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Avatar m tn Thank you for your reply on my Post regarding brain stroke on left side. My sister is under medical care at the present time. But the doctors seem to think that this is some rare case.She has lost some 32# in 3weeks. They now have her on intravenous, she still could not keep down any pills. She had been to a rehab.unit for a week, they let her go home, and thats when she still could not take any pills, without throwing up.
Avatar n tn Hi im 18 and i have been having really bad headachs that keep me up at night and crying with dizziness and neausea I went to see my doctor and i got sent to a neurologist and thats when he sent me for an MRI they found a spot on my head and he told me it could be a tumor or i could have had a stroke and he left it at that what should i do? do you have any idea what it could be?
2190999 tn?1504992491 The reason I'm posting now is bc I still have left leg weakness, hypersensitivity and constant tingling on the entire left side of my body. I've read migraines with stroke symptoms are benign but I'm wondering if I should expect things to get better. And yes I've thought about letting my neuro doc know about this, but I'm afraid she'll want to do more testing... my deductible is $3000.
Avatar f tn Hello Dr., Thank you for the reply. My dad had a massive stroke affecting his left brain to be totally damaged as per the neurosurgeon. Its been 3 days in the ICU since his neurosurgery was done. Yesterday, the Dr told us that he has little imrpovement, he could move a little his left leg and he was yawning. But he further said that he is still not safe unless he could open his eyes and breath on his own. Because right now, he breath with the help of a ventillator.
484698 tn?1208823583 Then when I had vertigo and dizzinessness, my brain is singing its boring tune, what if it's a stroke, I might stroke out, my blood pressure is high, go and check just to be sure. So you are not alone. It is a damn struggle. I am thinking of going back to meditation. I used to meditate for many years and it really did help me get through a stressful life with career, study, divorce, being a single mum etc.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to add, that you know your body better than anyone else and if it was a TIA/Mini Stroke, those are temporary and usually do not show up on x-rays but people that do have TIA's have something like a 30% chance of having another TIA or actually stroke within the following year. So you really need to be aware of stroke symptoms and if you get any of these symptoms you need to go straight to the ER.
Avatar n tn Showing Occluded left Carotid and reversed left Vertabral artery due to left subclavian stenosis. His recovery has been poor and he cannot walk more than a few yards and has few activities. My questions are: 1)Why cant a Carotid Endarterectomy be done post occlussion. 2) Does it sound like his care was lacking, particularly in the tia in 1999. I cant understand why he was not considered for a cea or subclavian surgery from the start. Now his doctors say its too late for any surgery.
469720 tn?1388149949 Stroke Risk Factors Some stroke risk factors are hereditary. Others are a function of natural processes. Still others result from a person's lifestyle. You can't change factors related to heredity or natural processes, but those resulting from lifestyle or environment can be modified with the help of a healthcare professional. Fortunately, most risk factors are under our control What risk factors for stroke can't be changed?
Avatar n tn - Overnight, my brother showed more and more symptoms of stroke as he fully lost all control of right side and speech. - Morning, swelling in brain... steroids administered. - Morning to current, he seems to have stablized from my own observation... doctors think that swelling is at max and will not swell further. I am praying this is the case His mind seems very intact. Btu very tired Doctors stated that all clotting has ceased. Possible histroy factor... my brother had a germinoma (sp?
Avatar n tn However, it soon became clear that I had suffered a left sided cerebellar stroke. My left cerebellum was completely destroyed. The severe symptoms lasted several days. The brain swelling was quite severe and my blood pressure rose to 220/130. Surgery was becoming a very real option. Multiple studies revealed that my arteries were completely normal without clots or defects.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause one to believe they are experiencing symptoms anywhere from a brain tumor, to a heart attack, to stroke. Only to find out that they are perfectly fine and that its all in their head. I believe that you are experiencing anxiety symptoms not brain tumor symptoms.
Avatar n tn having said that, cerebellar strokes can wreak havoc in the brain - if they cause swelling or require brain surgery. if your grandfather is awake and communicating, then his chances are probably better than otherwise. his language and motor skills should not be affected but he may require some help eating and breathing - hard to know if these will return in time. he's also at risk for aspiration pneumonia, that is why he has a trach.
233915 tn?1218816727 Your daughter may have migraines, but the fact that she has had one stroke would make me worry about why that happened and why she is having neurological symptoms. Basically, your doctor may end up being right, but I think you may want to get second and third opinions first. At the very least your daughter should be tested for a PFO (paten foramen ovale) which is a small hole in the heart that causes many pediatric strokes and be tested for blood clotting disorders.
Avatar m tn I am going to list all my symptoms; can someone out there relate to these and help me try to figure out what is going on with me: Numbness in hands and right side of face abdominal pain Chest Pain arm pain (mainly left arm) stiff neck lower back pain (herniated disk) headache every day for the last year Slow movement (walk very slow) Wrist Pain (both hands) right eye feels like it is trying to close on me; started twitching Could all this be coming from my back problem?
