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Avatar m tn There are different types of lupus and it can affect different people differently and each flare of lupus can be different from the last flare. Fortunately, death from lupus is not a majorly common occurence, however, as I said, it can affect everyone differently and it does also depend on which type of lupus the person has. Do you know specifically what type of lupus your stepdaughter had? Had she been having symptoms for a long time or had she just recently gotten sick?
Avatar n tn There could be several things going on. It sounds like possible stomach problems. GERD, gastritis, an ulcer. And possible heart problems. I'm not sure of your age, you may be very young and heart problems might be ruled out. You really need to get in to see your Dr as soon as possible. You did'nt give much information so I'm not sure what is going on. It's better to be safe with any kind of feelings in your chest.
Avatar m tn My source and refers to a most recent study to link calcium supplements with heart attack risk among women has researchers encouraging people over age 50 to get their daily recommended 1,200 milligrams of the mineral from food sources. The study published this week in the journal BMJ supports previous findings, and the lead author called for a reassessment of using calcium supplements to fight the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn bradycardia simply means that the heart is beating at a lower rate that falls under the norm. There are lots of people out there with very low heart rates...especially if you are active....if you play sports, if you keep yourself physically fit...for instance Lance Armstrongs resting pulse rate is in the upper 30's...pro athletes heart rates stay in the mid 40's and a little into the 50's.....how slow was your heart rate? No worries tho trust me...
Avatar f tn It really does depend on your parents though; I have known of cases where a young adult would choose not to follow his families religion and the family disowns their child. Talk to your parents. relevant to your question however... yes if you have sex people will be able to tell you have broken a seal. The way I see it you have 4 options: 1: Don't have sex. 2: Disregard your religion and lead a better life for yourself and try to communicate with your family. 3: have non-vaginal sex.
Avatar f tn As I wrote before, there are many young people suffering from cardiomyopathy issues, my own daughter included. There is the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation to help those families as well.
Avatar m tn Nice post thanks. Your heart rate will naturally rise with exercise; some people experience sudden jumps in their heart rate and are never aware of it, while others may feel their heart racing. It can be an unsettling feeling and is worth reporting to your doctor, especially if you have other risk factors, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. If you are facing this problem then I think get yourself checked out by a doctor.
Avatar f tn for my entire life since a young boy l have looked at read and watched pornographic material and constantly fantasised in regards to sexual encounters with girls and women. to compensate for this l turned to masturbation at a young age. and as a a result when l was with a female l could not become aroused or erect.
Avatar m tn while several predisposing conditions exist, PACs commonly occur in healthy young and elderly people without heart disease, and by themselves are not considered an abnormal finding.[1][2] PACs are often completely asymptomatic and may be noted only with Holter monitoring, but occasionally they cause a sensation of palpitations. In most cases, no treatment other than reassurance is needed for PACs, although medications such as beta blockers can reduce the frequency of symptomatic PACs.
Avatar f tn Kay 2486, I feel your pain. The times this has taken me to the ER, I would go in and they would wonder who it was I was bringing in because I surely wouldn't need to be there unless I was injured. I also heard "you're too young to have heart problems" a lot. That drove me crazy! It was like I was some sort of mutant. There I was, young, relatively fit (played rugby for 20 years, bicycle team, and a swimmer) with a resting HR in the mid 40s, had never smoked..
Avatar n tn I have been known to have a resting heart rate between 100-150 bpm, and last year, my heart stopped for a second and then started to beat erratically. My lips have been getting blue with exercise and my pulse ox is normal There is strong heart disease in my family, Nobody can figure this out, and they say it is not coming from the heart.
1364495 tn?1293904753 s a good sign that he has stayed so far after already knowing you are sick. I think you need to have a heart to heart talk with him. Tell him everything you told us. People react differently when tough times come around and maybe he's scared and just doesn't know what to do. Though really, you want to have a support network of more than one person. Look to family and friends, too. Don't put all the pressure on him.
Avatar f tn Sweetheart, please say you are on the pill and that you use condoms, at least. It scares me to death that people so young might become parents, or get incurable diseases, simply because they dont know better. I know I'm not your mom, and I would much rather be the one who helped you by saying the right thing. Please stop having sex right now. You are too young for that kind of responsibility. You can have fun and bonding experiences with your bf without sex.
Avatar f tn To everyone, Yes maybe 17 is too young to have plaque built up on your arteries but there are still other factors that can play in causing a heart attack. While I was in the hospital being prepped for my pacemaker surgery and I am only 27, there was a 21 year old guy having surgery at the same time due to having a massive heart attack (which he suffered major damage from) and caused by using drugs (methamphetamines).
1308936 tn?1278148563 It sometmes takes months to know. My heart attack caused hypokinesis (impaired heart wall movement from echo) and the EF was below 29% with echo and 13% with cath. A heart attack results in heart wall movement impairment due to damaged heart cells. If this weren't the situation, there is no heart attack.
Avatar n tn But i am also trying to raise awareness to young people that just because you are young that u can suffer from heart issues.i was diagnosed with heart disease last year in my 20's. i exercise,dont smoke, drink or do drugs and am also fit.it floored me. you do not have to be old or have a family history to have heart issues. mine came from a virus at the age of 18. i am not trying to worry you i just want people to know that it can happen to young healthy people.
Avatar m tn ve read articles about cocaine use which seem to suggest that cocaine in any amount will permanently increase your risk of heart attack or heart disease several-fold for the rest of your life, and that, having tried it even once, I am basically screwed. I have already decided to never use coke again, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to reverse the damage that cocaine may have caused my heart?
Avatar f tn Please check with your doctor. Anytime you have a change in your health (pain, breathing problems for example) it's best to have it checked. Generally young people are pretty healthy but things can go wrong. Hope you get some good news. I've had heart arrhythmias all my life, even as a very young child, but I'm still kicking at 59. Not every heart problem is dangerous.
Avatar f tn I could be wrong, but your question makes me think that you and your boyfreind are young people. If this is the case, it is not surprising that this can happen, since hormones are highest in teenagers. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
Avatar f tn Just because you're young it doesnt mean how going to be a bad mom.
780665 tn?1239026549 It is the most common form of cardiomyopathy found in young people at autopsy.Had these young people been seen by a physician, the physician would, more that likely, have known the disease was there due to the type of rare murmur that this type of cardiomyopathy produces. These young people would have never been allowed to play any kind of sports in the first place.
Avatar f tn m 22, supposedly to young to be having heart problems without family history of any kind of heart trouble. I've also had an echo done and was found it was normal. I'm going back in a week to the cardiologist for a follow up. Hopefully everything will be fine. I might do a stress test to rule everything out once in for all. Like I said recently I've been having these weird head pains. Shooting cold pains. Pains behind my eye. One sided pains.
Avatar m tn t impossible. There are some rare causes of high blood pressure in young people that you should ask your physician about if your blood pressure is truly elevated. Otherwise, many things can cause transient elevations in blood pressure such as pain, anxiety, exercise. Make sure your physician checks your blood pressure at more than one visit while you are relaxed to get an accurate assessment. I hope this informations helps. You sound like a healthy young man.