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Avatar m tn I did recently break out in a rash on by back, both flanks which is vrey rare for me to break out, almost looked like chicken pox/shingles but span's about 8-10 inches on either side with dispersed pustules. This may be a far cry from just typical Generalized Anxiety but its worth looking into. I was considering going gluten- free for a week and seeing if i would notice a difference although I'm unsure when the symptoms would decrease after that change. thank you again for your assistance!!
Avatar n tn Although it may be true, I am having a tough tough time believing that all these chronic physical symptoms are as a result of anxiety alone. If I am treated for anxiety, I am wondering if they will improve or if the physical symptoms will linger and if so for how long? Would love to here some experiences on this from the forum.
Avatar n tn 2) If this is anxiety, are there any good books about anxiety and health that you know of or would reccommend? I have one about generalized anxiety/panic, but it does not help much, because my worries are not about symptoms experienced during a panic attack. I know that the increased heart rate and dizziness associated w/anxiety is normal, and am not concerned about that. Distraction techniques do not work. I am not anxious about anything but my health. Thankyou for any help.
Avatar n tn Then I have noticed when I am very tired especially emotionally I feel light headed. I have generalized anxiety since I was very young and I wonder if over the years of panic and nervousness I have damaged my nervous system to the point that I suffer from this condition. Could someone advise me on the subject?
Avatar n tn Then I have noticed when I am very tired especially emotionally I feel light headed. I have generalized anxiety since I was very young and I wonder if over the years of panic and nervousness I have damaged my nervous system to the point that I suffer from this condition. Could someone advise me on the subject?
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever had Serotonin syndrome. I am desperate to talk with someone else that has experienced this horrible event.
Avatar n tn Consult a neurologist to investigate certain electroloye deficiencies like hypo kalemia, hypomagnesemia, hypocalcemia etc. as the cause for this generalized body muscle spasms. Anxiety is another cause. Take care.
768044 tn?1294227036 I spent so many hours squirming on the floor in so much pain and with so much anxiety and feeling so uncomfortable... it was horrible. That hasn't happened this time and I am very grateful. It's a horrible experience and I really got a glimpse into what it must be like for someone who is addicted to really addictive drugs. I mean... technically, effexor isn't really "addictive" because it's not mentally addictive.
Avatar f tn My question is whether that sort of convulsive shaking is a normal part of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and whether it would be considered a form of seizure even though not the typical generalized seizures listed in the symptoms manuals? I also would like to know if it is relatively safe for me to go through out-patient treatment the next time around if by chance I ever have a relapse?
Avatar f tn I am going to assume that the problem you have is what is called generalized anxiety (as opposed to panic disorder, or obsessive compulsive disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder). Broadly these are the options - 1. Benzodiazepines like lorazepam (Ativan), diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (Klonopin), etcetera.
Avatar f tn Hello I was diagnosed with gas/bloat syndrome s/p nissen Fundoplication two years ago. My abdomen distention was comparable to a ninth month pregnancy, Doctors were amazed. September 29th I had the surgery taken down. Since the take down my symptoms are less severe and less frequent. I tend to distend to a sixth month size now and it happens every week and a half to two instead of daily. I also have been told I have colonic inertia to chronic pseudo-obstruction. I take 3-4 ducolax and 17gr.
358304 tn?1409713092 I have this Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I want to tell you how I got this. When I was young, I've never worried about anything at all. I lived like any other normal children. One day, when I was on 5th grade, I went on a vacation to London. I never had a phobia before (of heights), but when I was on that airplane, I started to feel very anxious. I couldn't sleep for 20 hours when I was on that plane. I felt like I was going to die. I was young so I didn't know what GAD or a phobia was.
Avatar f tn / i am wondering if any1 knows of a medication that will work instantly for my generalized/ social anxiety + for my pain ( maybe even a muscle relaxer?) i left the hospital with a scrpit of percocet for my pain & healing which helped, but i dont wanna go askin my doc for those. i think the epidural really messed with my back :/ if anyone can help me please let me kno i go to see my doc tomrrow, thankyou!!!
Avatar m tn I over-analyze everything such as my pulse, funny feelings in my arms, my eyesight blurring, etc. I went to a few doctors and they told me I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. They prescribed me pills to take but I quit them all because they all cause horrible sexual side effects that just create more problems.
Avatar f tn I'm afraid that i am not going to be much help except to tell you I have been having similar problems this week. I don't know what is causing it either. I just started taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D and don't know if that could be a factor or not. I don't like this and I take meds for depression and something to hold my thoughts together. This doctor calls it thought glue. It is supposed to help with the symptoms from my thyroid.
