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Avatar n tn Many owners confuse the symptoms of a stroke in humans to a stroke in dogs. In fact, they are quite different.
3670518 tn?1351646155 I have very limited experience with stroke in dogs, but the way your dog recovered suggests to me it was not a stroke. Given you dog was receiving hospital level treatment I think you should ask the vet involved in that treatment.
Avatar m tn Canine Stroke Recovery Dog's suffer from brain strokes just as we do. However the chances of complete recovery are greater. Find out about canine stroke recovery period and how to look after your dog post attack... Dogs usually suffer from strokes only after they are over 8 years of age, unless there is something drastically wrong with the dog's health. Strokes never do come with a warning and often just happen without any prior signs.
Avatar n tn I hope the hospital scanned his head to see if he did indeed have a stroke, and if they have not, by golly they need to! Also, I am wondering if he was in some kind of accident before this happened to him, like even while working on the car, he may have wrenched his back. Sometimes if you hurt the thoracic spine, it'll make the chest hurt, and if he hurt his whole spine, it'll cause the tingling in his extremities and face.
Avatar f tn She could have had a stroke. Dogs don't generally have heart attacks, but they do have strokes, and her symptoms fit that. A stroke is sudden, and it can happen to a seemingly healthy dog,especially an older dog. It is something that would not have been due to anyone's action or inaction. I'm sorry for your loss.
1204073 tn?1265628271 It doesn't sound like you were at fault. It's not uncommon for dogs to die around that age. He could have had a stroke, heart attack, etc. The owners could have an autopsy done to find out for sure.
Avatar n tn It does sound like a seizure - the problem is figuring out if the seizure directly contributed to his death, or if it was an underlying condition that caused both the seizure and death. It could have been a stroke, or even a heart problem. Any time oxygen is reduced to the brain, seizures become possible. Any chance he could have developed heart worms?
Avatar m tn You did a great job with your dog in that he lived for 14 years and was in good health. The same things that cause sudden death in humans happen to dogs as well. So the answer to you question is yes, dogs can die suddenly with no symptoms that anything is wrong. As traumatic as it is to those of us left behind, it was a kindness that he never had to suffer and likely didn't even know anything was wrong. Sometimes there just aren't any good answers.
Avatar m tn A stroke or heart attack could have caused sudden death. I'm sure there are other possibilities as well, maybe you want to ask your vet. I am so sorry for your loss.
Avatar m tn ve been putting him also on supplements/vitamins that helps the heart pumps blood effectively. The vitamin has taurin in it that supposedly good for the heart. Always check with your vet before you administer the vitamins as different breeds react differently. I'm sorry that I can't be much more help.....As pet owners, we are dreading the time that we have to say goodbye to our beloved fury kids. Hang in there!
1310611 tn?1279923843 IT is usually high but not that high. In addition I had a heart attack at 29 and two minor ones since. I have had numerous angioplasties and angiograms........
Avatar f tn I am 35 years old and recently admitted into the hospital for a stroke. Neurologists ordered a battery of test and could not find any blood clots anywhere in my brain. I had symptoms early on several weeks prior to this emergency event. I loss vision in my left eye temporarly, my left side was numb including left side of face, ear, arm and fingers. I got extremely tired...layed down in my bed and didnt realize I was asleep for more than 4 hrs.
Avatar f tn I think at 102.7 you can safely say your dog is in the "fever" zone. Dogs' temperatures CAN vary a little around the 101.5 mark, sometimes a little higher. But over 102, although not a severe temperature, yes it is something to warrant attention. You can't assume because he has a fever that he has a 'cold'. There could be a bunch of reasons why he's developed a fever. He does need to see the vet, to rule out a few things. It could be nothing particularly serious....
Avatar f tn Hi. What to say, other than that 18yrs is an extraordinarily good age. She is a very elderly lady. I have a crossbreed who breathes heavy during the night (actually whenever he's in deep sleep). I wouldn't worry too much. Older dogs sleep alot and certainly aren't as perky as younger dogs. Just imagine a human that's 88yrs old ... as that's the human equivalent for a Jack Russell. Walking sideways is another issue.
Avatar m tn Hello~Dogs, like people, can have changes after a stroke and personality changes is one of the changes. Sometimes, this will pass in a few months, in the meantime, just keep loving her.
Avatar m tn Coumadin, a human anticlotting drug, is used for potential stroke patients and those with certain heart diseases that may led to stroke. Coumadin contains warfarin, and anti-clotting agent also used in certain rodent poisons. One way for a dog to get that is to eat a rodent bait someone left around somewhere. Another way is to eat an owners medications. Assuming neither of those things happened, the pathologist may have simply been looking for a reasonabe explanation of the findings.
1384238 tn?1286028762 While the carotid artery doppler test will show how that is doing, it takes a few other tests to determine what particular location might be causing your symptoms, from what little bit I know of heart stuff. But nerves, while they will indeed tingle and get numb if they're compromised, particularly in neuropathy, they let you know they're goofed up mainly via sensing pain, altho weakness can occur if the nerve can't ennervate the muscles correctly due to something pressing on it.
Avatar f tn My daughter had a stroke in her thalamus at age 17 and is still having headaches 2 years later... every day... any ideas for treatment or diagnosis??? Her doctor says that it is migraines and the two are not related. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. Can a stroke cause persistent headaches and what is the treatment????
Avatar f tn Has anybody experienced stroke symptoms? All day Saturday my left arm was kinda numb and tingling and the that night out of no where the tingling went up my neck to my face, my lips and tongue went numd, got hot and my heart was beating fast...laid down and it went away.
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks I think to myself "this must be what withdrawals feel like" (though I have nothing to withdraw from unless calcium supplements qualify) and I feel like the life is being sucked out of me... I am shakey (more inner than outer, if that makes sense), I feel weak and tired, my pulse races, and as I lie in bed at night my heart simply Pounds...
Avatar m tn his passed within a week, some dogs have it longer, but it resembles signs of a stroke to a T. And is very common in older dogs. their whole equalibrium (sp?) is off.
Avatar f tn I think that two surgeries in such a short amount of time was just too much for his heart. He was a large dog, but only weighed about 50 lbs. He was skinny, but definitely not unhealthy. He was extremely active and could run for hours and that made it hard to keep weight on him. The vets offered to do a free autopsy on him but we didn't feel it was necessary; it wasn't going to change the fact he was gone.
Avatar n tn The ingredient in this type of poison is found in human medicines such as Coumadin and other anticoagulants (blood thinners) used to treat people with heart disease and stroke to prevent clots. It is a very common medication found in many households. Another common though weak anticoagulant, is Aspirin.