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Avatar m tn t put the thoughts out of your head, you begin to not do your daily activities out of worry, your anxiety manifests itself in other ways that affect you--- this is when it is problematic and you should seek the help of a doctor. Generalized anxiety disorder is not uncommon at all.
Avatar f tn About 4 months ago I started having really bad anxiety. I worry all the time about my health. I have been to the doctor about 7 times so far. I had a physical which came back normal but I still worry about my health. I always think I have a brain tumor. I got laid off of my job about 3 months ago. Since then my anxiety has been really bad. I am always at home now and I think a lot. When I do leave to go somewhere I am a nervous wreck.
Avatar f tn I'm still a work in progress :o), so I can't help with your questionairre; however there is a recent article in Clinical Care Options that discusses the term "cure" as is used in HCV management. Here's the addy: You'll probably be asked to register, but it's quick and free.
Avatar m tn These exercises can help train the brain, strengthen various parts of the brain, shrink the Amygdala which causes fear, so anxiety lessens as a result. Takes a few weeks to start seeing the results. Worth a try. Blessings!
Avatar f tn Anxiety problems can be caused by the foods you are eating and can be corrected by diet or be treated by chemicals. That is your choice. Look up on the web for natural foods for anxiety. MSG has 13 other names and has neurological effects. Start eating fresh fruits/vegetables, look up the dangers of microwaving foods. For depression, it might help to start helping others and putting your focus on that...
1132574 tn?1271672466 Hi Everyone, I am new to the anxiety forum. Had a a few weeks of anxiety hit me in January when I was having medical testing done. I am 36 and have high blood pressure every time I see a doctor as I just get so nervous when I go to the doctor. They ran tests which freaked me out even more and wham, I was then anxiouss all the time. The tests eventually all came back normal. With that reassurance my anxiety vanished.& I was even able ot take my BP at home with no anxiety.
Avatar f tn However, there remains a shortage of literature exploring the relationship between the alleviation of anxiety and the use of acupuncture, In this study, the S-Anxiety scale (STAI Form Y-1) of the State- Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was administered to 89 patients, before and immediately following one acupuncture treatment. The S-Anxiety scale comprises twenty statements assessing the subject's feelings at that moment.
20844330 tn?1532599608 Hi everyone, We are looking for people to complete some online questionnaires about employment and well-being. We hope the questionnaire will highlight potential areas of support for the person seeking to return to work. The questionnaires will only take about 10 minutes to complete online. Please go to this website to find out more or complete the questionnaires: https://PreparednessforEmploymentScale.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling spiritual anxiety to the point of obsession for one year now. I even have the sensation of getting an "evil smile" where I fear I'm going to smile at horrible situations. I dot know if I'm turning evil or if I'm OCD. My doctor thinks I might be OCD as I filled out the questionnaire but I don't have compulsive behavior other than over or under eating tendencies. I constantly obsess that I'm becoming evil.
Avatar f tn will they help with the generalized anxiety lingering or just the attacks?
Avatar n tn I also have generalized anxiety and take Zoloft. How did you make the connection between anxiety and burping? Does it occur more at night?
Avatar m tn When I had generalized anxiety and panic disorder, I would have very high heart rates in the morning in anticipation of the day. I knew I had to do stuff like go to work and it would make my heart race 80-100 bpm.
391834 tn?1229342874 my doctor says im suffering from hypothyroidism, according to my test results and this could be causing the generalized anxious feeling, i am suffering from fatigue as a result of these symptoms. the problem is that i seem to have certain symptoms of hyperthyroidism ie sweating easily and slightly swallon thyroid gland. Please help!
Avatar n tn Therapy has done wonders for me to understand the way my mind processes anxiety symptoms and has taught me how to deal with them. Also the frequency of my panic attacks have decreased since going through therapy and coming to this forum has helped . My concern for you is your need for a Dr. you can trust. Maybe you should consider going to a Dr. that has a good reputation. Now take good care of yourself and keep us informed of how you are doing.
1390847 tn?1344657468 I was just curious about generalized anxiety vs. anxiety over a specific thing. For me, I dont have generalized anxiety, I have a specific anxiety of throwing up (emetophobia). I wonder which is more "popular"...generalized or specialized?
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepines have robust efficacy in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but were not shown to be effective in producing long-term improvement overall. Although benzodiazepines are much safer in overdose than their predecessors, the barbiturates, they can still cause problems in overdose.
Avatar f tn can you have anxiety with out the constant panic and anxiety attakes. i geuss i realy dont under stand about anxiety.
1319752 tn?1274426091 This caffeine-induced anxiety disorder can take many forms, from generalized anxiety to panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, or even phobic symptoms.
Avatar m tn s what I thought I had - exhausted adrenal glands from giving me too much adrenalin, causing me great anxiety. I now post in the anxiety forum of this site. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Thinking about trying Lexapro for generalized anxiety. Any advice or experiences? I have previously tried Buspar (had no effect) and Zoloft which made me constantly nauseous.
Avatar n tn Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is defined as chronic, excessive worry and fear that seems to have no real cause. Children or adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder often worry a lot about things such as future events, past behaviors, social acceptance, family matters, their personal abilities, and/or school performance. All children and adolescents experience some anxiety. It is a normal part of growing up.
Avatar m tn You can have generalized, and consistent symtoms of anxiety, called generalized anxiety disorder GAD, without having just panic attacks, or panic disorder. Your symtpoms sound a bit more on the severe or distressing side of anxiety disorders. My questions and suggestions would be, if this is the first time you are experiencing this, yes it could be anxiety, but go to the doctor urgently to be sure it's not serious.
Avatar f tn 8 weeks today! I think its a sticker. I suffer from generalized anxiety and stress over the smallest things!
Avatar n tn I must take insulin injections and try to balance the dosage with the foods I eat in order to protect my body from damages caused by high blood sugar levels. 4. No, type 1 diabetics can eat most foods as long as we know how many carbohydrates are in those foods. 5. Yes, my identical twin (according to studies, when one twin has type 1 diabetes, 50 percent of the other twins develop it, too) 6. Hospital 7. No, not difficult 8. No, there is a good variety 9.
Avatar f tn Generalized anxiety disorder for me is the same, except sometimes I feel like I'm dying when I wake up, and I get afraid over the smallest things.... I would like to feel normal..
Avatar m tn Your symptoms mostly suggest normal body sensations that seem more prominant than normal because of your anxiety about all this. Most likely the white spots indeed are hari follicles, or normal sebaceous skin glands -- which are easily seen on anybody's penis. If you remain unconvinced about my reassurance, see a health care provider to examine you and perhaps consider STD testing. But it would be extremely surprising to find out you have any sort of STD or other infection.
4762310 tn?1362165935 You only mentioned panic attacks above and so it could just be generalized anxiety.