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10947 tn?1281404252 Is there anyone experiencing Cerebral Palsy as a result of in In-Utero Stroke? Please let me know. My son is an example of this. Doctors say he could be diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he is older (he is 8 weeks old now.
477608 tn?1238527958 So your child, grandchild, niece or nephew has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Now what? Well, let’s take first things first. The clinical definition of Cerebral Palsy is “a non specific term used to describe persistent qualitative motor disorder caused by non-progressive damage to the brain” (Saunders Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medical Nursing and Allied Health).
Avatar f tn I am 29 years old, i have a hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy of the right side. I had the weakness since birth. in 2002 i had a focal seizure after appeared an EEG,do you think hemiplegia is related to parkinson disease. because my new specialist give me a drug trial(Madopar) to reduce my pain especially my hand n foot i the right side body. I had a MRI of the brain and the result is Longstanding left hemicranial atrophy with atrophic changes in the left cerebral hemisphere. Anyone can help me?
547196 tn?1214630106 Hi, Cerebral palsy is caused by an injury to the brain before, during, or shortly after birth. In many cases, no one knows for sure what caused the brain injury or what may have been done to prevent the injury. A large number of factors which can injure the developing brain may produce cerebral palsy.
690874 tn?1263050440 From what you describe, your daughter might have slight hemiplegia (type of CP which affects only one side of the body). This type of CP is often caused by a stroke and many of the infants who have it were born full-term. CP is not a very descriptive term. What's more important is what in particular is wrong with the brain and what physical (and sometimes cognitive) effects it has.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 6 years old and was born a premature twin with cerebral palsy. She doesn't walk or talk. I was wondering what the life expectancy is of a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Avatar f tn Because of its properties, HBOT has been used for the treatment of chronic degenerative health problems related to atherosclerosis, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic ulcers, wound healing, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis and macular degeneration. The story of Kodi Sherman is an example of HBOT success in children with cerebral palsy. To know more about HBOT, consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn My son is 11yrs. old with cerebral palsy. My question is how would I knopw if he has had a stroke? We had an mri done and it was normal but I heard it mightnot always be acurate. is this true? What else can I look for to know for sure?
Avatar n tn My daughter is diagnosed with cerebral palsy...although she probably truly has post stroke symptoms from a bleed at/around birth (32-week preemie). Her scans show a non functioning area in the rolandic fissure area. She is 21 y.o. now..and still suffers from what was diagnosed as arterio-spasms of unk. etiology. Her right leg from about knee down will periodically show slowed circulation symptoms...cold feeling..cold to touch, mottled skin, etc.
Avatar f tn It may result from malnutrition, abnormal cell or hormonal changes, or stroke. Symptoms of Cerebral Atrophy includes: Muscle weakness , Vision impairment , Speech impairment , Dementia , Expressive Asphasia (Aphasias are a group of disorders characterized by disturbances in speaking and understanding language. Receptive aphasia causes impaired comprehension. Expressive aphasia is reflected in odd choices of words, the use of partial phrases, disjointed clauses, and incomplete sentences.
Avatar n tn Since all of the functions you mention are highly complex integrated neurological functions which require precise recruitment and co-ordinated function of millions of neurons, diffuse damage to the brain causes dysfuntion of this system making it impossible to execute motor functions in a smooth integrated manner.
Avatar n tn He was born at 26 weeks and we have just put him in Head Start, and they believe that he has a mild case of cerebral palsy with his motor skills. I need to know if it may be possible that my son is not potty trainin the way that he should because of this? He is just getting to where he will actually go pee in the potty but he refuses to poop in the potty is this possibly something to do with his mild cerebral palsy?
Avatar m tn We put together an article explaining the many physical and mental issues surrounding Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. The effects of Athetoid CP injuries depend on the location and severity of the damage. Diagnosis at an early age is problematic as motor skills are still developing. Find out symptoms, causes, and treatment in our article Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Hope this helps: http://www.cpfamilynetwork.
Avatar m tn The first thing you need to do is to seek medical help. Cerebral Palsy is a group of non-progressive disorders in which disease of the brain causes impairment of motor function. The fixed action patterns and involuntary spasms could affect the status of the bones, joints, immunity and psyche and may require the assistance of physical therapists, neurologists, psychologists and nutritionists to address these problems. You may also ask the help of cerebral palsy support groups (e.g.
Avatar f tn Hi, Sudden pain , numbness ,spasm or paralysis on one side of the body may be signs of Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA ). A TIA is a temporary interruption of blood flow to a part of your brain. A TIA is also a sign of an impending Stroke . The signs and symptoms of TIA are the same as for a stroke, but they last for a shorter period — several minutes to 24 hours — and then disappear, without leaving apparent permanent effects.
Avatar n tn The ''HandTutor'' has been used successfully in hand therapy after stroke, cerebral palsy and may be helpful for claw hand as well.
628097 tn?1222134147 my daughter carries all the symptoms of cerebral palsy...textbook definition...but her mri came back it possible she could have cerebral palsy even though there is no abnormalities in her brain?
Avatar n tn Hi. Cerebral atrophy is not a disease per se. It is a non-specific sign and is associated with many types of diseases including Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, cerebral palsy, stroke, Huntington's disease, traumatic brain injury, mitochondrial encephalomyelopathies, some brain infections, leukodystrophies, multiple sclerosis, and even epilepsy. Treatment would depend on the underlying condition causing the atrophy.
Avatar n tn Her doctor thinks she may have cerebral palsy now which is why he ordered the MRI. We got the results today and they show white spots on her brain. The doctor is sending us to a development specialist next month and said that he would explain it better to us then, but I am pretty worried now and would really appreciate a better explanation of what white spots on the brain means and how they got there in the first place?
Avatar f tn Aspirin, an anti-thrombotic drug, is given immediately after an ischemic stroke to reduce the likelihood of having another stroke. Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part. Treatment of hemorrhagic stroke focuses on controlling the bleeding and reducing the pressure on the brain. Sometimes surgical interventions may be needed to control the bleeding.
364177 tn?1213887193 Cerebral palsy does not have a permanent cure at the present time but the brain disorder that causes cerebral palsy does not get worse as time goes on. However, children who have cerebral palsy most often requires long-term care. How long and what treatment method to use would be dependent on how severe the cerebral palsy symptoms are. Initial treatment is most often conservative using drugs.
Avatar m tn This atrophy of the brain can occur at advancing age or in pathologies like stroke,Alzheimer,s disease,parkinson’s disease,cerebral palsy,multiple sclerosis ir even in epilepsy. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.