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Avatar f tn I'm 25 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was 3.I never had symtpoms till now I feel tierd all the time and the other day I was playing basketball and my heart started beating fast and I ran out of breath it took me a while to catch my breath again.
Avatar f tn Went to the vet and toto has a heart murmur and jack may have something terrible.
Avatar n tn I've had a murmur for decades and never experienced any heart pain.
Avatar f tn I have open heart 4 years ago they replaced 5 arteries I went for my yearly check up and now have a heart murmur is this normal to get so long after surgery and can the murmur be why I am sleepy all the time
Avatar f tn I do not know of any relationship between a heart murmur and weight gain, or chest pain. I believe many people have heart murmur and it is not dangerous. I think most case are just monitored, perhaps even echocardiograms every few years to get an accurate measure on how the heart and all its valves are working. A murmur can also be caused by a leakage between heart chambers, which I believe are usually left untreated.
Avatar n tn I recently had a pre-op physical and the Dr. not my normal Dr. picked up a heart murmur. I have had a history of SVT and on Atenalol.
Avatar f tn Most murmurs can only be heard with the assistance of a stethoscope. A murmur may be heard in a normal heart, and may not necessarily caused by a structural defect in the heart itself. Murmurs may also be the result of various problems, such as narrowing or leaking of valves, or the presence of passages between chambers of the heart. Elevated blood pressure may not be related to the murmur.
Avatar m tn can anyone give me a complete list of all heart disease where the symptom is the blood doesnt coagulate
Avatar n tn No, it's not bad news. It's good news that this was found and that you can get it checked out. A lot of people have heart murmurs that are considered "benign;" in other words the heart murmur doesn't mean anything and won't hurt the person. The reason for you to see a cardiologist is to make sure that's all it is. Probably you will go once and not need to go back.
Avatar n tn I recently went in for my yearly exam and the doctor mentioned i had a heart murmur. I've read a lot of articles on the web and they all seem to agree that this can be caused by certain sicknesses or diseases, or you have it from birth. My question is if i havent had any of these diseases or conditions and havent had a "heart murmur" show up in the past, should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn All babies are born with a heart murmur and that murmur usually closes by the time a child turn 12 months.
162489 tn?1189755831 I took my cat to the vets today for his annual booster vaccinations and a general checkup. The vet noticed that he has a heart murmur and that he needs to go for an ultrasound. Can anyone tell me if having a murmur will affect the quality of his life. He is only 4 yrs old and is a lively and loving cat. I'm so worried about him. Is a heart murmur a very serious problem?
Avatar f tn I just got told that my one year old has a heart murmur why all the sudden how come they didnt find it when he was born.?well my question is Can heart murmurs come out of no way??
Avatar n tn I have a 15 month old daughter. Very active, very healthy, growing and developing just fine. A slight heart murmer was detected 12 months ago, and the doctor's advice was to come back in 12 months for evaluation. The murmur is more pronounced now, and has been called a "flow murmur". We have an appointment made at the Childrens Heart Clinic. What can I expect? What should I ask? What is a "flow murmur"? Thanks!
Avatar n tn If a child has a heart murmur, and grows up and becomes an athelete (football player), can the murmur cause his death?
Avatar n tn My daughter has a heart murmur. She is only 7 months old. They tell me she will out grow it. Is that true.
Avatar n tn As far as the murmur goes, I xray quite a few babies with heart murmur and have yet to hear about a complication with the murmur. And these babies have become regular patients of our department. They come in to check up on their progress and happy to say that every baby and young child that comes in has had no serious problems. I wish the best for you and your child. Take care. I hope this message sent some comfort.
Avatar n tn hi, im 24 and recently found out i have a systolic heart murmur. i know what a heart murmur is, but im not really sure what it means for me. is it something i should worry about? iv had an ecg done and i havnt got the results yet but i think it looked like it was reg sinus rhythm.
Avatar f tn Could my baby be born with heart problems I was born with a hole in my heart and I have heart murmur my hole closed but I still have heart murmur I sometimes pass out when my rthym changes so my doctors worried when I give birth I might pass out should I be worried.???!!!!
Avatar f tn s going on. Missed beats have nothing to do with a heart murmur. A heart murmur is a sound heard through a stethoscope related to blood flow turbulence. It's usually related to narrowed arteries or leaky valves. Missed heart beats are usually an electrical issue, either a premature atrial or premature ventricular contraction (PACs or PVCs). The faster heart rate is a tachycardia. Since you are feeling pain and shortness of breath as-well you should get checked immediately.
Avatar n tn my mom got told yesterday that she has a heart murmur she was getting treated for acid reflex and her dr found the murmur also she has high blood pressure and started haven panic attacks and getting to where she cant keep anything down when she eats is there anything i can do or any where i can go to get her better care?????
1106828 tn?1258121928 i may have a heart murmur but dont know if i can play basketball if i do have one can anyone anwer that