Avatar n tn I also had a cold feeling in my left hand down to my fingertips. I awoke in the morning with a pain in the left side of my neck which subsided within 5 minutes or so. The numbness in my left arm did not go away however. So I went to the ER that evening. There they did a CT scan of my head and did not find anything abnormal. The ER doctor chalked it up to bad side effects from the Maxalt which should go away on their own.
Avatar n tn MRI confirmed the stroke in my left Cerebellar section. The artery in left neck tore and caused the stroke. Had 3 MRI's; Head, Brain with and without contrast, Neck with and without contrast. I am recovery mode now. I feel dizzy. I have dizzy spells that come and go. I have trouble with conversations and speech. I can listen well, but it is hard sometimes to gather my thoughts and return speak answers to others in conversations. I saw the neurologist a couple of days ago.
Avatar f tn If a person has the symptons of a stroke ( no speech),droopy left eye,weakness on left side, headache but the MRI, CT scan EEG of heart , lumbar puncture and chest x-ray all come back normal, what could be wrong.
Avatar m tn I have frequent pain behind my left eye and left inner ear, also in upper rear portion of the left side of my head I would feel sharp or tingling pain accompanied by the sensation that some one was pouring water over my head. I never seem to be able to kick the stiff neck either. The mobility in my neck never seemed to be effected but it always seemed uncomfortable like it needed to be cracked or something. Frustrated with my doctor I went to alternative forms of medicine.
Avatar f tn Upon the recent birth of my third child, I was told I carried a genetic mutation known as MHTFR, that I passed to my newborn, causing a clot to the left side of her brain and giving her a stroke within 12 hours of her birth. I never really considered my health to be oh so bad, in fact I was content with hardly having colds. My question is; How concerned / serious should I be about my diseases?
Avatar n tn i had a MRI scan 2 years ago and it was picked up i had a minor stroke a while before and i had lesions on my brain the posterior left frontal lobe. I recently had an experience when on the phone I suddenly had an extremly dry mouth and was unable to speak for a few seconds/minutes and my tongue felt like lead. my speech was slow and although a lot better now i battle with vocab in conversation.
Avatar n tn but it could have been caused by a migraine, tension, a brain tumor, a stroke, or something you'd only see on House... Would you automatically go, "Oh my god, I'm 18 and perfectly healthy, so obviously I must have (insert incredibly obscure disease here)!!!"? I think not. Does that make sense?
765802 tn?1263304451 Generally there is no effective treatment for this type of cyst. Improvement of blood flow the brain and oxygen therapy may improve the symptoms and prevent further cysts from developing. Please consult your neurologist tom discuss these findings. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn How is your father doing? My mother had the same brain bleed (stroke like symptoms affected her speech & not using her right arm) but we elected instead of surgery to take her off Warfarin (which was thinning the blood) and let the body reabsorb the blood back into the body. She is very sleepy/doppy acting.. we thing because they put her on anti-seizure drug. Doesn't talk much & was eating with her eyes closed.
Avatar f tn My spells, are extreme weakness, absolutely no energy, more weakness on the left side. Takes 3 to 4 days before I can function properly. I am 83 and very active and still working as a Realtor. In 2001 my TIA caused very little damage. It was on the right side of brain and only lasted a brief time but was sent to the hospital and kept over night. My carotid arteries are cked periodically and am otherwise in fairly good health for 83. Do you think I could have seizures from the TIA that long ago?
Avatar m tn The difference between a stroke and a migrqaine - speaking purely from personal experience here and what the neurologist has told me - is that with a stroke I got the symptoms of left-sided numbness, head floppiness, slurred speech etc., all at once and instantaneously whereas with a migraine I get the same symptoms but they come on gradually, like the numbness is 'flowing' down my left side from top to bottom.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that certain skills could be lost from a stroke? If these are common symptoms in a post-stroke patient, I would just like to be aware of this so that I can be of support to him. Thanks very much for your expertise!
633670 tn?1389227011 com/Cats/Cat-Health-Center/Brain-Spinal-Cord-Nerve-Disorders/Stroke/Treatment-and-Care/Living-and-Managing/Living-With-a-Cat-That-Has-Had-a-Stroke.aspx Much luck. Let us know how it goes, ok?
Avatar n tn and work with stroke victims , Look up water shed strokes...
Avatar n tn My neurolgist diagnosed me with a stroke-related seizure (since the symptoms were coming from the same area of the brain as where I had my stroke) and gave me Depakote which stopped the symptoms almost immediately. I didn't tolerate the Depakote (many side effects) and eventually switched to Neurontin which I have happily taken for 6 months, three times a day. I have no side effects and the Neurontin keeps the symptoms completely in check unless I accidently skip doses.