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Avatar m tn //www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/obesity/lose_wt/index.htm If you'd like to report serious adverse effects regarding the product you are taking, please contact FDA's MedWatch: 1-800-332-1088, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET, or go online: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/default.htm Good luck and for more information, please go to: 1. Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know - FDA http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/UsingDietarySupplements/ucm109760.htm 2.
206807 tn?1331936184 “Harvard is a microcosm of what’s happening in health care in the country,” said David M. Cutler, a health economist at the university who was an adviser to President Obama’s 2008 campaign. But only up to a point: Professors at Harvard have until now generally avoided the higher expenses that other employers have been passing on to employees. That makes the outrage among the faculty remarkable, Mr. Cutler said, because “Harvard was and remains a very generous employer.
Avatar n tn On one hand I'm glad to see a dentist who understands the truth about mercury in the body and how dangerous amalgam fillings are, but I am so deeply sorry for what you had to go through to learn this. I hope you got some information about oral chelation (the safest method) and are doing better. For the life of me I can't understand why so many of your colleagues are in such denial about all this. I have lost half of my life.
Avatar m tn My mother diagnosed as having ASD, during her recent health checkup. Dr. says, it must be by birth. There is no symptoms or any complain by her, only she gets tired. Her 2D echo cardiogram reports figures are, large 19MM ASD, Dilated RA/RV/PA. Good LV and RV function. LVF:60%. Structurally all valves are normal. Evidence of pulmonary hypertension on M-Mode. I need guidance, what treatment is necessary or what medication is required?
Avatar n tn What system does phentermine actually effect (ie. hormonal, nerological,etc.) Is it possible that it could cause acne? A few of my female friends who are the same age as me are also experiencing sudden acne since they started taking phentermine. Is it just a coincidence or is it possible?
Avatar n tn Roden cutler 5 hour sleep Phynia doesn't appreciate - no more love
Avatar n tn Roden cutler 5 hour sleep Phynia doesn't appreciate - no more love
782988 tn?1242685985 Seeking answers for my heart problems-in the process of getting tests. Hoping to get advice and support.
3060903 tn?1398565123 statins are given to high sholesterol , low dose statin may be good.. blood pressure meds, extemely effective, people eover the age of 60, before lifestue, 150 is when you use drugs, upper 150, old scool water pill direetic , liefstyle can revere extreme heart disease reduction in health care by 50% exercise.
901131 tn?1293744553 I can appreciate the attempt at integrative medicine that Dr. Oz is incorporating into his show along with his main goal of trying to make health education something interesting... (I don't favor the span over depth format so have only watched a few times.) That said, I have long heard that glutathione is extremely important to the body. No one has to look far to find the research on this if they are interested.
973741 tn?1342342773 It's not just eye opening, it also educate us and guide us what food is right for are body. thanks!
Avatar m tn 6 root was small and they would not operate until it was about 6 cm. I persoanlly think this Dr. Cutler is nor right. Can anyone help me understand?
Avatar m tn yellow spots on face and neck.
766573 tn?1365166466 fatal and non-fatal myocardial infarction Peginterferon: Cardiovascular diorders: hypertension, arrhythmias, myocardial infarction
3154120 tn?1343402249 lets put it this way depending on why u r on pain medication what ur dr is prescibing wouldnt kill the pain of a flea bite put u on a mild narcotiv vicoden or 5 mg percocet then u may find some relief and if he wont go find urself a dr with a heart nd soul shellycemt
Avatar m tn ABUS), an industry-leading therapeutic solutions company focused on developing a cure for chronic hepatitis B virus infection (HBV), today announced that Mr. Adam Cutler, Arbutus' Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, will present at the Baird 2015 Healthcare Conference on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 12.45pm - 1.15pm (PT) / 3.45pm - 4.15pm (ET) in New York.
Avatar f tn I love Wesley Nathaniel!
Avatar n tn dunno... there is a book called Reversing Heart Disease written by Dr. Dean Ornish that is very good. I used it for my guide. It is great... it tells you exactly how to do it.. the foods to eat and etc. As to whether or not it is safe for you not to have surgery now.... I wouldnt know.... that would need to be a cardiologist decision. It takes 2-3 maybe four years to reverse problems I think.. just a guess.. I changed my lifestyle about 20 years ago... I think it has put years on my life...
Avatar f tn My husband is diagnosed with a severe Miteral valve malfunction and he requires surgery. We live in Toronto and I personally know a few friends who were operated by Dr Tyrone David; however he is retired since. Could you please help us to understand who are a few of most well-known surgeons on Miteral Valve repair in North America? We are a young family and I would sell my house if it give my family a better chance for my husband to get back his health. Please Help!!!
6603884 tn?1382896383 Before doing anything CHECK with your doctor first!!!!! http://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn keep pounding if bodybuilding was to be judge by bodybuilders themselves COLEMAN, YATES, OR CUTLER wouldnt be a landslide winner..
Avatar m tn Dear sir my 8 week pragnancy i will check ultrasound baby is normal but not heart beat say to dr. when i do .. plz.
1027330 tn?1361910228 had a scan saw the baby he or she has llong arms and legs that u can see and heart beet was 160 and for the frist time i got to heart the heart beet
Avatar n tn my physcian conducted my complete blood test it was ok but my reading for thyroid stimulating hormone is 3.5 so plz guide me properly in this situation.