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Avatar n tn Had meeting with education people. Realizing struggle to achieve what I'd like too. Feel tired and heart annoying.
429155 tn?1205673264 I found your journal and it all sounds very familar to me. I know it's he(( but keep going.
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Cat Saw Dr. was very happy. I am decreasing the chances of heart desease, etc.
Avatar f tn html Susan Powell had been married about a year when she started writing a journal. She was a love-struck, 20-year-old newlywed, dreaming of the future she would build with her husband. "I just feel incredibly lucky to have Josh," she wrote in 2002. Before long, however, she found herself torn. A growing sense of danger was telling her to grab her kids and flee, but her strong religious faith led her to believe she could save her young family. The journal entries turned grim.
Avatar f tn When I get in bed my heart starts beating harder and I feel short of breath.. I think I put this in jy journal before and I have been told by my massage therapist taht it could be hormonal. I am getting close to my period (I think) and it started happening last night.. seems worse when I lay on my left side. .. Just checked, put it in journal April 25th. Same part of my cycle...
Avatar n tn , the study on me will be published in a psychiatrist journal) I can say that what your son is experiencing are the negative symptoms (trouble relating to people) and positive symptoms (not as in good, as in things that shouldn't be there but are) such as paranoia of schizophrenia. If they said he is lacking in dopamine, they probably meant that the current generation of antipsychotics work by lowering the dopamine level.
Avatar m tn Part of the problems we are having in this country, I believe, stems from the formal education we have, or don't have. Basically the public education system we have has not changed over the last century, so what changes would you make if you could and if added cost is involved how would you pay for it.
Avatar n tn How many of you women keep a pregnancy journal? or perhaps you have a regular journal nd you still write in it regardless? Isnt it soo stress relieving. I mean seriously...i posted a vent earlier today. Nd after that i started writing in my journal. It felt good nd im less stressed since. I havent wrote in it in ages....nd i think i cud have saved me a lot of emotional stress if i had. Ladies its definitely something to think about.
3236124 tn?1380064742 Have you been considering homeschooling your children? The United States Department of Education has a National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES) which completed a survey of thousands of parents who were reporting that they educated their children at home. The Department determined that the number of children being homeschooled in 2003 was 1,096,000, which is a 29% increase over the Spring, 1999 number of 850,000.
627816 tn?1349238116 Accept and Sign " The Autism Reform Act of 2009" As a country we have watched Autism Spectrum Disorders grow in a devastating number. Over the last decade it has spiraled so quickly out of control that: 1.) There must not just be one person but an ENTIRE U.S. OFFICE OF COMPLIANCE for Educating Children with Autism. 2.
Avatar f tn Took 3 propranal as soon as I noticed. Heart went down to 125. It was over 160 when I first noticed. Took 2 more a few hours later. Heart still at 125. Resting on the bed with blow-by oxygen for comfort. (i have oxygen at the house for another person). Start time: 1300.
Avatar n tn 14am: I spewed up again. Feel like poo. My heart is hurting now (6:32)... I hate this Implanon. 6:41am: cool. Now I have ******* diarrhea. This makes me feel so good!
6742024 tn?1384358568 Monday, November 11, 2013 - Was driving home from class when it felt like my heart valve regurgitated. It was on the left side of my chest. Was a little painful.
Avatar m tn My jaw hurts. Could this be related to my heart problems? It sounds like a weird question, I know.
Avatar f tn So thank yall from the very bottom of my heart!
763934 tn?1237099833 I'm out of Lyrica and Cymbalta but get re-fills. I've had heart-burn pretty bad this week, felt nauseas for most this week, had visual problems(my eyes even hurt!), my body is painful to touch.
976084 tn?1270872439 I don't want to copy and paste what I wrote in my journal but if someone thinks they might want to help me can you please read it. Thank you for anyone who actually does...
Avatar f tn I posted a journal on my page about this condition if anyone would like to take a look. I wrote about what this condition is, treatment options, and helpful links. Take a look.
644974 tn?1312758070 Are you trying to write a journal through the Journal interface or through the Tracker interface? On My MedHelp, on the Journals panel, you should see a link that says, Write a new journal entry. If you click that, you should see a form that has text boxes for Title, Journal Entry and Tags. Do you see that?
Avatar m tn anyone else doing a pregnancy journal for their child to read once they're older?:) I've been pretty loyal to mine.:) I hope my son will enjoy and appreciate it once he is older.