Heartburn and quitting smoking

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2120637 tn?1335999377 The crazy part about all this is that I never considered all these symptoms to be part of quitting smoking. I thought the stomach flu was somehow lingering and spreading around my body in other ways and kept blaming all the symptoms I was having on the stomach virus and started getting the bad anxiety because I kept thinking it was still the stomach virus but knowing that stomach viruses don't last that long but thinking I must have caught a new strain with changing symptoms lol.
1071464 tn?1276909988 I am getting all other facets of my life in order to live my fullest and most joyful life with my family and to serve God with a healthy temple.
848829 tn?1260789518 I was told not to smoke while I was waiting for the sockets to clot and heal, and with cigarette prices jumping up again I have decide to call it quits. before I went to the dentist I was smoking a pack or more every day, with the pain and worry I have cut back to around 5 cigarettes a day hopefully within a week I will not be using at all.
Avatar m tn I started smoking at about 18 and quit once for a whole year then started again due to stress so I started smoking again, I have tried quitting again and nothing seems to work, I have tried the patch, the gum, cold turkey but always find myself going to the store and buying a pack of smokes with in a week after trying to quit again. If anyone has any suggestions for me besides going to the doctors please share.
Avatar f tn I'm really working in not smoking for the baby and myself , I know all the bad things about smoking and really want to quit for good ! I'm just trying to not freak out about quitting ... Every time I try to quit I just end up smoking more , but I have a big reason to quit !
Avatar n tn Day two of tapering off smoking. Goal today is 10-13, and I'm trying to space them 1.5-2.5 hours apart.
1568041 tn?1311615212 I also want to go on some bc pills for acne and pelvic pain but to do so I have to be quit for at least 3 months. BC pills and smoking do not mix if you are over 35. So I am going to try....here goes nothing....lol.
788914 tn?1252101665 At midnight Friday May 29, I stubbed out my last ciggie. I have been wanting to give up for many years and have tried a few times. I think the best I got was 6 days. But this time, it has to be permanent. Already, I feel a heap better. My lungs are getting more oxygen, my breath doesnt stink of cigs, my clothes dont stink of cigs, my lungs are starting to heal themselves, the mucus that gathers on your tounge as a smoker is gone, and I feel so good.
Avatar n tn i am going crazy trying to quit smoking cigarettes
Avatar f tn ive been smoking for 12 yrs now and im upto 2 packs aday..any suggestions as to what is the best way to start quitting? any advice would be greatly appreciated...........
Avatar n tn org/disease-info/wellness/smoking/index.aspx for ways to help you quit smoking. Also check with your doctor for other quit smoking resources in your area.
657020 tn?1238037518 So I am quitting smoking tonight/tomorrow. I don't feel like I'm totally ready. I haven't made the lists. I had an idea to print out pictures of cute babies that I could put up inside the trailer. Oh the trailer! I really wanted to finish it before I quit smoking. I actually meant to work on it today but totally spaced and ended up on medhelp all day long. Maybe I should do it tonight. Maybe I could get most of it done. I just hope I can do it.
Hero Well its time to kick this dirty old Habit. The Monkey on my back is saying Good bye the more active I am. I love this Tracking stuff, it really helps me enjoy working out. Its more like a game to me now. Edit 1/30 still going strong.
212753 tn?1275073111 I am very excited because I am going to be hypnotized to quit smoking.I will make journal entries to let everyone know how well it works for me.
687960 tn?1227207608 I have discovered that my smoking directly correlates w/my flashbacks & other symptoms of PTSD I am quitting & working on it anyway.
Avatar f tn Getting a bit irritable because I want a fag.
637496 tn?1223055782 Today is day 3 of no smoking. I have done really well. My cough however has seemed to get worse. Not sure why. Maybe because I am not filling with lungs with garbage anymore? I just don't know. I am suprisingly strong during this. I thought I wouldn't make it but look at me! 72 hours no cig!!!
397539 tn?1233258097 I have joined an exercising club, and trying to do good in my life and for my family... I am done with smoking....
2095501 tn?1333143266 I spent the night in the emergency department. The whole ordeal and being awake so long led to smoking 3 cigarettes, this morning. I'm hoping that once I sleep, I can get back on track with quitting.
4752205 tn?1358785010 I quit smoking for three days last week, did not pick up one cigarette! Had a small craving and one was available, so of course I smoked it. Now i'm back on track to quitting again. Not sure how soon exactly it will be, but i'm ready to get it done!
6754484 tn?1389144534 I feel like one of those little lame asthmatic kids nobody likes, the ones with the coke-bottle-thick glasses and braces and their inhaler, and they weigh like a million pounds, and have zits, and talk about Thtar Warth.
Avatar n tn Still doing good with quitting smoking. Feeling a little more bloated and "wet" today.
Avatar f tn So I've had acid reflux since I was about 8. I've had ulcers in my stomach and esophagus since I was 15. I've gone on bland diets for months at a time and took prilosex and zantac, nothing helped. Then I started smoking Marijuana and it's like I don't even have stomach issues. I'd get the occasional heartburn after certain foods but not horrible. I've been smoking for two years.
Avatar m tn Today is the day, the day that I quit using tobacco. I had my last bit of tobacco this morning, and it's been like 8 hours or so that I gave it up. Most of that time has gone relatively easily and seems a bit easier than the last time I quit.... (yup, quit for about 3-4 years) Anyhow, right now I am having a craving pretty bad. I've decided to go cold turkey.... not weening myself of.... just don't see me getting anything done that way.
Avatar f tn I have been trying since May, 2012 and continue to have a strong desire to quit, but also continue to talk myself into "needing" a cig...I was down to 2-3 cigs / day then seemed to "jump ship"! But I'm not letting that get me down and I need to continue to fight as the longer I continue to smoke, the harder it will get to quit and the worse tthe withdrawals will get (again!) I have had 3 cigs today, in 5.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking 3 and 1/2 months ago and now that I have stopped the pain pills would I only now be going through the w/d's of not smoking, my chest feels very heavy and I keep coughing like I have a dry throat, I blame it on heartburn but now am wondering if it was easier to quit because I was in pain pills, Day 9 for me!
490665 tn?1210334012 ok so i am quitting smoking and so far have been 32 hours without a ciggarette which is good considering i would have had about 50 by now normally but the reason i am quitting is because i have read it will really benefit me and reduce anxiety and would like to know if anyone has good success stories about quitting and it helping with thier anxiety.
248382 tn?1274938634 16 days no smoking!
Avatar n tn Ed is quitting smoking and it is driving me batty. He is being overly sensitive today.