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Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-checkup/post/calcium-boosts-risk-of-heart-attack-stroke-for-women-study-finds/2011/04/19/AFKcJK5D_blog.
Avatar n tn She has been on Volteren for years and there is a black box warning on this drug, that says may increase chances of stroke or heart attack. She quit that drug the day she had her stroke. Now she had a seizure and was told it is secondary to the stroke. Is this something that she will continue having? How does she know the difference between the seizure and another stroke? Symptoms seem to be very similar. Do you think the Volteren caused the stroke?
Avatar n tn The most common cause of Stroke in children is Heart disease.
Avatar n tn There are other causes also that cause stroke, one being something called Atrial Fibrillation, which is an irregular heart beat, and this usually caused by high blood pressure, but not always. Other causes of stroke include any conditions that make the blood thick, such as cancers or autoimmune conditions, or inherited disorders.
Avatar n tn Others include diabetes, prior heart attack, abnormalities of heart rhythm, tobacco, family history of heart attack/stoke..to name a few. One type of stroke, hemmoragic stroke, can occur when the blood pressure is too high. This causes a blood clot to form in the brain after rupture of one of the vessels. Another form of stroke (lacunar) is caused by changes a the very small perforating blood vessels. The changes occur over time and the biggest risk factor is long standing hypertension.
Avatar f tn he has been suffering from erectile disfunction since his stroke in 2004. My mother in-law is concerned about his penis because it is reseeding in, to the point that when he needs to use the washroom that his wife needs to help with they both have a difficult time trying to get it out in time since he has little controll over is bladder. I was wondering what causes this and if there is anything that can help him.
Avatar m tn This happens by a system of vasodilation and vasoconstriction coupled with the pumping rate and stroke volume of the heart. Rather than make frequent changes in volume, the body changes the configuration of the total container (all the vessels) and increases the speed at which the resource is renewed.
Avatar n tn Blood clots that can cause a stroke or heart attack ,Inability of the heart to pump enough blood (heart failure) ,Frequent fainting spells and Sudden death, usually only associated with ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation . Please consult a cardiologist for treatment as the complications are serious and there are chances of repeated Strokes cannot be ruled out . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
428155 tn?1203688894 There is risk score system for stroke called CHADS -- it stands for 1. Congestive heart failure, 2. hypertension, 3. age greater than 75, 4. diabetes, 5 stroke or TIA (mini stroke). This scoring system is used to determine what you should be on for blood thinners. From the information you mentioned above, you have at least one risk factor. If you only have that one risk, aspirin or coumadin is appropriate for blood thinning. If you have 2 or more risk factors, you should be on coumadin.
Avatar f tn If clots are pumped into circulation it can cause blockage of blood to the heart or to the brain and cause a stroke. I haven't heard a low EF causes clots.
Avatar m tn This progression is getting me worried that there is a blockage in artery to heart thus damage to the heart muscle is continuing. Would these tests and numbers indicate a cardiac cath is in order now to dtermine if there is blockage affecting the heart muscle? As a layman I am looking at this saying how will the muscle improve or ejection fraction improve if a blockage is still present.
Avatar n tn It does appear that there is a link between heart disease/strokes and oral infections. The exact reason is not known but in research groups, the patients who suffered a stroke/heart disease were more likely to be found with an infection in the mouth. One theory is that the infection gets into the blood stream and causes inflammation of the arteries, the starting point of atherosclerosis.
Avatar n tn For the past two months I have had a condition with many varied symptoms. It began several months ago as simply unexplained fatigue and tiredness (even after several days rest, minor exercise would leave me suddenly wasted). In June I had a "collapse," what I thought was a possible heart attack or stroke. I have been to see a neurologist and MRI was negative.
Avatar m tn Conduction disease can be a result of a number of causes including coronary ischemia, medications, and/or underlying problems with the conduction system itself. Minimizing the risk of having a heart attack and/or stroke are targeted at maintaining good cardiovascular fitness -- including optimal BP, diabetes, and lipid control, avoiding tobacco use, and regular diet and exercise.
Avatar m tn The EF represents a mechanism that helps maintain a balance between the left and right side of the heart. If the left side is out of balance, the left ventricle will dilate to increase stroke volume and stronger contractility to compensate. Not unlike a compensatory increase of the heart rate. A problem develops when there is sustained overcompensation.
Avatar n tn In all probability, the muscles of the right leg are not contracting properly due to stroke. When you lie down the blood moves up towards heart more easily and do not notice any flushing. However, when you stand up, it becomes difficult for the stroke affected muscles to push back blood from the leg towards the heart. This causes venous pooling. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined.
Avatar n tn Either way, one of the first things that should be excluded if the history is fitting is a TIA, or transient ischemic attack, due to reduced blood flow to a part of the brain, whatever be the cause (whether from a narrowed artery in the neck or head, reduced blood flow due to changes in blood pressure or abnormal heart rhythm, or a clot coming from the heart).
1482256 tn?1288620554 that something was wrong with it soo i thought i was gana die n i got really bAD depression n then i got another panic attack that night soo in the morning i went to check what that was about soo thats wen they said there was nothing wrong with my heart that wen they did my cat scan i moved n my heart came out diformed lol men i felt relive but they said i had anxiety panic i was like ok what ever then i was home i had it everyday i thought it would stop but antil this day i have it n i still h
Avatar n tn I went to see my doctor today because about 4 months ago I was feeling dizzy out of the blue. So he gave me "Meclizine" 25 mg. Well they seemed to work then because my dizziness went away. But now 4 months later I got the dizziness back. I went to see my doctor today. He did an EKG and he said it looked fine, but he is going to put a 24 hour holter just to double check. Has anybody had wierd dizzy spells? Well I'm just freaked out. Im hoping I don't get a stroke or something.
Avatar n tn s result in embolic stroke (a clot going from the heart to the brain), and these are typically located in the periphery of the brain, while MS lesions are typically deep. If there is any confusion, then the diagnosis of MS can be established by performing a spinal fluid analysis. A PFO causes stroke by allowing a clot to pass from the body into the outgoing cirulation (i.e. to the brain) without being filtered in the lung.
Avatar m tn At age 48, received a stroke. All the various causes were ruled out. Did all the blood test, heart test etc. Experiencing seizures now. Are there any cases like mine that could help as to other tests that can be done.