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Avatar m tn I had an aortic valve replacement in June of 2010. By the end of July, my heart rate, after being in the 60's-70's all my life, jumped up to 109 and has stayed high ever since. It is always higher in the morning. My cardiologist dismisses my concerns...what should I do? See another cardiologist? I am currently on Metaprolol. I thought the HR would go DOWN after the surgery, but it seems to be getting worse. Thank you for answering my question!!
Avatar n tn Extended long-term survival and symptomatic relief in a symptomatic elderly patient (even in a nonagenarian) with severe valvular heart disease are usually obtained using aortic valve replacement. The long-term survival rate with valve replacement--about 70% at 5 years--appears far superior to that attainable with drug therapy alone. The survival rate for elderly patients undergoing successful operations is similar to that for an age-matched population without valvular disease.
Avatar f tn I'm 55 and recently went through Open Heart Surgery for Aortic Valve Replacement on Jan. 7th. On the 5th of Feb. I was admitted in the hospital with heart complications only to find my new valve needed to be replaced. My surgery was difficult because the valve was under developed (it was the size for a 9 year old girls) which made it difficult to remove and to replace. During my surgery my surgeon found that my Aorta also was fragile where the walls were crumbling.
Avatar n tn My grandfather is 82 years old and has been advised that he needs a heart valve replacement. I would like to know if it is advisable at his age to have this surgery and are there any new techniques or procedures with a valve replacement. Also, he lives in Las Vegas, NV and I would like to know if you there are any heart surgeons there that you can recommend for this surgery. Thank you for your time, Scott _____ Dear Scott, thank you for your question.
Avatar n tn I had an aortic valve replacement 8 years ago for a bicuspid valve. One of the risks of the MVR is stroke secondary to calcium escaping and traveling to the vein and causing a stroke. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this during surgery? What are the concerns for possible restrictive pericardium and pulmonary hypertension? Is this surgery risky? My surgeon seems confident that I will not have complications. I have many questions but this is just a start.
Avatar n tn I am a 29-year woman who has an artificial aortic heart valve. This is the second artificial aortic valve that I have had - the first was a tissue valve, which was damaged by endocarditis, and I now have a mechanical valve for which I have to take warfarin.
Avatar n tn The major complications with mitral valve replacement are death, stroke, heart attack, rhythm disturbances, and bleeding. I don't mean to scare you, but these risks do exist (albeit with a low incidence). The typical post-operative course after mitral valve replacement is 4-6 days in the hospital and 6-8 weeks of recuperation at home before normal activities can be done again.
Avatar n tn Re: Re: Re: Bacterial Endocarditis after Mitral Valve Replacement [Search][ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Heart Forum ] [ Archive/FAQ ] Posted by CCF CARDIO MD - CRC on November 26, 1998 at 10:29:57: In Reply to: Re: Re: Bacterial Endocarditis after Mitral Valve Replacement posted by Kristine on November 24, 1998 at 15:52:27: : : Thank-you! : --------------------------------------------------- : Dear Kristine, : Thank you for your questions.
Avatar n tn Depending on the type of valve, serious complications in the years following valve replacement include degeneration of the valve(limited to tissue valves), blood clots arising from the valve (mechanical valves), and a risk of infection of the valve. In the case of a tissue valve, your mother won't have to take blood thinning medications unless she also has atrial fibrillation, thus making her medical regimen less complicated.
Avatar f tn My 65 yr old husband had an emergency mitral valve replacement on Christmas Eve. His coronary artery was completely blocked 3-4 days before and his heart tissue had started to die, which pulled on and damaged the valve. He has a pig-valve, now. While in the hospital recovering he had a very brief stroke (clot-type) that passed in about 5 minutes and in testing him afterward they said he had also had a "bleeder" in his right temporal lobe that had resolved itself, already.
Avatar m tn And now he is scheduled for Mitral Valve Replacement (mechanical). I want to know how complicated is this surgery which involves rework of Mitral Valve and how much complicated is when you already have mechanical Aortic Valve. His surgeon provided list of risks including bleeding, stroke, infection, oozing, internal bleeding etcc. as calcified mitral valve need to be cleaned and in might damage scar tissue. My friend is very uncomfortable after talking to surgeon.
1012964 tn?1251819426 Hi, One of the major complications of a heart surgery is stroke. You might have suffered a mild stroke while undergoing surgery or soon after and hence the symptoms of memory loss and confusion. The symptoms will get better with a proper management plan that involves medication, exercises, good nutrition and psychotherapy. Please consult a neurologist for the complete neurological examination and management. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about your husband. I am 37 years old, male and had a mechanical heart valve replacement 3 years ago. I had a quadracuspid aortic valve. I would strongly recomend that you consider your options. I take a large coumadin dose each day, 23.5 mg due to warfarin resistance. I have had a mild stroke. I have a huge scar on my chest and the valve makes a very loud ticking noise. So I am waiting for technology to catch up so that I can get this out of my chest.
Avatar f tn She weighs 325 pounds and has been told for years now that she needs to lose weight to eventually have a mitral valve replacement because her MD states "no surgeon will touch you until you are at least 285 pounds." With the TEE results today however they are pushing for the mitral valve replacement as soon as possible even given the risks because of the size and location of the blood clot.
Avatar n tn when i was born i had a coartation of aorta and a malfunction of the mitral valve (I haven’t seen my medical records of when I was a baby and a child but that is what’s been passed on) At the moment I have an artificial mitral valve and am taking warfarine to prevent the formation of thrombs that could harm the valve or cause a stroke. I have recently found out that the formation of some clotting around the valve is unavoidable.
Avatar n tn Hi, my father in law had a triple bypass and aortic valve replacement over 2 wks ago. After the surgery he did not really appear to come around from the anaesthetic and the following day went into multi organ failure after his heart beat became irregular and his blood pressure dropped severely. He has now been in ICU for 2 weeks and although he seems to be slowly progressing with kidney function, blood pressure etc, he is not really waking up.
Avatar f tn After mitral valve replacement w/pig valve and then short (5 min.) stroke that cleared itself out, scan showed my 65 yr. old husband had a bleeder in his right temporal lobe that had already resolved. He has chronic fibrillation and is facing Coumadin long term and internal device for restarting heart and pacemaker device. Question, what effect will happen now that he has resumed smoking pot?
Avatar n tn I am a healthy, active 39 year old female who had aortic valve replacement in March of 1998 with a St. Jude valve. Generally I have been recovering just great. My stenosis was ruled as hereditary, I have always had a heart murmur, no symptons before surgery. My mother had the same surgery a few years back so I opted to have an echo just to check, because of the murmur. My questions is, after surgery I had a few bouts with limb numbness and black outs accompanied with dizziness.