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213398 tn?1202674074 Even Dr MJM said on the other forum in a recent post that he sometimes gets sudden pains in his chest when he breathes in.
Avatar n tn Last night I sort of woke up when I felt this spasmy like pain in the center of my chest, I was dreaming about it as well and calling it "Skeletal chest pain" or something along those lines. I remember pushing on my chest and it hurting when I took a deep breath. Then I just turned over on my side, arched my back to crack my spine, and went back to sleep and the pain was gone. I have a cardiologist and have had normal check ups with "trace" MVP.
Avatar n tn Shes 13 now, so I have had it for a while.,.. My question is does anyone know WHY my heartburn pain starts in my upper back, right behind my heart area, and then proceeds to a bad burning sensation in my neck and throat...its very painful and is relieved my antacids, although only for a short period of time, which leaves me taking several doses before all is over.
4250330 tn?1388624779 symptom releiver,.. i,m going to assum you have this presure pain in your chest just to the right of center , .. it starts low out of no where ,... and it just gets worse by the seconds, sometimes you can feel it clear up in your jaw,,,.if you drink something it hurts like hell to swollow and is hard to do so as well ??, ......
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I am having pains in the center of my chest when I breathe really deep in,I am not short of breath and don't feel bad. It's just when I try really hard to breathe in really deep. I have bad heartburn and haven't been taking my medicine recently, I don't know if that could cause some chest pains while breathing?
Avatar n tn I was wondering if heartburn/indigestion feeling in the center of my chest could be a new symptom of the hyperthyroid i was just diagnosed with. Mostly I have been having trouble with panic attacks but the last couple days I have a burning chest-dead center-kinda like heartburn......any clues? Is hyperthyroid known to have heartburn as a symptom as well as all the other lovely symptoms I have been having??? THanks!!!!
10374 tn?1242244878 For the past week, I have had pain in the center of my chest, that goes straight through to my back. On some areas of my chest and over my left breast and under my arm, it is very tender when I press there. I cannot detect any lumps. The pain mostly stays to the center and goes straight through my back right to the bones that go down my back. My doc seems to think this is costochondritis or a pleurisy thing. I am just now recovering from viral meningitis. I had that for almost two weeks.
1351082 tn?1479843732 I really need help on this, I have a constant 24/7 discomfort in the left side of my chest, it feels like a intense burning pressure, I feel my heart beating hard almost like its vibrating in my chest, normal beat not fast, its very tight and I have lil pains almost a tingling stinging sensation in left center of the chest. It is not the burn like heartburn. My upper back feels very tight and my chest hurts even more if i put pressure on it.
Avatar m tn i have had burning in chest off and on but this morning i woke up with burning in center of chest. Took prilosec but did not help. Then i got soreness across my upper chest. Not tightness but burning and soreness. Can this be caused by the acid reflex or can it be from my neck issues.Either way does it sound like heart?
1756592 tn?1315366837 For the past three days I've had a tightness in the middle of my chest right under my breast bone/above my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable and it comes and go throughout the day but I notice it more at night when I'm laying down. Has anyone experienced this feeling? The best way I can describe it is a feeling like someone is squeezing the inside of my chest. I have don't have any breathing problems.
Avatar f tn I drank a tall glass lemonade five days days ago, and six hours after drinking it (and eating nothing in between), I started having a sharp, uncomfortable stomach ache which moved up into my chest, giving me heartburn I THINK ( not a burning feeling, like a really bad stabbing, pressure feeling) in the center of my chest.
1496859 tn?1304519034 ) but they do not know what chiari or syrnx is, they have never heard of it so they guessed a really bad case of heartburn and gave me more meds, ....great, or not.... Is there a connection between Chiari/syrinx and heartburn or could this be b/c of all the pain meds I am taking? or is there something else that causes this? Is this heartburn??
Avatar n tn Heartburn (also know as acid indigestion) occurs when the stomach produces too much acid and causes a discomfort that may be misinterpreted as anginal chest pain. Often, acid indigestion is accompanied by gastroesophageal reflux of acid up the esophagus. Acid indigestion doesn't cause a cardiac problem but may be related if the cardiac problem causes increased stress which can in turn increase stomach acid production. Imdur usually doesn't cause stomach upset also.
Avatar f tn By that time my RCA had become over 90% blocked. So in short, yes, cardiac chest pain is usually in the dead center of the chest. But in my opinion any chest pain should be evaluated. Start out with an appointment with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I have sinus tachycradia, lately while at rest my chest feels like it is burning,almost like heartburn, and I am getting pain in the center of my chest. There is a tingling in my arm and in my feet. I can feel that my heart is not beating right , almost feels like it is quivering. This lasts only a few minutes but sometimes will come back for a few more minutes. Iam currently taking inderal for the tachycardia. What is going on with me?
