Heart murmur in toy poodles

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Avatar n tn There is a forum for pet questions, this forum is for prople that need advice from a cardiologist. Don't get me wrong, I have two toy poodles that are my world and mean everything to me and since my kids married and moved out they have replaced them as the "kids" in the family, I just don't think you'll get the answers you're looking for here. You should try the pet forum under the forum icon.
Avatar f tn Reassure her and tell her how much you love her but let her know that you don't want her to hurt any more. I had Buster's favorite toy which I put in his paws then petted his head and told him how much I love him and all of the good times we've had until he was gone. You are strong enough to do this - Cissy is counting on that. Hugs and prayers for you, your family, and Cissy tomorrow. Angles will be waiting for her.
286034 tn?1201100440 My DH's parents both died of massive heart attacks at age 65. They died in the same room of their home exactly 8 weeks apart. Strange coincidence. Thus my children only have one living grandparent. They are very fortunate that they get to see her almost every day. I was a "tom-boy" growing up and was very active with all kinds of sports as a child (and fairly good as well). I used to love skateboarding and started riding way back when the boards had those old metal wheels.