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Avatar f tn I'm 25 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 3.I never had symtpoms till now I feel tierd all the time and the other day I was playing basketball and my heart started beating fast and I ran out of breath it took me a while to catch my breath again.
Avatar n tn As far as the pulmonic stenosis, this causes an increase in pressures to the right side of the heart and therefore to the lungs and may cause your daughter to fatigue easily. The echo should help to delineate this further.
469720 tn?1388146349 Women may be more likely than men to have PAD without experiencing symptoms; 50 to 90 percent are asymptomatic or have unrecognized symptoms of the disease, which could put them at greater risk of developing serious disease before it is diagnosed and treated. Specifically, women are also less likely to have intermittent claudication symptoms, i.e., pain when walking that subsides at rest.
Avatar n tn Thank you Deanna --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Deanna, Usually two sounds are heard when the heart beats, these coinciding with opening and closing of the valves of the heart. Sometimes, extra sounds are heard from the flow of blood through the heart chambers and valves. These sounds may or may not indicate that something is wrong.
Avatar f tn I don't know what they mean by abnormal QRS based on the settings in the machine? An abnormal QRS could have many underlying causes including heart block. Also, the murmur is a sound, but the severity of the murmur isn't listed. You don't say if you have any symptoms. You are dealing with the weight issue, but the stress is just as high in risk.
Avatar n tn t related to her vomiting, although, heart failure related to valvular heart disease can cause abdominal symptoms. I would recommend getting a cardiology consultation and obtaining and echocardiogram. The vomiting should be worked up by a gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn Two week old infant girl diagnosed with a heart murmur. Eats and sleeps well, not in distress, examined by pediatric cardiologist and reassured should take care of itself within 6-8 months, but vomiting (not just spitting up) and losing weight. Need information regarding heart murmur and possible treatment.
Avatar f tn All babies are born with a heart murmur and that murmur usually closes by the time a child turn 12 months.
Avatar n tn How often should we bring her in for check-ups and are there any visible signs or symptoms that we should be aware of for any serious problems caused by the heart murmur. The birthmom smoked throughout her pregnancy and did drugs(marajuana) and alcohol a few times. Would this have caused the heart murmur? Thank you for your response.
Avatar n tn Many murmurs are caused by variants of normal heart structure. This type of murmur would not make exercise dangerous. Some murmurs, however, indicate a valvular abnormality. These types of murmurs require further investigation. The good news is that an ultrasound of the heart (called an "echo", and similiar to the ultrasounds used to see babies in the uterus) can easily diagnose the source of almost all murmurs. Talk to your doctor about exercise, and good luck.
Avatar f tn Shortness of breath, feeling faint, frequent urination, swollen feet and ankles, fatigue, heart murmur, chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations are all symptoms of a leaky valve. If left untreated it can damage all the chambers of the heart or cause enlargement of the heart. I recommend you see your doctor and get a referral to a Cardiologist so the tests can be run to determine the severity of your leaky valve.
Avatar f tn could a heart defect just happen or would this have been from birth because no other doctor but one, when she was sick, has said anything about a heart murmur. Can doctors be wrong about what kind of murmur they hear? I am scared and concerned. Please help!
Avatar f tn For some insight to heart murmur: A heart murmur is actually a blood flow analysis and a sound that is heard when the valves in your heart fail to close properly. There can be many conditions for cause (temporary,treatable) and some permanent. But common symptoms of a heart murmur are shortness of breath, swelling, cyanosis, dizziness, and fatigue.
Avatar n tn How often should we bring her in for check-ups and are there any visible signs or symptoms that we should be aware of for any serious problems caused by the heart murmur. The birthmom smoked throughout her pregnancy and did drugs(marajuana) and alcohol a few times. Would this have caused the heart murmur? Thank you for your response.
Avatar f tn I have a newborn child, he is 5 days old and was diagnosed with VSD-Small hole in the ventricles of the heart. My concerns are will my child grow out of it? will it close on its own?. what symptoms should I be looking for? also the pediatric cardiologist scheduled an appointment one month from today on 08/11/11.the fact that its a month out should I be less worried than if it was 1 week from today.???
1081649 tn?1257335321 Gizzy Moe Moe) from the vet after his surgery. They informed him that Giz has a heart murmur. DH had a brain fart and asked no questions. So now, I'm the paranoid Mommy. What does it mean that he has a heart murmur? Should we limit his activity? Is he going to have a heart attack? Should I be giving him some sort of vitamin or something? I don't know what to do for him to give him the best quality of life now..... Any advice?
Avatar n tn I am a 37-year-old woman and have been undergoing chemotherapy (taxol and carboplatin) for ovarian cancer since August of this year. About a month ago I developed chronic symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath; I saw both a pulmonary specialist and a cardiologist who felt certain that these symptoms were anxiety-related (chest X-ray, cardiogram, etc. were all completely normal).
Avatar n tn I had to read as much as I could about Graves to understand it better. One of the symptoms I found was the 2/6 systolic ejection murmur. It was mentioned several times in different literatures and in Internet. I experienced mild palipations this year. Now, it has eased, thanks to the anti-thyroid medications and RAI. I also notice that I tend to inhale deeply from time to time as if my lungs need some oxygen. I never experienced any hyperventilation or short of breath.
162489 tn?1189755831 Thanks for your comments. No the vet just said it sounded as though he had a slight heart murmur, she also said it could be a stress murmur. We were advised to go and get a heart ultrasound done.
Avatar f tn It depends. Heart murmurs occur when a valve does not close all the way and some blood can rush backward during a heart beat. It's called regurgitation (just like the regular regurgitation). However, a HUGE portion of the human population have heart murmurs and they are considered benign and generally unimportant. The instruments out there today are so sensitive that they can pick up mild murmurs better than older instruments.
Avatar n tn I've had a murmur for decades and never experienced any heart pain.
Avatar n tn i am 22 i was diagnosed with a heart murmur when i was fifteen after having my first child. the dr. said i have to get an antibiotic before giving birth or dental work or surgeries. since then i have had 2 more children. i also am a casual pot smoker. my heart feels like it beats faster and my chest discomfort seems worse after i smoke pot. will this kill me? is it the pot making my symptoms worse or my imagination?
Avatar f tn Went to the vet and toto has a heart murmur and jack may have something terrible.
Avatar n tn I happened to notice what I perceived as a very loud murmur in (i believe) the first heart sound over the region of the right atrium/tricuspid area, center of the chest and slightly to the left. It's only present though when my heart feels like it's overcompensating, it is very loud and there is an obvious lub-wooosh to be heard even with a $20 stethoscope.
Avatar n tn When I was a small child - I was told I had a heart murmur and i would grow out of it. I am now 43. Can car accident trauma cause a heart murmur? My blood pressure was also high. 117/98 - it's never been that high.
Avatar n tn I have a mild regurgitation of the mitral and a moderate regurgitation of the aortic. I also have Lupus and a variant of marfan syndrome, with a high end aorta size. I get tired easily and out of breath doing chores. My ef is 55. How often is the recomendation of having an echo? And I am wondering if my valves leak because of the Lupus or the vairiant of marfan? My aorta has mild torisity. Thank you.