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5807499 tn?1383275275 NOTHING! I hate valentine's day so much, I'd rather go out any other day! The day before is my bday, and hopefully I have the baby by then, lots to keep us busy!
404138 tn?1308941656 Just curious, how will you all be spending Valentine's Day? Do you even celebrate it, if so what are your plans? Doing anything special, out of the ordinary, how will you show your other half how much you love them. V-day to me used to be a big deal, but now I dont get why its even a holiday or w/e, just a way for hallmark to make more money, or just a day to show your significant other how much you love them(which should be shown everyday) not just VDay.
Avatar f tn Happy Valentine's Day.
579258 tn?1250649343 Happy VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I think this holiday should be dedicated to YOU! It is your caring hearts that make this such a great support community and a place where we can all come, be honest about the struggles and successes we experience, and not be judged .. but helped with suggestions, tips and information. You eagerly and freely encourage each other and motivate each other to succeed. You should be very proud of yourself and, on this special "Heart" day ..
Avatar f tn nope! nothing wrong with staying indoors :) i'm due february 12th, my birthday is february 13th, & valentine's day is the day after. i plan on just staying in on valentines with my boys & celebrating my birthday with my family on the 15th :) lol.
Avatar f tn I understand where you are coming from. I had one almost 1 month to the day before yours. What are you having a hard time with? Physically? emotionally?
Avatar f tn I feel your frustration!! They changed my due date by a whole month! So instead of us finding out the baby's gender on Valentine's Day, we have to wait until the end of the month. Which is ridiculous because either way I'm passed 18 weeks so I don't know why they feel it's necessary to wait for 20w?! All I wanted for Valentine's Day was to know the gender of our baby.
Avatar f tn I think it would be so cool to get a BFP and get to tell Hubby on Valentine's Day!!! I hope some of you ladies get a BFP this month so you can do that... I, on the other hand, don't know what's going on with my body. Luckily my yearly pap is next month so if things are still messed up, I can speak with my doctor. I'll probably still test by 2/14 for the heck of it, because I'm a chronic tester. Let's see... I'd be 9 dpo? I guess that is kind of early!
Avatar n tn hello, ladies. i just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to all. I hope everyone has a good day, whether they are at home resting, having surgery, or out doing daily activities. Have a great day.bye. csue.
Avatar f tn so today is Valentine's Day & im seeing my babydaddy , im 7 weeks pregnant . is it safe to have sex ?
Avatar f tn Who cares if you don't have friends. Friends come and go. Family is who is actually there for you no matter what. Just be with your daughters and don't get all worked up about not getting anything. It's just another day honestly. I think valentines is like for friends to get each other things. I don't care if I don't get gifts. The best gift I ever got was my baby and the relationship with my bf. I agree with shen33 that's it's nothing to fuss about.
400099 tn?1282954864 My dad starts radiation on Tuesday. He only wants my older brother to take him. I feel rejected. Dad said when he needs my help he'll ask. He said it nicely, but oh well. Honey made me feel loved....Tried out our new huge shower. What a nice way to save on water. My knee keeps buckling on me. I don't like that. My right arm keeps going numb. I'm so tired.