Avatar n tn The pain seems to be exactely 3 inches above my right nipple, and three inches in towards the center of the chest. I could push on that area and it would hurt to the touch. I am confused because this is the same area I occasionaly get this quick sharp pain when my hernia is acting up. So I do not know if it's from the fall or I affected the hernia from the fall, or something altogether different.
Avatar f tn I have had a history of high cholesterol and triglycerides, but according to doctors, the ratings were nothing extreme. I have had a pain in the center of my chest for six weeks and it won't go away. I feel it more when I'm lying down and when I take a deep breath. I don't have health insurance so I haven't seen a doctor. I'm hoping someone can tell me what is causing the pain. Please let me know what it could be and how to stop it.
Avatar n tn I awoke on the third day with mild pressure in the very center of my chest, about an inch above the nipples. The discomfort didn't disrupt my day but it is noticeable. My wife does not have these symptoms. I do not seem to have any difficulty breathing and there is no additional pain when breathing. My lungs overall feel fine. Coughing causes a slight increase in discomfort.
Avatar m tn For last 1 1/2 weeks my chest has a pain in the center. Notice in the morning after laying down and when I swallow I feel pain. I had a cold/flu approx. 6 weeks ago and was able to function after about 2 days. However, I have had a persistent cough that never seem to go away. Its not all the time once I am up in the morning it eleveates for the most part but annoying. I have recently started on ibuprophen and it helps a little. I do not feel like I have congestion.
Avatar f tn I've had same symptoms as kramer6287,ghostnoise. 22 yr old female. pain in chest, thru to back shoulder blades left, right side of chest. stabbing in back, headaches, dizzy, nausea, white clammy @ times. diet not much of anything. scared to eat certain foods stick to what i can and what i know. chest. hard to take breath feels force of pressure on chest. happened since nov & dec 09 gone for 3 mths now back in april not gone since.
Avatar m tn He claims that its not a heart condition, rather its a bad case of heartburn. He claims that the reason that I wake up with my chest tight is because I have the fan blowing right in my face, and that would cause me to breathe differently, "forcely breathing" as he stated. He also said that alot of it could be musclar pain. At work we have to pull or push palletes (on rollers) that are from 5000-10000 pounds. And that Im stretching the muscle. I tried his no fan theory.
Avatar m tn I just had a pain between my left nipple and the center of my chest. After that, it felt like my whole body got warm for about 30 seconds and then I felt ok. I dont know what is going on. Can someone PLEASE explain how heart burn feels? I should tell you, I am a type 2 diabetic,been diagnosed with having Gerd, and IBS.Had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago. And been having lower back pain for the last week. My Doctor does not know what is going on with me.
Avatar n tn I started having all kinds of crazy simptoms. Chest pains in the center and left side, pain in my left arm,jaw pain, My right side of my face and eye went numbed I felt electric shock fealings on my fingers My toung felt like it was burning i had blured vision my scalp was numbed acid reflux lots of pain in my upper stomach depression fear no energy. And all the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me. I think thats crazy.
10565128 tn?1422610609 Also, pain from the heart is generally at the center of the chest, not to to the left and would feel like a tight band. also the fact you can pinpoint the pain suggests its not from the heart as pain from the heart can be hard to pin point.
Avatar n tn Hi, Recently (about the last month or 2 at most) ive been experiencing chest pains usually unexpected. This pain occurs in the center of the rib cage, feels almost as if I could touch it, and is short, but usually leaves a after feeling(a very slight pain, which usually comes and goes) thruout the rest of the day/night, and usually seems to come with breathing. I am 20 years old, and a marijuana smoker, fairly heavily for the last year 1/2.
1351082 tn?1479843732 I dont have a heartburn type pain or any other stomach discomfort, its a nagging pain in the center left of my chest in one main spot and its feels real tight and hurts its a burning type pain but not that of heartburn.......Im so tired of it and now my left shoulder has been killing me....feels like tension cause the chest pain is so bad I have been tensing up, its kinda hard not to do.....I just pray everyday that it goes away....Im a lil scared can't lie that the Dr's are missing something.
Avatar n tn Heart pain feels like a heavy squeezing pressure in the center of my chest that radiates to my left arm/hand and left side of neck, even upper back between my shoulder blades. It makes me sweat and turn white. I feel out of breath. Heartburn gives me a bloated feeling with a burning in my throat. If you go to the heart forum you'll find the doctors' answer to the cause of chest pain, and there's lots of them.
Avatar f tn sometimes i get pain in the right side of my chest and sometimes in the right... i get alot of heartburn but it does when i take a remidy... i went to the hospital one night as i thought i was having a heart attack turns out i wasnt thank god.. but i keep feeling like i am having one .. im 1st aid trained and all the symtoms are of a heart attack as far as im aware i get the clammy palms and around my mouth turns a blue colour.. but this also happens when im cold..