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Avatar n tn Many people who have had that type of death experience and brought back experience changes in the brain that often affect memory, personality or physical abilities similar to having a stroke. And like a stroke, the effects may be temporary or permanent.
Avatar m tn This happens by a system of vasodilation and vasoconstriction coupled with the pumping rate and stroke volume of the heart. Rather than make frequent changes in volume, the body changes the configuration of the total container (all the vessels) and increases the speed at which the resource is renewed.
Avatar f tn What is the difference between Ischemic stroke and myocardial infarction? I have PR 232 ms. What does it signify?
Avatar m tn Hi, its difficult to tell the exact prognosis. As the post stroke swelling subsides she may recover function. But now all depends on if her vitals are stable or not. As she is improving and if the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Regards.
Avatar n tn My husband has had Arrhythmia for about a year and a half. It started out and would come when ever. He has had a electrophesiaologist study done and is on beta blockers only when it occurs. The studys didn't pin point where his heart was misfiring and they said there was no reason why it is going on. About 3 months now it comes for 2 weeks and then it is gone for 2 weeks. Why the pattern? His Arrhythmia is like his heart skips a beat. I can put my head on his chest and hear it.
480448 tn?1426948538 com/article/20121120/NEWS04/121129848 HARRISBURG – The Britain-based company that runs the national lottery in the United Kingdom is pledging to produce more than $34 billion in profits over 20 years if it wins a contract to manage the Pennsylvania Lottery, Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration said Tuesday as it moves toward privatizing the state’s $3.5 billion system. The administration said it will weigh the offer by Camelot Global Services, which it said is good until Dec.
Avatar m tn Hi my grandma had a stroke Saturday. We are not sure when she had it but we think it was 18hrs before we found her. She had scans done on her brain and they said she had a massive stroke and brain bleed. When we found her she was breathing on her own and had a heart beat but wasn't responsive, she is still like that today. The doctors say she has less than 5% chance of surviving and not to revive her if she has a heart attack as she will end up with no quality of life.
Avatar f tn He is 70 years old with blood work and blood pressure of a much younger man. When you take coumadin to help prevent a stroke then learn that taking it could also cause a stroke-that's kind of scary. My husband also started taking cod liver oil daily which we read keeps those arteries nice and slippery making it hard for clots to form. He also takes bunches of different vitamins. Thanks also for the heads up about a physicians "Standard of Care" rules.
Avatar n tn Volume dependence is a reliable parameter regarding the functionality of the left ventricle but the precise volume from stroke to stroke will vary and be less reliable. When I went to ER from a silent heart attack the echo test reports an EF below 29% (13% EF after a few hours after the echo. Thanks for the question and if you have any followup questions you are welcome to respond. Take care.
9263335 tn?1403463032 now I know what it feels like. How pathetic is my husband thinking that by buying me a stupid lottery ticket is going to change what he said.. smh I'm just hurt right now.
Avatar m tn i have been experiencing mostly pressure some pain in my head face and arm all on the right side. my heart races and i feel like i will faint. this has been happening for 2 weeks. could i be having a stroke all this time. also my nose is stuffy 24/7 but that has been going on for years. i do go to my doctor on Monday. pls help me?
Avatar n tn Husband woke up with dizziness, vertigo, vomiting at 3 AM last week. B/P 225/120 ER said he did not have a stroke ( according to CT scan.Can't do MRI due to stents which he got for a 95% blockage to his heart 4 yrs ago.) Cardiologist switched BP meds and B/P going down well on that now.He' still very fatigued, difficulty with spacial perception, walking etc...The Nuero Doc can't see him till May 1st. Any idea what's up with all of this and what kind of treatment we should pursue?
Avatar f tn Since it is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, this is important to find out. The current recommended treatment is niacin in a dose of 1-3 grams daily. However, please do not take it without asking your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn If clots are pumped into circulation it can cause blockage of blood to the heart or to the brain and cause a stroke. I haven't heard a low EF causes clots.
Avatar m tn You mention that your son had a heart surgery at age 3 ½ months, and has evidence of an old stroke in the left basal ganglia. Babies born with heart problems (congenital heart defects) may be at an increased risk of having strokes before, during, or after surgery, for a variety of reasons. MRIs can show evidence of old brain injuries, such as strokes, but do not give an exact time/date that the injury occurred.
Avatar m tn I am 58yo. Gave up smoking 15 years ago. Don't drink. Walk 3-4 miles daily. Swim. Eat very well - fruit, vegetables, brown rice, fish, white meat, no junk. I do all the right things. Regular medical check ups. Not overweight. BP and all my numbers are good. Yet 2 months ago I had a massive heart attack. I required 2 stents. I don't understand why the heart attack occurred. Blood sugar normal. No family history of heart disease.
Avatar n tn How big is the dose of aspirin you take, 75mg isnthe dose people often take to reduce heart attack and stroke risk, any more and you maybe risking stomach problems. My doctor told me not to take aspirin at all ( even though I worry about my own chest pains) as it's an acid and can cause all kinds of problems with the stomach. I think you should speak to your doctor before taking anything like aspirin regularly, it's best to have a professional opinion.
Avatar n tn Hyperkinetics is a motion disorder. Combine that term with the heart would indicate heart wall motion impairment. The pathogenesis can be congential, ischemic, viral, drugs, medication, alsohol, etc. Or hyperkinetic can be neuromyopathic from a cerebral stroke.
Avatar m tn Just suffered from major stroke 2 months ago. Was just wondering if anyone had information or experience with the drug, Neuroaid.
Avatar n tn Aspirin also helps prevent a second or recurrent stroke and, as with heart attacks, lessens the damaging effects of a stroke that does occur.
Avatar n tn Stroke volume is a calculation to determine ejection fraction (EF)...the amount of blood pumped into circulation with each heartbeat. The calulation for EF is volume of blood in the left ventricle at systole (pumping) phase. Subtract the volume left in the ventricle after diastolic (filling) phase. Then divide the volume of blood during systole for a fraction...that would be EF. Your EF idicates you have a normal pumping heart. Normal is 50 to 70%.
Avatar f tn I'm a 49yr.old female runner who was diagnosed with paroxymol arterial fib with BBB through a 14d loop recorder.My brother has Wolf Parkinsons White. I'm on Ramipril 5mg od, 81m ASA od and was prescribed Atenolol 25mg qam. Since reading the side effects I am very nervous to start this med. I love to run but am I at a high risk for stroke if I don't start this? BP readings are well controlled. Can I productively run,swim and bike still?
Avatar m tn Hi! There are plenty of sites on the net where you can calculate your risk of a heart attack or sudden death depending on age, lipid profile and all the other usual suspects. What I cannot find anywhere, however, is the risk in someone who has CAD already. I am 58 (almost 59), not overweight, BP is low at 115/75, non smoker. My LDL used to be high at over 160 but my HDL has always been very high as well (around 65 - 70).
Avatar n tn Two close relatives of my dad died recently with the symptoms of stroke/heart attack. They did go to see the doctor immediately but didn't make it. So, I would like to know what a person should do when a person suspects that somebody is having a heart attack or a stroke in addition to calling the doctor while they reach the hospital. Thank you!