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Avatar n tn hi, my name is kathy, and on wed of last week, i was in front of the washer ready to do the wash and I got cheest pains like tons of bricks were sitting on my chest then my jaws started to hurt and i had a lump( it felt like) throat and my lips started to go numb. and after a few mins it went away, in the past I get this feeling of all the blood in my body is rushing from my feet to my head and it seems like my ears are closing off.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Hysterectomy for benign, non cancerous, indications is one of the commonest surgical procedures in women, but the association between the procedure and the increase risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart attack and stroke is not fully understood. Hysterectomy has traditionally been considered the method of choice for treating a variety of benign, non-cancerous, gynecological disorders due to the low surgical complication rate and definite cure of these diseases.
2175879 tn?1338358628 Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. As your doctors have ruled out stroke and suggest that your symptoms could be due to PTSD, you could go for professional counselling and see if it helps to resolve your symptoms. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I am very sorry to hear about your father. You heart must be breaking and my heart goes out to you. As you know I am not a physician. That said, in my opinion your father's blood pressure is not dangerously low. The top number called the Systolic is consider normal between 90 -140. The bottom number called the diastolic is considered normal between 60-90. So his diastolic is in the upper range of low and the systolic is with in limits of normal. There are many factors to be considered.
Avatar n tn Hi -- I wanted to let the list know that a PFO (a congenital hole in the heart) can sometimes be the cause of a cerebellar stroke -- it happened to me. I'm 47 and had an operation 3 yrs. ago -- after the surgery I had 3 days of intense vomiting. 2 wks. later I had a cerebellar stroke -- the symptoms were vomiting, vertigo, and complete loss of balance. The ambulance got me to the ER, and the ER drs. at my NYC hospital were great.
159619 tn?1538184537 In fact, at my last meeting with my cardiologist last fall to review a new echo, she told me that my EF has not changed from 55 -65% in three years and my heart was still normal and I really no longer needed regularly scheduled visits with a cardiologist and that my family doctor could manage my care and refer me back if necessary. I have been getting some mixed messages about the level of exercise I should shoot for.
Avatar f tn If this person is older they could have had a grandma seizure which represents signs of a stroke I would also ask the doctor to take a full urine check and make sure that the electrolytes are at a sustainable level. Magnesium (low) can be very hard on the body and is vital to ones health so definitely ask the doctor as to whether the renal function of the patient is at a good level. Please ask if you have any further questions.
Avatar f tn I would keep eating the way you are and take magnesium in the morning and calcium at night, and also check into L-arginine; your sister may be helpful for researching the worth of these supplements. coq10 may be good too. my mom had a heart attack and was put on that drug but she had a GI bleed, so the gastroenterologist took her off of it. Then she saw a general surgeon about a hernia, and he was thrilled she was off it. He said he thought they put too many people on that long-term.
244195 tn?1239496061 sharp zaps in my head loss of apetites sometimes crying for no reason getting frustrated very easily knots in my stomach feeling to vomit my mind is always running 500 miles a minute feeling like i will have a heart attack or stroke thinking of death and dying while having conversations with people loss of focus and concentration feeling drained and lack of energy at times tired and sleepy no zest or passion for things i used to like doing isolate myself from people praying and asking God why
469720 tn?1388149949 Through early detection, interventional radiologists can save women from future stroke, heart attack, and early death. To combat this major public health issue, Vascular Medical specialist recommend greater screening efforts by the medical community through the use of the ankle brachial index (ABI) test. PAD Under-recognized in Women Like heart disease, peripheral arterial disease is under-recognized in women.
429949 tn?1224695179 http://www.clevelandclinic.org/health/health-info/docs/1400/1482.asp?
Avatar n tn I began to stutter and couldn't remember how to do simple things like when I went to eat lunch and pay with a check I couldn't remember how to write the check. I was even having seizures. The rushed me to the er and they did a CT which came back normal. They kept me for observation for 2 days then did an EEG which came back normal. They then diagnosed me the hypothyroidism. And let me tell you I am 5'2" and weight 125 lbs. Do I sound like my thyroid is underactive? Not to me.
484698 tn?1208823583 Then when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and tachycardia 125 bpm at rest the focus was back on the heart and heart attacks . Then when I had vertigo and dizzinessness, my brain is singing its boring tune, what if it's a stroke, I might stroke out, my blood pressure is high, go and check just to be sure. So you are not alone. It is a damn struggle. I am thinking of going back to meditation.
Avatar n tn I am 26 and suffered from a stroke due to a blood clot in the brain. I was just two and a half years old and nearly died. Right sided paralysis occured. My parents must have been through hell and back with me. Since then i have managed to regain most of the movement in my right side through intensive physiotherapy and kickboxing training, although the mustle wastage is still very evident. I am now a student nurse getting on with llife as normal as possible.
