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Avatar f tn However, there remains a shortage of literature exploring the relationship between the alleviation of anxiety and the use of acupuncture, In this study, the S-Anxiety scale (STAI Form Y-1) of the State- Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was administered to 89 patients, before and immediately following one acupuncture treatment. The S-Anxiety scale comprises twenty statements assessing the subject's feelings at that moment. Specifically, apprehension, tension, nervousness and worry are evaluated.
Avatar m tn If you then can't put the thoughts out of your head, you begin to not do your daily activities out of worry, your anxiety manifests itself in other ways that affect you--- this is when it is problematic and you should seek the help of a doctor. Generalized anxiety disorder is not uncommon at all.
Avatar n tn When a person sleeps the airways are usually patent allowing normal passage for air entry. The upper airway that is at the region of the tongue and the soft palate is the most compliant (soft) part. So, this is liable to collapse and cause airway obstruction. As the air way collapses the lungs do not have air entry leading to deoxygenation (decreased oxygen) of blood and the person wakes up. This period of non entry of air is called ‘Apnea’ and the waking up is called an ‘Arousal’.
469720 tn?1388149949 There's a medication for every disorder. And the most frightening part of the whole equation is the rapidly increasing inclusion of children.
Avatar f tn So yeah, that often makes it harder for people who are anxious to sleep and often makes anxious people more anxious, but for depression stimulation can be really helpful and quite often, maybe most of the time, anxiety is a byproduct of depression. When that's the case, decreasing the depression decreases the anxiety too, and in those cases Effexor can be very helpful. This is a very effective med for depression, it's main problem is it's very hard to stop taking.
358304 tn?1409713092 didnt help b/c when I was on the med (lexapro) i would feel fine for a month, then anxiety, fine for a month, anxiety. Ive been off the lexapro now for over a month... was feeling great for the month I was off, and anxiety came back. I'm handling the anxiety way better than the previous times. I think I'm just learning to adjust. Any thoughts would be great!
317039 tn?1193849285 The two agents were equally effective in increasing sleep quality as measured by the Sleep Questionnaire B (SF-B), and these results were confirmed by subscales of the SF-B, the Clinical Global Impression Scale, and the Global Assessment of Efficacy. Mild to moderate adverse events occurred in 28.4 percent of patients receiving the valerian extract and 36.0 percent of patients taking oxazepam.
1086730 tn?1258455578 Hopefully I've explained my intentions well enough and hopefully my posting history speaks for itself as far as my wishes to try to free as many people from anxiety as possible. I appreciate the insight from all of you...and even the criticism.
Avatar m tn I have to say that I have noticed some theraputic effect regarding my GAD Generalized Anxiety Dissorder. Problem is that it's doing nothing for the symptoms of my depression and the heavy feeling I always have in my head. Getting back to the anxiety, I have noticed that when I wake my body is not trembling upon waking up as it always was before. This is making it easier to get out of bed. The verdict is still out for me and this obviously could all be me experiencing a placebo effect.
Avatar n tn But I sure lose sleep. I wonder if I just have the bad habit of panic and anxiety from the work environment. My new reasons for anxiety: money, health, wife's health, and money. I found this website very helpful - I want to thank everyone for their candor.
Avatar f tn When I was endo shopping, I wrote up a questionnaire and emailed or faxed it to all the endos in the area. Keep in mind that your TSH level causes no symptoms. TSH is nothing but a messenger from your pituitary to your thyroid to tell it to produce thyroid hormone. TSH level should reflect FT3 and FT4 levels, i.e. when TSH levl is low, FT3 and FT4 should be high and vice versa. That's in a perfect world.
Avatar n tn It was suggested to me again that maybe I had generalized anxiety disorder. Once I started to consider the idea that I had anxiety, things were in perspective for me. I bought an anxiety workbook and started seeing a life counselor. (Check with your employer - most companies have an employee assistance program) Since then, my symptoms have almost all disappeared. Every now and then I get a little shaky, but I take deep breaths, find some peace in the chaos, and balance is restored.
Avatar m tn In essense the glasses pressing on the nose could be doing the same thing. To who asked about migraines and anxiety. I've never had anxiety but I was treated for migraines for years before they realised they were pressure headaches rather than actual migraines.
Avatar n tn I was emotionally forced to leave my job because of this problem, because whenever somebody comes to our office room, they complain that it smells like sewage and my colleagues stare at me suggesting that I am the reason. My colleagues discuss internally that I am the reason for the company losses because clients are not showing interest to come to our office.
Avatar n tn Any other info or suggestions are welcomed, I am not usually one to worry about such things, but for whatever reason this has me having some anxiety waiting for the biopsy.
551343 tn?1506834118 I have had viral Meningitis, Bell's Palsy, Hypothyroidism, Costochondritis, Fasciitis, Dizziness/Vertigo while driving, random tingling/numbness in hands, feet, lips, and nose, burning or irritation in ears, anxiety due to the Costochondritis, and sleep apnea. I've been involved in 4 accidents where the vehicle was a loss (always the other person's 'fault'/citation) but with only whiplash for injuries. I've also had at least two embedded deer ticks.
Avatar f tn Although it isn't mentioned in the literature, there seems to be another category of women who are somewhere in between having vulvar vestibulitis and vulvodynia -- they don't have generalized vulvar pain, but have pain (and bumps or sores) not only around the vestibule but also around the opening to the urethra, which causes burning after urination. Others may also experience rectal pain or itching.
Avatar f tn I even pour some in my bath along with organic coconut oil (another antifungal) and Epsom salt (replaces magnesium in the body and eases discomfort by drawing out toxins). Below is a link to the Candida Questionnaire developed by Dr. Crook which can help you determine if yeast or other fungi are negatively affecting your health.
298579 tn?1192250448 Fibroids may cause a generalized discomfort or the urge to urinate or have a bowel movement as the uterus is forced against the bladder or rectum during intercourse. they may also cause intense cramping pain during orgasm that may last for several hours after intercourse has ended...." it continues on but google only has a preview of page 308 and doesn't continue to 309.