Avatar m tn I am not diagnosing GAD, but I am just suspecting it.
Avatar f tn Delayed symptoms include depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, seizures, loss of smell etc. A doctor generally looks for focal neurological or generalized neurological symptoms that would show there is a pressure on brain somewhere. In absence of these symptoms and based on the history a diagnosis of concussion is given. So, what I am basically trying to tell is that you must consult a doctor and get a detailed neuro-psychological assessment.
Avatar n tn I'm 50, and have been dealing with generalized anxiety and tachycardia for the last few years. I've also been told, from chest x-ray, that my heart is at the high end of normal size. I've been very sendentary since retiring early in 1999. Basically I sit in my house and write or program or watch movies. I know I'm very deconditioned and an trying to slowly start a walking program to regain my stamina. After 4 weeks, I am up to walking for about 20 minutes a day, which still feels like work.
Avatar m tn Stop reading health articles that are published with an agenda to get maximum viewers and the best way to do so is by striking fear into people. Address your anxiety. You may have borderline generalized anxiety disorder and are obsessed with health anxiety specifically STDs. If you still can't come out of it - grow some balls (sorry to sound harsh) and get an std test done :) you will be at peace after that because you definitely don't have acquired immuno deficiency syndrome.
Avatar n tn abnormal gait; acute brain syndrome, akathisia, apathy, ataxia, buccoglossal syndrome, CNS depression, CNS stimulation, depersonalization, euphoria, hallucinations, hostility, hyperkinesia, hypertonia, hypesthesia, incoordination, libido increased, myoclonus, neuralgia, neuropathy, neurosis, paranoid reaction, personality disorder*, psychosis, vertigo; Rare: abnormal electroencephalogram, antisocial reaction, circumoral paresthesia, coma, delusion, dysarthria, dystonia, extrapyramidal syndrome,
774736 tn?1311334985 I have been able to cope with my generalized anxiety disorder fairly well for the last 2 years but lately I've been feeling a lot of the physical symptoms that used to plague me. I was practically a hypochondriac for the first year but I eventually started to progress towards being anxiety free. The last 3 months I've been experiencing tingling sensations in the face and body, a feeling of faint/light headed, and chest/abdominal discomfort.
Avatar f tn sounds like panic/anxiety to me. I hate calling generalized anxiety "anxiety" because some folks think this means the type of anxiety you can control or is the result of an outside stimulus. It's not. My body was triggering all physiological responses of a panic situation (adrenaline dump so fast heart, palps, dizzy, weird thoughts..all out of the blue), I wouldn't understand why, get scared, and there's this crazy feedback loop.
Avatar m tn that you're going through.....I actually started getting just really generalized anxiety at work, about 4 years ago; I thought that everything i ever thought about, like if i had a bad thought about someone or thing, that it would be very very i would consume myself in making myself scared everyday in what i was going to think next...I also had , and still get sometimes, heart palps ..which is really just (I know) the mind racing to try to fear something..
Avatar f tn Similar to yourself, I too have anxiety without Depression. I was also given Lorazapam and take it as needed, mostly to sleep though. BUT...I was also prescribed Lexapro, please keep in mind that some of these meds that are for depression are also prescribed to help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you are just a "worrier" by nature, you could very well have GAD. I am on a VERY low does of Lexapro (10mg), and it helps with my daily nervousness.
1949803 tn?1324474099 I have had several of these same symptoms. Diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. What doctors have never been able to explain is why these crazy scary symptoms would happen. What I believe is happening is chronic hyperventilation. It causes physical reaction in your body due to lack of the correct exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Please look it up!
Avatar n tn He has been on med's for 3 and a half years now. We also have not been able to be given one diagnosis. He has ADHD with generalized anxiety accompanied with much anger and aggresstion. And now is showing firm signs of OCD. You never know what to expect from him one day is good the next is really bad. We also went and had him tested, this did tell us alot, he has some learning disabilities and laungage delays on top of all the rest. (Like that wasn't enough.
Avatar n tn hi i am 25 years old, and have had generalized anxiety disorder for about a year. i struggle daily with symptoms of anxiety like chest pain, shortness of breath, and obsessive thoughts of dying. i take 15mg of buspar twice a day and feel comfortable with that but my doctor wants me to start taking 20 mg of paxil a day. i am horrifired that if i take it that i will die. my main concern is the reaction it will have with my buspar.