Avatar f tn All my tests were normal like MRI,ct scan,2decho,holter monitor and stress test but everything was ok so my doctors couldnt find the cause of my stroke..Im currently taking asprin and cardipres and another thing my cholesterol level is high..tnx much...
Avatar n tn Would it be a good idea to try go private? ( I live in england and am in the NHS at the momement due the high cost of private health care) I have had concusion on a number of occasions... may this be a cause?
Avatar n tn He is only 54 and had a heart bypass last year so he was looking after his health and getting regular check ups. My question is it normal for him to sleep all the time for 3 days now without there being any fluid on the brain? The doctors keep saying they don't know what to do anymore but they are still trying.
Avatar m tn I am a 23 yr old male with no underlying health problems ( that i know of) but for the past year i have been having these flutters or wat seems more appropreate to be like a quiver (very fast heart beat then seems like my heart stops then a regualr heart beat then mabey an irregular heart beat) ive had two ECG's and my doctor says im fine, i know i suffer from anxiety but have been fine for a while, i dnt drink coffe an try to eat the best i can ( nt everyones perfect) but i do like a really go
Avatar n tn She never has regained her full memory, and I never mention stroke to her. There are pros and cons to discussing this with a patient and I have no strong opinion one way or another. Her speech continues to impropve. For example tonight there was a baby on television on "ER" and she pointed and said "Look at the little baby!" and laughed.
2190999 tn?1504992491 Hi, a migraine is a type of headache, caused by spasms of the arteries leading into the head. Stroke, TIAs and migraine can share certain symptoms (visual disturbances, numbness, tingling, speech difficulties and muscle weakness). Problems occur when TIA is mistakenly thought to be migraine symptoms. TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain.
Avatar n tn She is a fighter and had many health problems before this all happend. She moves her arms and legs fine, she walks pretty good with her walker, however she is very confused and within last two weeks the confusion has been getting worse NOT better. She has trouble getting out what she wants to say, and reading and writing. She is going to see the doctor today, I will be sure to ask about the amino acids.
Avatar n tn Most people with murmmers are not at risk for endocarditis. You should check with your physician. Some murmmers do signify other heart pathology and may need to be investigated further to make sure you are not at increased risk for endocarditis with invasive procedures.
Avatar n tn hi there my name is jen. like you i had a stroke at a young age, i was 24 and feb 2005 i had a tia on feb 10 and a ischemic on feb 13. i was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, i would have stayed longer but i wanted to get the hell out of there! it really felt like a constant hangover 24/7, dizzy the room spinning all of the time, vomiting 24/7, unable to move my whole left side. i felt like a doll being poked for blood 6 times a day!
Avatar n tn The old adage stands, you must compare apples with apples. And when it comes to stroke, heart disease, etc... there is NO such thing. Best of luck to you all! Wish me luck, for at 40 I have been blessed with a (younger, woohoo!) man who loves me with my diminished abilities (I am NOT disabled, just dysfunctional, GRIN) and wants to marry me and have children together, if possible, our own.
Avatar n tn I am pleased you obtain some value from my posts. It sounds like you are doing a terific job. There are no "right" answers or "right" treatment. As I mentioned, I provide a variety of morning supplements, that I believe are helpful. My experience is anecdotal, however there are a number of studies that suggest these are helpful. Daily supplements of vitamin B-12, folic acid and zinc. Daily supplements of DHEA.
Avatar n tn My mom had good health and no warning signs before the stroke, not even a headache, my dad found her this way mid-morning. The neurosurgeon did not offer much hope for us to survive the stroke nor in her recovery. She has already beat the odds. My mom was in ICU for 3 weeks and step-down 1 week and in rehab hospital for two months now. I have come to learn the dr.'s don't like or really now prognosis on recovery because everyone recovers differently.
Avatar n tn She regained the ability to swallow, but it took a lot of doing, and many three hour long meals and feeding sessions. Feeding is always a problem and the health care aides and nurses do not have the time or patience to do this properly, and you sometimes have to wait ten minutes between spoonfuls or risk food entering the trachea and producing pneumonia. She is no longer incontinent, and enjoys attempts at walking with assistance. Every day is a happy one with smiles and laughter.
Avatar n tn He has paralysis on the left side. He is able to speak and eat fine. THe stroke has really affected his short term memory though. He is currently in a Nursing/Rehab center. Medicare has stopped the rehab therapy after 3 weeks because they say he is not progressing enough. My question is if anyone else has had this problem with medicare? They have him in a restorative nursing program at this point, but we really want him back in therapy.
Avatar n tn My husband and I would like to have a child, but are unsure about my health issues and pregnancy. My stroke was due to a dissection in my left vertebral artery and I have been told that it has healed completely. However, I experience dizziness and unwell feelings around menstruation, which I'm sure is due to hormones, which makes me nervous about pregnancy. Any information would be helpful. I have looked on the internet and have not really found anything.
Avatar n tn I had an overdose of thyroid medication in August of 2007, I was suppose to be taking 12.