Heart murmur in a 3 year old

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Avatar n tn has she/he been seen by a pediatric cardiologist. my now 4 year old ahd a grade 6/6 murmur. meaning that they grade the murmur by loudness. I could put my eat on his chest and it sounded like a washing machine. he had a huge hole in his heart, it needed to be suergically coreected at age 3 months. he nows has a grade 1-2/6 murmur(very soft/quiet. when your baby gets a fever or is running the murmur can get louder and that is normal. most murmurs are nothing to be worried about.
Avatar n tn My questions can a heart murmur just develop in a 12 year old or should it have been detected before. She had lymes disease about 4 years ago and was treated with antibotics, is that a factor. Also she drank caffinated beverage before going to the exam and was extremely nervous because she hates goning to the doctors. Also she was about to start her period, could that have played a factor. We are so upset about this can you please offer some help or advice. We are going to the cardio next week.
Avatar n tn my dad has a murmur, RBBB and SVT, grandfather suffered 3 heart attacks and passed away, uncle had heart attack and lives, grandmother has SVT, aunt has tachycardia and I myself the mom have SVT. How concerned should I be? What can I expect at my daughter's cardiology appt? Thanks so much.
Avatar m tn My daughter was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur that gets better upon standing but is significant when lying down. She is 3 years and 5 months old and has never been diagnosed with this in the past. She also doesn't seem to get overly tired when playing. I'm kind of freaking out about it. We are supposed to get bloodwork and x-rays and then referred to a pediatric cardiologist but with the car accident we have been without a vehicle for a month so it's been on hold.
284738 tn?1283106819 I know for a fact that my little bro had a heart murmur found at 5 months (his was a small hole in his heart), and it gradually over time closed up. I had one when I was younger, and by the time I was 14 I no longer had to see a cardiologist because mine had gone away. Low and behold, when I found out I was pregnant, my OB told me I had a heart murmur.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old has been complaining that her heart is beating tight and telling me that her heart is broken(She is behind about a year on her speech so she doesn't speak very well). It started November 15, 2013 when she was coloring before then she wasn't running around or anything active. Since then she has complained about it almost everyday most of the time more than once a day. I have taken her to the er they did an EKG said she was fine and sent us home.
Avatar n tn At 12 days old he was diagnosed with viral meningeal encephalitis, and ever since had a murmur. He underwent a echo of his heart while was hospitalized. At 4 years old, he still has this murmur. Is this something that was caused by the encephalitis, and what problems can we expect in the future? He will be seeing the pediatric cardiologist next month.
Avatar f tn And when the murmur can disappear? I know what you mean for the murmur. But I live in China, I am afraid her murmur may be a trouble thing when she go to school. I am sorry too many questions... Thanks a lot, doctor.
469720 tn?1388146349 A person with an ABI of 0.3 (high risk) has a 2 to 3 fold increased risk of 5-year cardiovascular death compared to a patient with an ABI of 0.95 (normal or low risk).
Avatar n tn s not really all that low for a healthy 100lb woman) During one rutine school physical a physician heard a murmur ( she said it was rated a 3 out of 6???( Does that mean anything? ) I had an EEG and a echo done and everything appeared to be normal. Now when I go to the doctors most don't even hear it or if they do they say it's very soft. I was told it was a harmless murmur but I thought I'd mention it. WOuld you suggest furthar testing? Maybe a tilt table test? Thank-you.
Avatar m tn Hi there I am not a doctor but a mom who has had a son with a large VSD (10mm).his murmur was a 6/6.. your son seems to be very stable. from what I was told by my son's cardiac doctor as well as his surgeon, that they usually won't do surgery unless necessary and as long as a little one is thriving (gaining weight and functioning normally) then it is a just keep an eye on them...
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son just recently went through a cardiac catheter in hopes to ablate what had been diagnosed since birth as WPW. They were unable to do the ablation, as they could not get him to any tachycardia, but found that he easily went into A fib. I know what AFib is, but my question is how could the diagnosis change from WPW to A Fib. He has no other heart problems other than a innocent murmur, and all thyroid tests have come back good.
Avatar n tn I know what AFib is, but my question is how could the diagnosis change from WPW to A Fib. He has no other heart problems other than a innocent murmur, and all thyroid tests have come back good. I understand that this is rare in children, and that there is a possibility of growing out of it, but what would happen if he doesn't out grow it?
Avatar n tn I have a 3 yr old niece who has been going to the "BEST" dr in texas for 2 yrs and they still have not diagnosed her she has high protien counts in her urine flucuating blood pressure and recently developed a heart murmur any ideas on what it could be would be appreciated
Avatar f tn today because he said this throat was hurting and the Dr. listened to his heart and said that he had a heart murmur. Then the Dr. hooked him up to a EKG and said that he also has Sinus Arrhythmia. I know that people can live with a heart murmur and most will grow out of it, and that Sinus Arrhythmia is not very serious, but should I be concerned that he has both? And what should I do?
Avatar f tn I'm 25 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 3.I never had symtpoms till now I feel tierd all the time and the other day I was playing basketball and my heart started beating fast and I ran out of breath it took me a while to catch my breath again.
723488 tn?1278339300 quiet precordium with single first, split second heart sounds. A grade 2/6 systolic murmur is noted in the left sternal border. Also Sinus Arrythmia with RV conduction delay pattern." What in the world does all of this mean? I have to add he has a right ligated subclavian artery. He had surgery in 2007 for an aberrant subclavian artery. He now has Subclavian Steel Syndrome and no pulse in the right arm.
Avatar n tn My 4 and 1/2 year old Black Lab/Chow mix was diagnosed with a significant heart murmur as a puppy. My mom took her to the vet after noticing her coughing. The vet said that she had fluid around the heart and placed her on Lasix and also said she'd be lucky to make to Christmas. I wondering if there are any other treatments available that might help?
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202705 tn?1202924547 my son's doctor discovered a heart murmur on my 4 year old this past monday... he said that it may be nothing, but still referred me to a cariologist. i'm sooo scared... i've never heard of a heart murmur and i've gone to the internet to get more information. even though it said that most are common, i'm still worried and can't even sleep. does anyone else know about heart murmurs? has anyone had one before? if so, what have you done to make it better??
Avatar n tn My 8 yr old son has had a murmur and an enlargement on the left side of his heart since birth. He has had a very rapid heart beat upon mild exertion for about a year now. He is now on a holter monitor. The Doc says he has a high voltage ekg. Does any one know what this means in laymans terms?
1319613 tn?1274320072 My sons Dr heard a murmur when he was about 6- 8 mos old. they said it should fix itself. well just last wk at his 3 yr physical a different Dr heard it also and refered us to a ped Cardiologist. we went today and he said the EKG was borderline and the left side of his heart seemed to be working harder than the right side so he decided to do an Ecko in the office and said the Ecko was normal and it was just a harmless innocent murmur that some kids have.
Avatar n tn My yongest who had corrective surgery at 5 days old still has a murmur but she is a healthy 6 year old and the cardiologist said that if you did not know she had 3 heart defects when she was born...you would never know..So I am sure that you are scared and worried. I have been there. I am sure that in the end your baby will be fine. Technology today is wonderful.