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Avatar n tn I started noticing about 4 months ago that my heartbeat felt unusually strong at certain times, as if it were overcompensating for a certain level of stress of activity, and quite often I will feel rather SOB. I happened to notice what I perceived as a very loud murmur in (i believe) the first heart sound over the region of the right atrium/tricuspid area, center of the chest and slightly to the left.
Avatar n tn If the valve itself has deteriorated, that can cause a worse murmur. Differences in heart rate and blood volume can also accentuate a murmur. Different positions of the body (sitting versus standing) can also cause a murmur to sound different. Different examiners may also hear murmurs differently. Probably no need to change your fluid intake based on the murmur, but may not be a bad idea to have an echo if one has not been done in a few months.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago we took our son, who will be 5 in December, to have an echo because his doc heard a heart murmur. They did the echo and the results came back stating 'possible defect to his atrium'. He was scheduled an appt yesterday to see the cardioligist. The doc said that the hole was significant in size and shaped like a moon instead of round and that he wants us back in 5 months for another echo and that if the hole hasn't closed any on its own they will have to close it..
Avatar n tn As far as the murmur goes, I xray quite a few babies with heart murmur and have yet to hear about a complication with the murmur. And these babies have become regular patients of our department. They come in to check up on their progress and happy to say that every baby and young child that comes in has had no serious problems. I wish the best for you and your child. Take care. I hope this message sent some comfort.
162489 tn?1189759431 I took my cat to the vets today for his annual booster vaccinations and a general checkup. The vet noticed that he has a heart murmur and that he needs to go for an ultrasound. Can anyone tell me if having a murmur will affect the quality of his life. He is only 4 yrs old and is a lively and loving cat. I'm so worried about him. Is a heart murmur a very serious problem?
Avatar n tn when he was born the peditrician did'n hear the heart murmur but then i switched to a different one. she heard the murmur she said it was a squeaking sound.... they sent us to a cardioligist adn they said he has two holes one connecting the upper two chambers and another connecting the two lower chambers.. even though they said that they were small and the top hole is normal in most infants, do you think that the holes will close up? what will happen if they dont?
Avatar n tn My daughter has a heart murmur. She is only 7 months old. They tell me she will out grow it. Is that true.
Avatar n tn If I have chest pains and I have a heart murmur what could it be. I also read that they are caused by anemia is that true. Is a heart mumur something serious that I need to return to my doctor about?
Avatar n tn I hope you can give the definitive answer to this question. I have a heart murmur that I was diagnosed with in my early twenties. I was not born with it, according to my mother. Whenever an MD listens to my heart, the first question he asks is if I ever had rheumatic fever (I am 49). I was never diagnosed with rheumatic fever, however, some MD's state that I could have had it and did not know it, others say that I would have known if I had it. What is the right answer? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn I am 52 yesrs old and just learned I have heart murmur. Please give me some information about this. Is strenuous exercise dangerous?
Avatar n tn Is there anything I can do to help with the palps and with the heart murmur does it make them more serious? 6. Does a heart murmur shorten life span? 7. If some of the heart was not visable could there be a serious defect that they missed? 8. I am on Atenenol 12.5mg I was on 25mg but now cut in half, is it OK to cut in half and is it safe to go off of them or will that be bad?
Avatar n tn I recently had a pre-op physical and the Dr. not my normal Dr. picked up a heart murmur. I have had a history of SVT and on Atenalol.
Avatar n tn I am not able to answer the question without listening to your heart but make sure you tell the anesthesiologist and the surgeon about the murmur.
384099 tn?1226447029 ive just been back from the doctors and it came up i have a soft heart murmur to which he got results back from cardiologist, he mentioned a word which had leaky in it, he said ive nothing to worry about but isnt the word leaky a bad thing to do with ur heart.ive had a scan of my heart last year and it was normal as i do get alot of palpataions its scary.im 31 yrs old with 2 young kids, should i worry or go back and demand more tests?thanx for listening.
Avatar n tn Well, yestertday my son stayed after school to get his sports physical and during that time we were told that the doctor hear a heart murmur. Now this makes me feel like a awful parent because during fall ball Andrew complained of a chestpain and said he just felt different. I just thought he maybe over worked himself and gave him some cold water and told him to take a break. He has never complained of anything else but I still feel awful. How common are these heart murmurs?
320155 tn?1193931507 The doctor listened to my heart and then he told me it sounds like a heart murmur. then they gave me a ekg i think thats what its called and i guess it came out normal but i guess he said the graph has some little parts in it that isnt right. Couple of the lines were supposed to be up and one of them were down or something and there was another line that wasnt right. So im going to the hospital and gonna take a echocardiology test.
301640 tn?1302655934 hi michelle here i was born with a heart murmur that never grew out but can still hear it when i breathe and hold my breath they say its a pulmunary heart murmur i seem to feel tired very quickly plus they say i have to live with this for life.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I had a heart murmur and not to worry but I think I can feel it in my chest now. I feel like a whoosh about every two seconds right where my heart is does this mean the murmur is getting worse or is this something else any ideals.
Avatar f tn I just got told that my one year old has a heart murmur why all the sudden how come they didnt find it when he was born.?well my question is Can heart murmurs come out of no way??
1303813 tn?1303162962 Is that your diagnosis based on what you can hear? In any case, a heart murmur usually isn't a serious problem, but passing out is.
Avatar f tn I have open heart 4 years ago they replaced 5 arteries I went for my yearly check up and now have a heart murmur is this normal to get so long after surgery and can the murmur be why I am sleepy all the time
Avatar n tn Can you develop a heart murmur from a car accident? I was rear ended - minimum damage. I was diagnosed with whiplash. I was also advised that I have a heart murmur. When I was a small child - I was told I had a heart murmur and i would grow out of it. I am now 43. Can car accident trauma cause a heart murmur? My blood pressure was also high. 117/98 - it's never been that high.
Avatar f tn Will the heart murmur go away? Also, I play Rugby, will the heart murmur interfere with Rugby? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn hi, im 24 and recently found out i have a systolic heart murmur. i know what a heart murmur is, but im not really sure what it means for me. is it something i should worry about? iv had an ecg done and i havnt got the results yet but i think it looked like it was reg sinus rhythm.
Avatar n tn If your cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a kitten he had a congenital problem. Congestive heart failure is also a congenital disease. Your cat had this problem from birth. The neutering procedure uses injectable anesthetics which are usually not cardiotoxic (toxic to the heart). However, any surgery is a stress to the body, and stress could have expiated the development of worsening symptoms, or it could have just been coincidental due to the timing of the surgery.