avatar f tn I had it really really bad this pregnancy. Definitely ask for zantac what a life saver.
Avatar f tn Talk to your OB about what may be safe to use on your pregnancy. In general, Tums are generally considered safe in pregnancy. Although they may not work for very long periods of time but your OB can recommend a medication that better suits your pregnancy. I had horrible heartburn in my last pregnancy, I would literally choke on pure acid (very gross, I know!) But after I delivered..I had sudden abdominal pain.
3166744 tn?1357933847 What do you ladies take for heartburn? That is safe?? I'm really against any type of medication during pregnancy but this heartburn is terrible!! Help!!
Avatar f tn Milk, don't eat right before bed, lay down slowly and not all the way, prop yourself up a little with pillows, also over the counter relief that's safe for pregnancy is called Rennie it's a red box and quite cheap for how much you get per box (I got 42 pack)
Avatar f tn I have heartburn everyday everytume I eat I feel like I'm drowning and sometimes at night I throw up in my mouth.
Avatar f tn The first time I had heartburn I took Prilosec. It works wonders! It's a 24 hour medicine. I highly recommend it and it's safe during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I am 18 weeks pregnant and have terrible acid reflux and heartburn every day. what products is it safe to take on a daily basis? I have tried dietary remedies but these have not seemed to help.
Avatar f tn You could take antacids that are pregnancy-safe or try a more natural approach. Certain foods also cause heartburn. Like iceberg lettuce, citrus juices, spicy foods, & etc... look it up online.
Avatar f tn I started getting heartburn early in my pregnancy. I'm 21 weeks now and still have it. It's gotten a bit worse these past 3 days, as if my stomach and throat are constantly burning. I usually drink milk to help my heartburn and occasionally take tums.
Avatar f tn I tried Prilosec (which he made sure was safe) and it worked great! I would get heartburn and reflux from almost everything I ate, so mine was really awful. Check with your doctor if the Tums don't work!
Avatar m tn I take pepcid and I do not like taking meds, but my heartburn was so bad that it was making me ill and nauseous. It has worked miracles and the Dr. says it safe.
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I'm suffering from the worst heartburn ever!!! It makes me throw up. What are some great remedies?
Avatar f tn Ranitidine. You can find it at walmart with the zantec it is completely safe during pregnancy ive had to take it with both of mine.
Avatar f tn You can actually take tums, its completely safe!...
9455625 tn?1412824362 This is my second pregnancy and had it horrible the whole time with my first and I'm 26+6 and it's starting to get out of control. I have tried tums, chewables, and the liquid but none of it's working. I tried milk also. I can't seem to get rid of it. HELP?!?!?
Avatar f tn Zantac is a over the counter pregnancy safe medicine that I take for extreme heartburn and it works amazing. It's a tiny little pill that you swallow.
Avatar n tn I'm now 28 weeks 4 days and although so many people have told me you get it bad in pregnancy I've not suffered from it up until now so I thought I was lucky but over the last few days I've been suffering soooo bad with heartburn. It wakes me up in the middle of the night and as soon as I've eaten I can feel it starting. Does anyone know of any remedies? Other than chugging loads of gaviscon and rennies lol.
Avatar f tn but I assume you are suffering from the same heartburn that most mothers go through during pregnancy because the baby is pushing against your stomach. Since it's not safe to take an over the counter antacid; I suggest speaking with your doctor or a pharmacist about the problem. They can tell you what you can safely take during the remainder of your pregnancy. Take care ...
Avatar f tn I eat apples. It's just magic, heartburn disappears!